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Two new maps, created by myself.

I really like your style. Do you use a mapping program or photoshop?

Here's my first try at a campaign map using CC3. Still need to doctor it up some more, but here's the barebones.

Looks like a great tutorial, thanks Liechenreiter. Personally, I think the look of my (along with many beginners) CC3 maps look...bland. I'm sure with some more work, and buying some add-ons, I can have it looking much better. A rare couple maps in the CC3 galleries are jaw-dropping. However, I know I'm going to end up taking it into Photoshop to put the finishing touches on it anyway, so why not start there?

How do you plan on place structures and place names?
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I just found this thread in an unrelated search and am very impressed with the materials so far, especially Foxen's work. Your style really appeals to me. After trying to draw maps using GIMP and a touchpad on my laptop I went back to my old pencil and paper. Plus I find this way I can keep older drafts for future reference. Eventually I'd like to get my map digitized and make some drivative maps showing ecozones, trade routes, things like that. It takes me quite a while to draw maps as I stive for ecological truth in the majority of the setting, as it makes the incongruos places more noteworthy.

So here is a rough outline of a fantasy nWoD setting map I'm working on now, which may get put on hold if a prospective D&D group starts up.

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I am very impressed with what you all are doing with Photoshop and whatnots with the map making. Also love the hand drawn stuff, just love getting a glimpse into the insane creative minds out there!

Yeah, I really enjoy hand-drawing maps, but it seems so time inefficient compared to the program. And it's all about efficiency. ;) K, just kidding. It's funny, cause I'm quick doing figure and landscape sketches but with hand-drawn maps it just drags on and on. I can accomplish in 1 hours with campaign cartographer what it takes me 4-5 hours to do by hand. I've noticed that the different symbol sets can give a computer-drawn map a very tactile feel. Still, there ain't nothing like a hand-drawn map.

Keep em' coming!


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How can i upload my maps?
Ok I think i got it, I specialice in making city maps. Right now im working on a whole series of maps for a waterless world played in 4th. This is the capital of a Mountain Kingom, please PEACH it, I was going to put it on better quality, but it just takes too much. Done in photoshop, on the original image you can actuially zoom in to each builging, and street.:P
IMAGE( By drahyden at 2009-03-15
Hi again, I know i said i specialice in city maps, but i would like to share with you my latest creation for regional maps. This one is the map i made of the whole mountain kindom from the last map. The kindom is called Terra, and its capital is Ariitan. Please send me some feedback. Done in Photoshop CS3:D

By drahyden at 2009-03-15
Too Wide! S Blocks please!

Any who, I've been getting back into photoshop and found some really cool tutuorials. I've created this map to try out the tuts. Since everything is random, it will not be geographically correct. It also could use some work around the edges of the landmass, border highlights color and so on. I'll be using this style to create many maps for my Steampunk campaign setting.

EDIT: I forgot to delete the black lines for the political boundaries.
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Sorry about the first map i didnt put in a spoiler, now i know how. Please people, can you give me some feedback to my maps?
Just completed a map for the Iron Crown Enterprises: Crypt Map Contest.

This map measures 30" x 42" at 200 ppi JPG.




Link to larger file:
First a new map from me:

Hey Leichenreiter, the file isn't coming through for me. Double check it?
Beautiful work! I notice that the stones and the brown marsh (?) areas look slightly out of place - think it's a graphics quality thing with the pngs.

Anyhow, looks amazing. When's the next discounted flight? ;)