New Multiclass Feat Rules

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I like the idea of multiclass feats and really don't have a problem with it. I do have a problem with the idea that I need to give up both a feat and my normal power to gain another type of power. I think that is a little to much as I expect to just give up a feat to gain something else. I mean isn't that what feats are supposed to do, extend your power and give you new options. In addition, I feel that a character should have the option, no matter how difficult it is to get, to actually utilize certain abilities from additional classes.

To that end I am pretty much ignoring the Power-Swap Feats and instead implementing it as a system of progressively greater Class-Specific Feats.

In addition, I am removing the limitation that only a single Class-Specific Feat can be taken. I am allowing multiple multiclass feats to be taken, but for each additional class the upper limit is reduced. This means that their is a max of five classes (the base class plus four additional classes) that a character can dabble in if he truly wants. See below for information.

Tier Level Base First Second Third Fourth
Initiate Feat N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Novice Feat N/A Yes Yes Yes No
Acolyte Feat N/A Yes Yes No No
Adept Feat N/A Yes No No No

Multiclass Clerics Feats

Initiate of the Faith [Multiclass Cleric]
exists as standard.

Novice of the Faith [Multiclass Cleric]
Prerequisite: Wis 15, Initiate of the Faith, 4th level
Benefit: Once per day you may activate a Channel Divinity power. You start off with knowing Divine Fortune and Turn Undead and you may expand upon this by gaining divinity feats.
Further, your Healing Word is now considered an encounter power.

Acolyte of the Faith [Multiclass Cleric]
Prerequistie: Wis 17, Novice of the Faith, 8th level
Benefit: You may activate your Channel Divinity power once per encounter.
Further, you gain one of the Cleric's At-Will powers as an Encounter power.

Adept of the Faith [Multiclass Cleric]
Prerequisite: Wis 19, Acolyte of the Faith, 10th level
Benefit: You may now activate the encounter power you gained with Acolyte of the Faith as an At-Will power.
Further, you may choose to gain an aditional power from the Cleric Class. Only powers that you meet the minimum class level can be taken. If you choose an At-Will power it becomes Encounter, and if you choose an Encounter power it becomes Daily. If you choose a Daily Power it remains Daily.
Special: This feat may be taken more than once. Each time it is taken you may choose an additional power to gain or you may choose the same power a second time (and only a second time). If you choose a new power at-will powers become encounter and encounter powers become daily. If you choose the same power a second time then the uses go down to what it is for the Cleric (an at-will power, which became encounter, goes back to being at-will).

...and on and on for each class that comes out. Though some variances will exist.


Thoughts, opinions, ideas are all welcome.
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