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Imagine a place. It is empty to one inside of it, but to an outsider of infinity, one might see the plausibilities, that which might happen. This tale is about one such outsider who stepped in. By entering into the rules of the universe, the outsider bound himself to the universe. His name became Agrilnost. He then separated that which would be the air and that which would be the water, and placed himself at the head of both, the ultimate master of the water and the air.

Agrilnost examined his form, and was pleased with it. His body looked like a fog bank which rushed over the water with the speed of the rushing wind. He had a Dozen heads, all of them horned and with large amounts of teeth.

That was when Agrilnost looked over his creation, he realized something unforeseen in the separation. There was something strange about it. It was hard to understand, and when he sent out a head to probe and explore the strange earth, the taste was bizarre, it almost felt like a strange itch. So he created another one, like him a lord of this strange "land." Agrilnost rose up over the lands and called out to it, commanding it to awake and become like him.
At the master's touch, a shudder went through the virgin earth. The laws of physics that governed this place buckled and shuttered as they were subjected to a will wholly beyond their scope. It started deep in the core, beneath thousands of miles of solid stone and lava and clay. The heart of the planet was given a mind, and that mind sought out the power that had called it into existence. Something huge and alive tore itself free from the center, and tunneled swiftly straight up toward the surface.

As it squeezed and burrowed its way upward, the formless thing was stretched into a long, sinuous shape. Its head developed an indentation from pushing against the hard earth. After pressing through a few million more tons, it was split further open, into a mouth. Dirt and rocks wore away a gullet, and the body flattened and grew segmented as it thrusted and squirmed against the weight of the earth.

Finally, in an explosion of dirt, a great, stony worm exploded from the ground at the master's feet, formless, rocky mouth gasping at the thin air. As it thrashed its upper body within the empty darkness of the outer world, trying to comprehend who it was and why it was called here, its primal gaze fell upon the misty being that floated before it.

It didn't know why, but it...bowed.
When the water and air were seperated, Ueberroth was born. It took only seconds.
Deep within the oceans of the new world, a dark spark churned. Mindlessly and effortlessly, it absorbed the divine energies that it encountered, growing in size. The recent and staggering creations on this plane left their traces of divinity, and the dark spark fed on them greedily and hungrily. It had come from Elsewhere, from Outside.

It did not have a purpose, as such, and nor was it evil. It merely existed, but by its existence it twisted reality. It was the spawn of something otherwordly, something outside of space and time, and it had been placed without purpose, even accidentally. A chance mote, luckily entering this new universe. It spread, a seed, and began to bud.

Its new form was suffused with divinity, and inexorably tied to the deep. A vast, bloated mass, eyes and tentacles and senses not known betraying its strange heritage. It grew, and the universe recognised it, and made it one of its own. Ueberroth was born.
Agrilnost said to the great beast which he had conjured from the earth. "I am your lord and maker, Agrilnost. You are my ally, and shall serve me in any capacity that I need you. In return, I grant you rule of the earth. Do you accept the terms?"

Agrilnost severely hoped that the great wormbeast obeyed his command. The whole pattern depended on it.
The burrower looked about, and saw no creature besides himself and Agrilnost. Agrilnost hovered overhead, above his reach, the ruler of a realm that completely surrounded and enshrouded his.


The voice that emerged from the stony plates was deep, but surprisingly lucid and humanlike.

"I will do as you command, oh master of a dozen mouths. For free reign of all that exists upon and within the earth, I shall serve you."

The worm looked up at the black, empty sky.

"I am Ongor, He Who Writhes Below. What name is yours?"
"I have named myself Agrilnost. I am the sky above and the water around."
Said each of Agrilnost's heads. He did not mention his lack of understanding of what lay over a hundred feet below the surface.

Agrilnost then said "You may explore your Land now. Go, if you wish."
Ongor was secretly glad to be free of this overwhelming presence. Though he was impressed by Angrilnost, he felt like he would rather be impressed by him from a comfortable distance.

Ongor sunk back into the earth, letting his tunnels crush themselves into dust behind him as he descended. As he dove down, he decided he was hungry, and went off in search of things to eat. However, there was no food for him at all; the entire earth was barren. How miserable it was, to be cursed with hunger in a primordial world.

To take his mind off his hunger (which he didn't know how to solve), he paced frantically back and forth beneath the earth. Vast caverns were opened by his movements, full of air and darkness and dust and connected by enormous worm-tunnels. Soon, the area was catacombed with them. Some filled up with water or lava, but most remained empty.

Mold Land (moderate) (the underdark): 2 AP

Note: this isn't a planet-wide underdark. It may become so someday, but for now it just spans a few hundred miles in each direction.
No longer content to merely sustain himself on the divine energies left by the other gods, Ueberroth undertook his first creation. In the dark depths of the primordial ocean, his great gelatinous mass quivered. In small spots on its surface, tens of metres to a side, dark lumps formed, growing in size and darkening in colour as they grew, and writhing and bulging in hundreds of places.

After some time, when the sacs had fully matured, they burst, and out came a host of plankton, fish, and algal spores. The spores would need to wait for light before they could grow, but until then, they settled into the sand of the ocean floor. The plankton and fish, for the time being, were restricted to the region near Ueberroth, as he gave up his great bulk to their sustenance - the divine wisps of power would regrow his form before any host of creatures could consume it, and so he provided the perfect food source.
(Nourish Land (1 PP))

The fish, eyeless in the deeps, were not like anything another deity would make. Strange and deformed, with anatomy doubtless suited to their alien environment and creator, and grasping tentacles writhing in strange places. An oily mucus coated them, too, and if it made them unpalatable to some, to others it would make a tasty coating.

Then, to provide a further source of nourishment, Ueberroth drove a mass of tentacles deep into the ocean floor, piercing almost into the magma bed and bringing up the hot upswellings. The water, heated by the undercurrents of magma, would bring up nutritious minerals. A field of these was created, to feed his creations.
(Shape Land (minor) (1 PP))
As he churned in his network of black caves, Ongor suddenly smelled something...palatable. Something had opened up burning vents in the earth, which sucked geothermal power out into the ocean. And then, something else was converting that energy into edible form.

Ongor buckled, shook, and then broke apart. Seven of his hind body segments broke off, and began moving and tunneling through the ground on their own. Each one journeyed to a hot water vent, and kept its body half-buried beneath the sand and muck on the sea floor. When largish fish came nearby, they lunged and ate them, reassimilating their life force into the earth.

Ongor was satisfied.

Create Beasts (purple worms): 2 PP

Note: in this campaign setting, purple worms are Elemental Beasts, rather than Natural ones.
Ueberroth was confused, and just a little angry. Some other spark had manifested, and had sent its burrowing scourges into his fields, to prey upon his creations and consume his efforts. It had to be stopped. Extending a long, sinuous tentacle, he speared one of the worms as it surfaced to grab a passing school, and quickly absorbed it into his form. Taking note of the worm's anatomy, of its weaknesses, and gleaning what he could of its creator, he began to fashion his perfect defense.

Warped as it was by his alien origins, his counterattack was an elegant one. The Chuuls, their entire being perfectly suited to disposing of the cowardly, opportunistic worms. Not that Ueberroth was against the taking of opportunities, but to have his own creations the target of them was an insult at best. The Chuuls would avenge this insult. As the worms surfaced, Chuul, using their own opportunity attacks, could immobolize the worms before they were even aware of the Chuul's presence. A pair, working in tandem, could keep each geothermal vent free of worms by themselves, and often dispose of a worm in a single slice of their gigantic claws.

The bodies of the worms would feed the Chuul, and the resulting spawn would grow in number, until all his fields were protected from the menace. Ueberroth was satisfied.

Create Beasts (Chuul Juggernaut): 2 PP

Note: The first four Chuul, the primordial quadruplet, are 'Chuul Juggernauts' as described in the monster manual. They spawn regular Chuul. Unlike the Monster Manual Chuul, however, they live in the deep ocean and hunt the burrowing purple worms above all else.
The purple worms quickly changed their hunting patterns. Rather than coming near the hot water vents, where the chuuls were waiting for them, they hunted around the peripheries of the fish migration fields. Being made of living stone and earth, the worms didn't need to eat often. Whenever fish strayed too far from the vents, the worms would stalk them. Eventually, they began to multiply, dropping segments off of their bodies to reproduce asexually, much as they themselves had been created by Ongor.

In order to feed themselves, the chuuls began to stray further from the vents themselves, to hunt the worms. Their bodies carried bacterial spores away from the vents, which then came off and gestated on the remains of their prey and the chuuls' own excretions. Soon, there were coldwater bacteria mats scattered for miles around the vents, which the eyeless fish began to pick at. This brought them away from the vents more often, feeding the worms and allowing the cycle to continue. The deep sea ecosystem was expanding.
Agrilnost called out to his servitor of the earth. He made his cloud enshrouded form twist and writhe over the soil. "Ongor," he called out. "Your lord has need of you."
A crack appeared in the earth before Agrilnost. Ongor's voice echoed up from within.

"Come then, master, let us speak."
Agrilnost rumbled his divine words down to Ongor. "Have you created something new beyond yourself? If so, why have you done this thing?"
"I was hungry," said Ongor, "and I felt that the earth needed more beasts to carve tunnels through its flesh. What of it?"
"They are not you. And that is a problem. We need a regulator of these kinds of things."

And with a crack, a bolt of lightning smote the earth, creating a Lord of the Beasts. This lord would have power over all the unintelligent things that roamed the earth or sea.
Ongor emerged partway from his crevice, peering with shock as the lightning bolt struck his earth. Had he, too, been created so casually? Was his existence also nothing but the passing whim of Agrilnost?

"I...see. Will this one also rule over they of the cutting claws who lie in ambush in the deep waters?"
Agrilnost said "But of course. I trust you, I do not trust that which has made more others. I believe that if you have no other questions, I have otehr matters to attend to."
"I have none."

Ongor was still sour at having his creations stolen. He wondered if this new one would allow him to feed through them as he had before; if not, he'd have to think of something else.

As the creator dissapeared, Ongor realized what he had said. "I do not trust that which made more others." Implying that the cutting beasts of the oceans-and perhaps the vents that they guarded-had been created by another being like himself.

Ongor ploughed into the earth, delving deep into the core. A moment later, he erupted from the empty, stony shores near a cove of deep water, near one of the more productive vents.

"May he who is not a child of Agrilnost come forward! Cower no more beneath the obscuring waves; surface, and explain yourself!"
From the lightning struck earth a consciousness stirred. Formed of feral instinct it coalesced into feral intelligence. A hulking beast stretched from the crater, letting loose a primal roar.

Thrael'kriss sensed the hunger of the beasts so new to this world. Reaching out with a newborn consciousness he sought predator and prey alike. Minds alien to his own responded with hushed awe. Something would have to be done, so few beasts, so many newly created sources of food.

Thrael'krissshaped from stone a creature that could hunt the worms burrowing in the earth, and the claw-things within the seas. And so the land sharks proceeded outward hunting their prey. (Create Beasts: Bulette 2PP)

Note: These Bulettes have the Aquatic Subtype and a swim speed of 6. I'll add the stats into my OOC post
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I am Blue/Green
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I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
((One hopes that those bulletes are significantly advanced over even the Dire Bullete in the monster manual, or they are going to be Chuul (and possibly worm) food. Also, sorry about not replying straightaway to you, Space Dragon. I got off the forums about ten minutes prior to that to go to my exam ;P))

Ueberroth shivered as the new outpouring of divinity washed over him. The actions of his peers were strangely energising. Nonetheless, their continued incursions into his domain were aggravating, in the least. He would persuade the great burrower to leave. Extending a thick pseudopod from his location in the middle of his vent-fields, Ueberroth snaked it towards the outskirts where the great burrower had issued its summons. Acidic slime eating through the rock, he pushed it into the cave in which the burrower waited, and grew an eye upon it to see him with.
Agrilnost spoke to his new creation. "Thrael'kriss, my child. You are born to aid me. In exchange for your service, I shall grant you free reign over the beasts of this world, including the new monsters you made. Do you accept these terms?"
Struggling to speak, for for the beast-god was as feral as his children, Threale'kriss managed a growling "Yes."
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I am Blue/Green
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I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
Agrilnost said to his child, for this beast was more child than lord in a kind voice, "And what do you call yourself Beastmaster?"
Krael'thriss thought for a moment, for he had notbefore considered names. To him all was predator or prey, and fortunately enough he himself was the greatest predator.

Working his tongue he found a word to convey his own existence: "Thrael'kriss."
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I am Blue/Green
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
"Very well Thrael'kris. The name given to me is Agrilnost. I am the Father of all. I shall leave you to tend to your charges."
As Agrilnost retreated to his contempleation Thrael'kriss grew bored. A world of barren nothingness as far as he could see. Nowhere for prey to hide, nowhere for predator to lay in ambush.

Something needed to change.Without light there is no food for prey-things, except in the deep reaches of the sea. Unfortunately Krael'thriss could not grant greater light, but he could do something.

Clawing into the earth he shaped spires of glowing crystal, their faint light lit by internal reactions. Light that could support a little life. (Shape Land: Moderate 2PP) These spires revealed a barren expanse, as yet without life.

Thrael'kriss sank to his haunches, contemplating his new creations. Contemplating the barren world before him. It was a start.

(Note: These are a kind of crystal that produce a faint glow, they are naturally occuring in subterranean expanses. There's a real world analogue somewhere. Ths also expends the last of my Power Points...)
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I am Blue/Green
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
Ongor looked quizzically at the watery tentacle.

"Do you speak?"

Agrilnost decided to seperate the light and the dark, because as it was the sky was an unpleasant grey. There was too much mixing of sort of dark and kind of light, so he separated the two fully. He fixed a portion of the light in the sky and drove the shadows underground. His Sun was high in the sky, and Agrilnost went to speak to the new Lord of Light. When He discovered that it had not awakened as of yet, Agrilnost went back to tending the currents like Ongor tended his worms. He got great satisfaction from the tending and caring for the wind and the water. It was his purpose. It was what he did.

(Create sun 3 PP)
Sensing the life within the depths of the seas Thrael'kriss dove into the water. Swimming down, seeking the life he sensed.

When he found Ueberroth's sickly things rage welled within his mind. Fury that such aberrations would exist within this world. The claw-things could be accepted, they were hunters, but these creatures... Weak, bottom feeding scavengers... Fury became a rush of power a sweeping gale of wrath. Destroying the most vile of Ueberroth's vermin. (Create Concept: Death see note, 3PP)

Contented that the worst of the vermin were gone Thrael'kriss called forth myriad tiny fish to replace those he had destroyed. In contrast to the twisted creations of ueberroth these fish were more natural. With these fish came another change plankton of a new kind, beginning to colonize around the vents, to serve as another source of food. (Nourish Land, 1P)

Note: This is the death of the natural cycle. Pedator and prey, extinctions and new species rising to replace the old. A single facet of a multi-faceted concept. Other facets should remain open (such as death through murder, or death as a thing of evil). This makes changes to my portfolio, I'll update.
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I am Blue/Green
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
Light! Light flooding the world, lifting the grey haze it had previously been covered in. That was his first thought.

Thought? What is that? He reflected upon the act of thinking, which lead to other questions. Having determined that he thought, he reflected upon his existence, and what he was, where he was, and why he was there. He spent a measure of time on this, perhaps as small as minutes, perhaps as large as decades, asserting his identity, choosing a name, and a purpose. He decided to name himself Adahan. His purpose...he didn't know about it, yet.

Looking around, past the light that surrounded him, he watched thousands, nay, millions of lifeforms, big and small, moving through the earth. Intrigued, he decided to visit the earth and see what wonders it housed. With a thought, he was quickly heading down, and the earth became bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, it hit him that he didn't know how to stop himself. Bracing himself for the crash, he shrunk to the size of a small rock, and, to his surprise, changed color to a solid black.

Thankfully, he wasn't hurt by the collision, and his impact didn't provoke any significant changes. The crash did, however, create a resounding "THUD!". Marveled by how the silence had been broken, he tried to replicate the sound. While he couldn't manage to do it, his first attempt resulted in a harmonic sort of low, continuous chime that followed him wherever he went, which he was satisfied with. Deciding not to dwell in that for the time, he was, after a few accidents, exploring the land.

As he saw more and more, he realized that his approach had a fault. He was learning, but for every new thing he saw, a thousand others were happening somewhere else. What could he do?

After some deliberation, he was struck by inspiration: He would build a watchtower from which to observe everything, close to the earth, but still at a distance from which he could see the big picture. Concentrating, tendrils of light expanded from him, buried deep into the earth, and reached it's core. There, they pulled a great chunk of rock, and transported it back to him. As he set the rock into motion, to spin around the earth so as to see everything, he realized it had changed. Instead of normal granite, it was now silvery, and shimmered slightly. He had created a new material. He decided to name it...Mythril.

((Shape Land, Minor, 1 PP. I have created a small moon, not much bigger than a small island, but orbiting the world rapidly. Through that act, I have also created Mythril, though it is not normal Mythril. Rather, it is Godcrafted Mythril, through which Masterwork armors can be made.))

Satisfied with his work, he decided to wait, and see how the world grew.
Mountain Cleave Rule: You can have any sort of fun, including broken, silly fun, so long as I get to have that fun too (e. g., if you can warp reality with your spells, I can cleave mountains with my blade).
Agrilnost sensed his son had landed on earth, and in an instant he had zoomed over to speak with his son.

"I am your father, Agrilnost. I have given you a great gift. The overseeing of my entire realm. You will be a light bringer and a watcher against darkness. You have free reign over your dominion. I want you to experiment and learn. What do you call yourself?"
The darkness fled from the light. Unable to stand it

They fled into the earth, to the cavern systems below. As the patches of darkness fled, they started to merge, becoming aware of there surroundings. Forming a conscience.

After traveling the caves for a while they found something. An elder purple worm, at the verge of death, wounded from a chuul attack.
The darkness took it.
Infesting it.
Morphing it.
becoming one with it.

The creature started to loose its pigment, it's color, becoming a pale version of its former self. Unable to stand the light of day. tentacles sprouted from it's body, allowing extra mobility and a way to manipulate it's suroundings.

The remaining darkness furled around it, forming a smooth outer shell, protectig the inner form. Sometimes flares of liquid darkness and smoke would spring from the smooth eel-like shape.

A new god had formed.

Curious, the new intelligence started to explore it's newly found under realm
Surprised, yet pleased by the appearance of someone who he realized was both an equal and a superior, Adahan changed his color from orange and white to purple, as a sign of respect.

My name is Adahan, father. I thank you for your precious gift. I shall do my best to fulfill my duties, and to learn, so that I may do it well.

I want to ask one thing of you, father, however. What is that darkness you speak of? As I roamed, I only saw mortal creatures, some mighty, some weak, yet I can tell none of them are the adversary you warn me about.
Mountain Cleave Rule: You can have any sort of fun, including broken, silly fun, so long as I get to have that fun too (e. g., if you can warp reality with your spells, I can cleave mountains with my blade).
Angrilnost said, "Ah but of course Adahan. You would not see any of the dark things of this earth, for light shines wherever you go. I'm sure you know you are the very embodiment of light. I am the first and most powerful of all the lords of my creation. It is not an adversity so much as a precense. I can't quite pin it down."
Ueberroth considered the great burrower for a long while. Could he speak? All he had sensed so far of the sparks working above had not given more insight into their nature then this one question. Obviously, they considered communication worthwhile enough to create a whole system for exchanging thoughts.

Best to get to the point.

Ueberroth can communicate with you, if that is what you are asking. What do you want? What are these new sparks?

As Ueberroth let the deific energies carry his thoughts to the burrower, he sensed changes from his greater mass by the vent-fields. Working harder to divide his conciousness between his entire form, he watched as another spark dared to intrude upon his fields. Sensing the death of thousands of his offshoots, he pulsed with rage. Those beings had been his own mass! He had created them, fed them, nourished them with himself! And now this spark sought to replace them? Well, let it try. Ueberroth would gladly welcome a food source for his creations. Sucking a few of the new forms into his own mass for sustenance, Ueberroth learnt their forms in depth.

He would show all these sparks the error of their ways. In his mind, a great plan formed.

(Create Concept: Aberrations (3PP))

Note: Ueberroth is letting go the idea of true creativity for the time being. If the other deities are going to kill and feed off his original creations, and consider them monstrous, then he will steal their ideas and make them monstrous. I'll change my portfolio to represent his new ideals.
Adahan nodded...as much as light can nod, by changing into a deeper shade of purple and back.

I understand. I might never see darkness, yet I must remain vigilant, not against it, but rather for it.

It is sad that I will never meet darkness. I'm sure we could learn much from each other...
the sun god mused. Suddenly, however, he lit up, returning to his normal color, to signify a new idea.

Father, I hope you forgive me, but I must leave. I have an idea for contacting the darkness!

Flying back to his moon-asteroid as fast as he could, Adahan started working on his project. He had decided to create a new creature, one that wouldn't chase darkness away like he did.

As he started, Adahan suddenly stopped, his natural quirkiness pushing him into a new direction. Every creature he had seen had been made of flesh, blood, and bone. Why not attempt something new? The new creature would be different from all others. It would feel, think, and act, but it would live forever, and it wouldn't be made from the same things as other creatures.

Taking some Mythril from the moon, Adahan started working on his creation. It had to be able to fly, thus he gave it wings. It had to be able to walk, thus he gave it legs. It had to be able to re-shape the world, thus he gave it hands. And it had to speak, thus he gave it a mouth. Then, he built a body, which held everything together, and inside that body, he placed the mechanisms that would animate the creature. As he stood back, contemplating his work, the light with which he had shaped the Mythril once again transformed it. This time, it turned pearly white, as if the radiance that had created it had been stored inside.

Finally, it was time to give it life. Sending a current of light that was as bright as the sun, Adahan spoke:

Rise, my child. The construct stood up.

I am Adahan, god of the Sun and of Invention. I have given you life, so that we, together, may discover the wonders the world has to offer. Using the knowledge we'll gain from them, we shall bring enlightenment to this world.

I created you with this purpose in mind, and gave you wings, feet and hands, so that you may learn more from the world and shape it into a new form.

I have also given you a mouth, so that you may speak with me. Now, what do you have to say?

With a deep, gravelly voice, the creature asked:

What am I? And who am I?

Proud of his creation, and realizing that, humorously, it had asked the same questions he had when he was created, Adahan answered:

You are a construct, thus named because, unlike all other creatures, I built you, instead of simply creating you. Others are born. You, and all the constructs that will follow you, are made.

And now, it is time you receive a name, and an identity. I name you...


((And this was what I was planning. Create Exarch, 3 PP. He'll be the first sapient being who is not a god to walk the earth.

Description of Kraid: Picture a massive construct, four or five stories tall. Immense mechanical wings sprout from his back, and he has long arms that reach down almost to the ground. His head is cylindrical, with the upper part being slightly curved. Blue eyes can be seen, exactly in the middle, and over an open part that is his mouth. All of his body is completely white, and you can almost see the light inside him. He stands out on the smooth silver surface of the moon, with no stars behind him.))
Mountain Cleave Rule: You can have any sort of fun, including broken, silly fun, so long as I get to have that fun too (e. g., if you can warp reality with your spells, I can cleave mountains with my blade).
On the planets surface Thrael'kriss had once again returned to his spires. Their soft glow imperceptible in the harsh light (yes harsh... No clouds yet) to all eyes but his own. A fragment of thought drifted through him... Placing a massive hand-paw on one f the crystals he listened to its gentle hum, so different from his own barks and growls.

I made this. For the first time something dawned on him. There were repercussions to every action he took.

I killed those... Aberrations. His thought feral and primal, but thought nonetheless.

They had no place, such twisted things... Are there more? Does it matter? The repercussions of his new-found power rang within his mind.

Returning to all fours he sank his claws into the ground. There was light to give a new kind of creature life. He could sense this new thing on the edge of his consciousness. Different from his first children, but required to support newer children. And perhaps required to give his children shade from the glare.

Focusing he poured out power into the ground. From it trees grew. The first vestiges of a jungle, within which he would place his next children.

The jungle was filled with the endless hum of his crystals, their gentle glow once again visible to the less acute senses of the other gods. The perfect hunting grounds. (Nourish Land 1PP, I figure it isn't so great a change as to be considered anything else)

Within the jungle sat the great hunter that was Thrael'kriss, contemplating his so different powers. To give life to beasts, and for those beasts to join the cycle of life and death, perfect hunters to consume their prey.
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I am Blue/Green
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I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
Ongor replied to Ueberroth.

"How is it that you exist within this world, but the Master does not know of you? From whence did you come? And, is it you who crafted the beasts of the deep ocean?"
I have been since the beginning. If your Master is the first spark, then I was the second. He did not create me, but I fed off his creations and so I am. The Deep is mine, as are its creations, and the vent-fields that feed them. My spores drift through the Deep, and my sense is within them.

What do you want, and what are the new sparks?
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