New Paragon Path, Battlefield Scholar (PEACH)

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Well, I fancied creating a paragon path that would be more useful outside of combat, but would still be able to function inside, too. You might notice some Whovian influences, and its in that similar vein...

Battlefield Scholar
"Now, now, now... I'm sure I've heard of something like that before..."
Requirements: Int 16, training in 2 of Nature, Religion, History, Dungeoneering, Arcana

You've travelled far and wide, and in your head are stored vast repositories of knowledge that you've picked up from here, there and everywhere. sometimes these can prove to be useful to your allies, if the right situation should occur...
Scholar's skill list: Nature, Religion, History, Dungeoneering, Arcana

Path features:
Scholar's resourcefulness: You gain a +2 proficiency bonus to improvised weapons.
Scholar's action(11th level): You may spend an action point to take 10 on any skill check from the Scholar's skill list.
Scholar's speciality(16th level): The two skills of the Scholar's skill list that you are trained in gain a +2 bonus. If you are trained in more than 2 from the list, you may choose.

Scholar's exploits:
Was... That what I think it was? – Battlefield Scholar Attack 11
A rock, a ball, a satsuma. A mixture of confusion and disbelief afflicts the opponent...
Encounter – Martial, Weapon
Standard Action - Ranged 10
Requirement: You must be using an improvised ranged weapon.
Target: One creature in range and line of sight.
Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex
Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. The opponent is dazed and pushed back 1 square.

Now... Let me think... - Battlefield Scholar Utility 16
You dredge up some information from the back of your mind. THATS what it was!
Standard Action
You automatically pass one check from the scholar's skill list, as if you had rolled 15.

Are you... sure about that? – Battlefield Scholar Attack 20
A brief scan of the environment proves to your advantage, and a deadly set of circumstances befall your foes.
Daily – Martial, Weapon
Standard Action – Range Weapon
Special Attack: Intelligence vs. DC of an object (The target must be a piece of scenery)
Hit: The piece of scenery collapses, dealing damage equal to the material+falling damage (Calculated from the top of the object) to all creatures within the blast.

Thoughts? I reckon it might be a bit odd, so I'm not sure if its too specialised, or under/overpowered.