Community campaign setting?

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Well, I was thinking, reading up the Living Forgotten Realms documents and the like, when I had a buzz of thought!

How about a homebrew campaign setting for the forum, and get a bunch of people involved! DMs could run their own games from it, online or at the table. Players could post their PCs and their locations, allowing DMs to maybe pick them up and use those PCs as NPCs in their own game.

An integrated world where everyone is sharing thoughts and ideas!
So, here's the general pitch:

Cyrael is a world in chaos. Research into the arcana by scholars has breached the already thin boundaries between this land and the Feywild, and the two planes are gradually converging into a singular land. A traveller may enter a forest only to emerge in another land.
In such times, adventure awaits! The mechanists and tinkerers of Cyrael have managed to build deserts around some of the larger cities to prevent the encroaching forest, but as paths are cut off, and strange, wyrd beasts are abound, it seems as if civilisation is doomed...

However, the change has brought a salvation, a glimmer of hope. A sentient energy source, known as the stormwind, has risen from the planar boundaries. There are some who bargain and worship it, some who seek to use it to further their own ends, and some who have yet more devious concotions for this unknown abomination...

Feel free to help join. I'd like some feats, paragon paths, a class, maybe, epic destinies, tempted to write up a new warlock pact (Stormwind pact), and a few new races too!

The background to the world is really important too. I'd love it if some people want to help out and pull together some things, maybe a timeline and a map.

Its your world, come on in. I've just got the bare bones.