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I have compiled and researched in depth the default setting of POL. This space will serve as an archive of all the information as it is released from Wizards on full setting history, locations, and official adventures organized by level and location for easy reference. When applicable I have provided links to each adventure and officially released maps for each location below.

In addition, as many have requested, I have mapped out a world setting that is solely updated with the content of the POL and SOW campaign setting. Those maps are below in the Unofficial World Maps section. I will release an unmapped closeup grid in the following days and links to the psd's I used to create them. I will also be updating this post in full as new content comes out about the POL and SoW settings. If there is anything I have missed or any errors in continuity please let me know so I may update it accurately.

Please let me know what you think and there's anything I have missed along the way!

Extended Intro:

The POL approach made adventuring easier to execute and in many cases more engaging and believable. The new premise for standard D&D adventures is less on world-building, and more about building fantastic, isolated locations and points of civilization so that much of the world remains undefined, unexplored, and ripe for adventure.
The world is less about world-building and more about building fantastic, isolated areas so much of the world is in semi-ruins, ripe for adventure and … less boring in most cases. Adventurers are the heroes that take action to bring light to the darkness wherever it may be. Wizards didn’t want to bind DM’s to a setting because the focus was the adventure and it should be seamlessly executed wherever is most engaging.

However, Wizards has also given us very in depth histories and creating fragments of lore that fit in place with one another. And many are trying to piece these together to truly understand the full setting of POL. Also there are those times when you may wish you had a world map because the players are itching to walk off the paths you have laid for them.

I originally wanted to piece this puzzle together to create a setting that incorporated all the information in the default setting without any continuity errors and so I used Fractal Terrains to map the default world taking into consideration the history, geography and adventure settings of all the locations that have been released in both POL and SoW.

This document has served as a great reference tool to for me to keep track of default information as its released and keep track of where that information comes from for future reference. Also I have attached the campaign maps I have made which are as true to the default setting as was possible.

Following Sections:
  • General Overview
  • Full History

Official Adventures by Level

Complete List of Locations
  • Main world areas
  • Elemental Chaos Locations
  • Feywild Locations
  • Shadowfell Locations
  • Minor area reference

Unofficial World Map



Todo List:
Ecology Section?

General Overview
The Enworld POL wiki is a great place to get an overview of the most important points of the POL setting.

Full history
The full history timeline is being continuously mapped very thoroughly by Bloodspawn’s History del Mundo thread
If there is a location in this document that you would like more information about I recommend looking at its reference historically in this timeline.
Official Released Adventures (Listed By Level)
Link to each adventure under its title.

Colors are as follows:

Published Releases
Scales of War
Special Release
Dragon or Dungeon Magazine release

[SIZE="3"]Into The Shadowhaunt(N/A)[/SIZE]
GameDay '08
Level: 1
Location: (Not Location Specific) - Some Town

[SIZE="3"]Rescue at Rivenroar(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #156
Level: 1
Location: Elsir Vale

Keep on shadowfell(LINK)
H1 Published Release
Beginning Level: 1 - Ending Level: 3
Location: Nentir Vale

[INDENT][SIZE="3"]Shadow of Kalarel(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #155 (Keep on Shadowfell Side-Trek Enhancement)[/INDENT]

Treasure of Talon Pass(LINK)
Free Rpg Day
Level: 2
Location: Talon pass

[SIZE="3"]The Tariff of Relkingham(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #158
Level: 3
Location: Relkingham / Wyllea

[b]Siege of Bordrin’s Watch[/b](LINK)
Dungeon #157
Level: 3
Location: Overlook

[SIZE="3"]Shadow Rift of Umbraforge(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #158
Level: 4
Location: Overlook

[SIZE="3"]Thunderspire Labyrinth(LINK)[/SIZE]
H2 Published Release
Beginning Level: 4 - Ending Level: 6
Location: Nentir Vale

[INDENT][SIZE="3"]Echoes of Thunderspire Labyrinth(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #156 (Thunderspire Side-Trek Enhancement)[/INDENT]

Dungeon #155
Level: 5
Location: Anywhere outskirts of civilization with mountains to the east. A good place is other side of eastern or western mountains from Nentir or Elsir Vale.

Pyramid of Shadows(LINK)
H3 Published Release
Beginning Level: 7 - Ending Level: 10
Location: Northern Edge of Nentir Vale

[SIZE="3"]Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #155
Level: 8
Location: Anywhere there is a road the players are walking north on with a large forest called the Warwood to the east.

[SIZE="3"]The Last Beaths of Ashenport(LINK)[/SIZE]
Level: 8
Location: Ashenport

[SIZE="3"]Massacre at Fort Dolor(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #157
Level: 8
Location: Fort Dolor

[SIZE="3"]The Haunting of Kincep Mansion(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #156
Level: 12
Location: Near any town or city on a hill.

[SIZE="3"]Dark Heart of Mithrendain(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #157

Level: 12
Location: (Not location specific)

[SIZE="3"]In the depth of Avarice(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #157
Level: 13
Location: (Not location specific)

[SIZE="3"]Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags(LINK)[/SIZE]
Dungeon #158
Level: 15
Location: The Sapphire Sea
List of Locations

--- Main World Locations ---

These areas are either major cities or focal adventure locations. With the exception of Vales, geographic areas are not listed here and can be found under Minor and Geographic areas. References to grid locations are for those who choose to use the unofficial world maps created below.

“It stands a lonely vigil atop a remote northern shore, hunkeBlue down against the terrible ocean storms. For most of the year, it sits alone, for trade in the region has decreased. If this were any other town, it would long since have been forgotten, or perhaps even abandoned. But this is no other village. This is Ashenport. Here, the fish are plentiful. Here, the crops grow and thrive despite the rocky soil. Here, the ocean offers up its riches willingly, like a bashful lover. And here, now, as the storms roll in and the tide drops to its lowest ebb, the time has come once again for Ashenport to repay that favor.”
More information:Dungeon #157 Pg 70
Grid Map: A-1

Black Tower of Vumerion
“Vumerion was a legendary necromancer that had a tower called the Black Tower of Vumerion. This was the origins of the first Skull Lords.”
More information: Monster Manual (Pg#?)
Grid Map: F-4

Elsir Vale
Contains Rhest, Brindol and the other features mapped in Rescue of Rivenroar (Dungeon #156) or Red Hand of Doom 3e Published Adventure
“The scatteBlue human towns and villages of the area grew up along the Dawn Way, an important east-west trade road linking the heavily settled lands that lie northwest across the Endless Plains with the exotic kingdoms and goods of the coastal lands lying to the southeast. Much of the Dawn Way was built by an ancient dwarf-kingdom that spanned the Wyrmsmoke and Giant's Shield Mountains more than a thousand years ago…”
[b]More information:
Rescue of Rivenroar - Dungeon #156
Siege of Bordrin’s Watch – Dungeon #157
Red Hand of Doom 3e Published Adventure
Local Map (Sm Version)Dungeon #156 Pg 6
Local Map (Lrg Version) – RhoD or HERE[/b]
Grid Map: D-4, D-5[/b]

Fort Dolor
“More than a century ago, a fortified town was built in the hinterlands of a prosperous nation. The fort-town housed an army garrison tasked to protect the valuable resources and trading routes running through this still-wild corner of the nation. The land bordeBlue on mountains rich in precious ore, on forests holding valuable timber, and on a river that provided fertile farmland.
Unfortunately, the land also held terrible dangers, the greatest of which was the powerful white dragon Frystiomagythant. As soon as the fort-town grew large enough to draw his attention, the dragon destroyed it.”

[b]More Information: Dungeon #157 Pg 82
Grid Map: E-4

An Eladrin city on a mountain-top, one day a year.
More Information: Races and Classes Pg 34
Grid Map: F-6

Misty Isle
“This island in the Marrilach River delta, ever shrouded in blinding fog, provides a safe harbor for halfling corsairs who ply their bloody trade, alternately raiding and smuggling to upriver communities while leaving no ship safe along the trade routes.”
More Information: Worlds and Monsters Pg 23
Grid Map: B-3

Napina was a remote rural community. Its position on a broad lake in the foothills also made it a prosperous fishing, logging, and mining settlement. Recently a warrior from an influential family attempted to seize power in the village. War broke out and in an attempt to take over the town an alliance with a group of trolls was formed. When the town was taken by the trolls they in turn siezed power and since are forming an army to conquer nearby lands in Banes name.
More Information: Dragon #366 Pg 55
Grid Map: C-3

Nentir Vale
Contains Fallcrest, Winterhaven and Thunderspire
“The vale is now mostly empty, with a handful of living villages and towns scatteBlue over this wide area. Abandoned farmsteads, ruined manors, and broken keeps litter the countryside. Bandits, wild animals, and monsters roam freely throughout the vale, threatening anyone who fares more than few miles away from one of the surviving settlements. Travel along the roads or river is usually safe — usually. But every now and then, travelers come to bad ends between towns.”
More Information:
DMG 206
Keep on Shadowfell H1
Thunderspire Labrinth H2
Pyramid of Shadows H3
Local Map: DMG 206 or HERE
Grid Map B-2

“The city’s founding lies sometime far back in the mists of time, at a point after the dwarves in this region threw off the shackles of slavery and chased the giants and orcs west across the mountains at the end of the Age of Chains. Overlook, and the fastness of Bordrin’s Watch, were raised to safeguard the liberated dwarf peoples and to be the first line of defense should their ancient enemies forget their defeat and seek to enslave the dwarves once more.”
More Information: Dungeon #157 pg4
Grid Map: C-4

“This looming fortress on Arkhosia's border with Bael Turath withstood a decade-long siege from the tieflings and their devil allies-a siege broken only when a hundBlue thousand Turathi slave-warriors emerged from an immense tunnel excavated over the course ofyears. Today, its crumbling ramparts still stand watch atop the cliffs, looking toward an enemy that has likewise fallen into ruin."
More Information: Worlds and Monsters Pg 22
Grid Map: N/A

A port town of merchants and sailors that sits on a land bridge between two large continents. Relkingham lies in the lands of Delornen and is governed by the governing city of Wyllea.
More Information: Tariff of Relkingham Adventure Dungeon#158
Grid Map: B-3

Sapphire Sea
On a remote coastline is an organization of cities called the Confederacy of Oradaum, named after its capitol city, Seryth Oradaum. This coastline also contains the Shrouded Crags, a dwarven city hidden in lands coated by perpetual fog that has recently been at conflict with the Cenfederacy.
More Information: Sea Reavers of the Sapphire Sea
Local Map: Dungeon#158 Pg 56
Grid Map: A-4

Serpentus Rift
“This city was one of the seven "Jewels of the South"-the pride of the draconic empire of Arkhosia. Built on and in the sides of a winding canyon, Serpentus Rift was known for the glittering hues of its sun-dappled walls and the translucent bridges that let the sun illuminate even the lowest reaches of the canyon."
More Information: Worlds and Monsters Pg 22
Grid Map: N/A

Eladrin city which shifts into the world at midnight, until dawn, in a glade in the howling forest.
More Information: Races and Classes Pg 34
Grid Map: D-6

Temple of Elemental Evil
“The Temple of Elemental Evil was built to serve as a bastion for armies of gnolls, bugbears, ogres, trolls, and giants-not to mention evil humans and the demons and other fowl creatures that served them. Dedicated to the darkest powers of the Elemental Chaos, it is a place of evil. It always has been, and it always will be.”
More Information: Worlds and Monsters Pg 23
Grid Map: E-3

Tower of the Impossible Staircase
“More than five hundBlue steps, held aloft through ancient magic, trace a winding path to a sinister black tower that was wrested from the earth below in a final, desperate act by the Nerathi archmage who once ruled the surrounding countryside.”
More Information: Worlds and Monsters Pg 23
Grid Map: E-5

Tower of Talon Pass
“Once a stronghold of an ancient human empire. In its heyday, it housed soldiers guarding the nearby mountain pass. But barbarians sacked it shortly before the empire fell, and today only shards of brick remain to hint at its former glory.”
More Information: "Treasure of Talon Pass"
Grid Map: B-2

Towers of Avaellor
An Eladrin towers on isle, stays all summer long
More Information: Races and Classes Pg 34
Grid Map: F-6

Vor Kragal
“No one remembers what happened after the fall, but the glory of Vor Kragal—one of the empire’s most impressive bastions of power—was undone. A few of its most impressive citadels survived the desolation, but the rest of the obsidian city was laid to ash. The nightmares and hellish shades who prowl the ruined city of Vor Kragal don’t take trespass lightly. Still, adventurers have been known to seek it out from time to time, luBlue by tales of Bael Turath’s lost secrets, which are miBlue in the sunken landscape.”
More Information: Dragon #364 pg 17
Grid Map: F-6

The governing city of Delornen. The lands of Delornen includes the port town of Relkingham, a city that rests on a land bridge between two continents.
More Information: Tariff of Relkingham Adventure Dungeon#158
Grid Map: B-3

--- Underdark Locations ---

“The greatest city ofthe drow is Erelhei-Cinlu, known as the Vault ofthe Drow. This massive cavern metropolis has all the activity and commerce of a surface city, but here green-cloaked mind flayers rub shoulders with dark elves, ghouls roam freely, and an occasional wraith or vampire can be seen walking in the open as brazenly as any noble.”
More Information: Worlds and Monsters Pg 37
Grid Map: N/A

Gar Morra
“Once, dwarves lived in the great underground mountain, building their fortresses on its exterior and tunneling within, but they abandoned Gar Morra ages ago. Even so, lights can be seen glimmering in its heights. What lives in the mammoth complex now remains a mystery.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 37
Grid Map: D-3

Hrak Azuul
“Set deep within a verdant fungal forest, Hrak Azuul is the deadly bastion of an enormous tribe of troglodytes. Although most troglodyte groups rove the wilds ofthe Underdark and only occasionally settle in one place for more than a few weeks, the troglodytes ofHrak Azuul have held the Fungal Fortress for over a hundred years. Hrak Azuul is a complex of hollowed out mushroom towers and hidden lookouts connected by a web of disguised bridges.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 37
Grid Map: C-2

--- Feywild Locations ---

Court of Stars
“At the center of the Feywild lies the beautiful city known as the Court of Stars [...] Ancient, wise, and puissant in magical skill, King Oran and Queen Tiandra rule the Court on behalfof the fey.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 39

Fortress of Mag Tureah
“The many huge pillars of Mag Tureah rise up out ofthe dark hills like old, cracked teeth in a giant's skull [...] The fortress of Mag Tureah is still inhabited by the lord of the fomorians. Its true nature is revealed only to those who reach the fortress's heart.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 39

Isle of Dread
“The Isle ofDread is a vast tropical island ofvolcanic origin, set amid stormy seas filled with deadly reefs and sharp pillars of rock. It periodically appears in the Feywild, among other places.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 39

--- Elemental Chaos Locations ---

City of Brass
“Lord ofthe Efreet, Bashamgurda relies more on guile than sheer elemental power. He has his throne in the City of Brass, a fiery metropolis built on a basalt plate in an immense volcanic field.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 61

Githzerai Monastaries
“The githzerai are humanlike creatures said to have once been slaves in a great mind flayer empire in the world. Now they congregate in monasteries across the Chaos.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 61

The Pandemonium Stone
“Although the machinations of the slaads are inscrutable, one key aspect of their existence seems to be consistent at least in its name-the Pandemonium Stone. By follOWing eerie currents in the Chaos, slaads can find the Pandemonium Stone easily when it does manifest. They gather near it to bathe in its chaotic energy.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 61

Titan Realm - Nyfel
“Thrym, Lord ofthe Frost Giants, commands Nyfel, a vast tundra lit by glittering icefalls and populated with all sorts of fell frost creatures. From his fortress, Nyfholl, he directs his followers to bring eternal winter to the world.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 60

Titan Realm - Muspel Kingdom
“Here rules Surtur, Lord ofthe Fire Giants, from his throne in Jarnfell, the Iron Mountain. Fiery monsters flock to Surtur's banner, ready to bring cleansing flame to the cosmos.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 60

Titan Realm - Vedraeholl
“Floating within an eternal storm in the Chaos's skies is Vedraeholl, the castle of the Storm Queen, Hrydd. The greatest ofthe storm titans.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 61

Yrnsvellar, The Steel Glacier
“This moving citadel is a city-sized piece of supernatural ice, implacably grinding across the Elemental Chaos or floating through unfathomable seas like a great iceberg.”
More Information:Worlds and Mosters Pg 61

--- Shadowfell Locations ---

“An isolated military enclave that grows ever larger in its preparations for war. Foundries, forges, mercenary camps, and slave pens stand between a dark tower and a volcanic rift venting a river of lava and shadow.”
More Information:Dungeon Pg 4

--- Minor area reference ---
When listing the different areas I felt it may be useful to list the mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, and other geographic locations to be able to reference where more information on a particular landmark can be found about it.
Example: Dawnforge Mountains – Nentir Vale – DMG 206
I will only complete this area if I get requests to do so however because its tedious and suck.
Unofficial World Maps
The following maps are obviously not official, they are simply optional unofficial world maps. Their purpose is primarily to keep continuity in a campaign with such geographically disjointed adventures. If your players decide to go off in a certain direction or do something you hadn’t expected you can look at the world map and play along (also possibly informing them of including location specific adventures.)

Choosing Locations - Within the spirit of 4e many adventures are not location specific. However if the quest (or location within the rulebooks/magazines) site a very specific geographic requirement I have placed those locations accordingly based on description, history and usually level.

If there are any continuity errors, or general illogical problems, in the location of an area please mention it so I may update it.

Larger Version Grid Maps

If you choose to use these maps for your campaign you may also want to be able to map localized specifics. I have compiled a document with local grid maps and a key that can be found here:Grid Maps Ver3

The following three maps are broken down into three historical sections from the Dawn Age to the Modern Age as described in the Full History above.

Current race made establishments V3

Larger Version:

Official Closeup Maps (Highlighted in Blue)
Sapphire Sea
Elsir Vale
Nentir Vale

Arkhosia and Bael Turoth Territories

Larger Version:

Empires present at the dawn of history

Larger Version:
Lots of great work and energy into this project but when did it become 'Official'?
Lots of great work and energy into this project but when did it become 'Official'?

I believe that most of the stuff/information here is considered "official" by some (as do I) because it comes from a WotC product, the world map aside (hence the post title of Unofficial World Map.)
Update: Everything is current
Quote "Worlds and Monsters" pg. 22

This city was one of the seven "Jewels of the South"-the pride
of the draconic empire of Arkhosia.

Why do you place it so up North in the maps ?
Great observation.

I forgot to update the location of Razortear on the main map. You can see where its supposed to be on the territories map. With the next update I'll make sure to pull Razortear down, and I'll bring the rift down too so its "Southern" description is accurate. As the other points are given further description as time goes on I expect them to move around too. Thanks for pointing out something I should have caught.
Hi !
Is there a way to translate those maps into other languages ? (french for example )
If you can't/doesn't want to give your files, I could give you the names of places in French.

EDIT : Uh, one question : Why this map is so different from your : ?
Wow! Somehow when PoL is presented this way, as a campaign setting independent of all the others, it actually perks my interest a bit. I guess it's all in the presentation.
Since my last update I have abandoned this project since it seems theres not too much interest behind it. Since the newer content has come out some of this is slightly inaccurate and some new places need to be updated. Specifically for Nintir Vale to be accurate there needs to be land between Wyllea and Ashenport instead of ocean to make the descriptions for Therund accurate, since its supposed to go somewhere around there.

Hope someone got some use out of this!
Ah... that's too bad, I really like this. Well, I'll be yoinking it for my own reference. Thanks for the work!
Interesting work, that I'll be bookmarking for future reference.

Words like "scattered" have become "scatteBlue".  I suspect a tag replacement became also a text replacement.
Actually this is useful!  Just because no one comments doesn't necessarily mean they are not looking!

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