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An attempt at describing the cult of the Raven Queen. I will use it as a stub for my campaign, starting with KotS and revolving around the conflict between Orcus and the Raven Queen. If you have any more ideas please post them.

Portfolio: death, winter, fate

Temples: temples to the Raven Queen are usually built underground and are accessed trough a simple and unadorned stair. Very often they are located close or even within a graveyard. The stair is located under a stone arch or a dolmen where the ravens gather to “greet” those who enter to seek the guidance of the goddess.
The temple is open to anybody and is never locked. In order to get access to temple, you must leave all your possessions in an antechamber located right at the bottom of the stairs and wear a simple white tunic which will be provided by the clergy. Some more traditionalist enclaves require you to be completely naked when you enter the central chamber to remember you that you will not be able to bring anything to realm of the Raven Queen when you will eventually die.
The clergy usually lives aboveground and descends into the temple only for rituals or for prayers to the goddess.

The main one is the solstice of winter, the peak of the reign of the Queen. During this day the power of the goddess is so strong that the division between the Underworld and the world of the living being gets thinner. A follower of the cult in visit to a temple may be able to contact those who passed into the realm of the Raven Queen if she wills so.

Clergy: the clergy of the Raven Queen has a very loose structure. The mortal realm and all its complications are not very important for the followers of the Queen. Usually an elder priest acts as spiritual guide to the others but no more than that.
Priest of the Raven Queen tend towards two extremely different approaches to life: some of them are philosophers, always thinking about the ultimate goal in their life, while other completely rely upon the Queen’s judgment and live practical lives.
The first kind of priests is the reason why libraries can often be found near the temples of the Queen.

often found on the entrance of the temples is this inscription:
“There is a bridge across the abyss of your fears
An hand that leads you through the dark when it comes over you
Your soul inside, the inner flame, that’s why you’re here
The only thing that will remain forever…”


Looks good, and pretty close to what I would do myself. Some of my kingdoms will worship her more officially though, and at least one tyranny will have her at the back, with all the gruesome paladin-ship that may lead to

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Pretty neat, I knew I wanted to use her extensively in my world (maybe play a Raven Paladin if I get to PC around), but I never thought out a clergy-system. I especially like the underground bit. Mind if I steal it?

I'd also like to see some more prayers, if anyone can think of them. The only one I can think of right now is a bastardization of the 23rd psalm.
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