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Yeah, it's bound to have been done to death before.... but so's most things and sometimes it's fun to try again.

So, 1001 Tavern Names for 4e.... I'll start with a few stupid ones:

1) The Gnome's Lair
2) The Expeditious Retreat
3) The Broken Rule
4) The Lusty Minion
5) The Old Hoe

Your turn...
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Every tavern in my game world is called

The Witches Eye Inn.

Each tavern has a number placard below the sign outside that designates what branch it is.

This came about long ago in my uncle jeffs campaign, he got tired of thinking up names so we started calling every tavern The Witches Eye Inn, and it became a staple.. now each is a franchise. (Secretly the whole Inn thing is a front for the largest thieves guild spanning the world. started by my very first rogue character.)
Sijal: That's frickin' genius! I've got to do that!

6) The Wander Inn (haha)
7) [Location]'s Rest (ex. Silverymoon's Rest, Shadowfell's Rest)
8) The Smoldering Cauldron
9) The Broken Signpost
10) The Welcome Stop (hehe)
11) The Adventurer's Den (can also work with other names like The Druid's Den)
12) The Slaughtered Prince
13) Luckless Palace
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14) Fenris's Bar and Grill
15) The Six Legged Toad
16) The Barbarian Boast
17) The Palace of Paupers
18) The Drunken Sailor.
19) The Old Dun Cow.
20) The Upended Tankard.
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These are a few my group have used.

21) The Lost Spot
22) The Mermaid's Revenge (we used it once in a port town, the DM of the adventure thinks the scariest movie ever is 'The Little Mermaid')
23) The Badger and the Jackel
24) The Harlot's Roar
25) Hobgoblin's Fork House
26) A Knife in the Head is an Insta-Kill No Matter What Inn
27) Ye Ole Inn-eth
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Here's the ones I use in the capital of my world, Mythal

1. Gold Dragon Inn (secretly owned by a sub-adult gold dragon shapeshifts into human form)

2. Boar's Nest (a nod to the Dukes of Hazzard's Boss Hogg - & the guy who runs it is a no good S.o.B. named "Boss Hogg" in Mythal)

3. Jack O' the Green (run by an old Druid)

4. Toad's Inn (tends to be the one where Half-Anythings's hang out)

5. Toadstool Inn (for Halflings & Gnomes - kind of a small tavern)

6. The Lion's Pride (Private Club only for members of the local Fighters Guilds)

7. Restful Willow Inn (very high class 5 star place)

8. Mad Hatter's Prize (place for Bards & Rogues to perform)

9. Dagger's Hall (Rogue owned, operated and used as a base for thieves)

10. The Blasted Tower (Private Club only for members of the local Wizard's Guild)

11. Lucky Jack's (gambling casino - run by the local Mob)

12. Travellers Keep (just a simple place for non-adventurers to get food, drink and sleep - run by a retired 14th level Ranger/Druid)

13. Pater Noster (run by a retired cleric/mage)

My favorites to use in a campaign are Lucky Jack's, the Boar's Nest and the Blasted Tower as they can provide a lot of adventure hooks for the PC's.
`Ey! Keep the numbering system!

43 - The Sticky Wicket (No ideas for this one, I just like it.)

44 - The Faerie Ring (Specializes in elven wine... a more "genteel" environment.)

45 - The Hoop and Barrel (Clean and well-run, but the floor is three inches deep in discarded peanut shells. Good beer, fairly cheap.)

46 - The Cork and Bung (Wine and ale in a dank, tense environment)

47 - Booze (Ideally run by a half-orc or very straightforward dwarf... "Why bother with prettying it up? Just say what you sell." Actually quite popular.)

48 - The Last Gasp (Renowned as the last bar before entering a duchy where alcohol is outlawed. Tiny place, only visited by travelers.)
It's come down to campaigns I've made that there's just one massive company (think walmart, sans alignment) that runs all the inns in my world. It's called "Rusty Corp." so all of the Inns are named "The Rusty _________" this has led to some interesting ones including my personal latest favorite,

49. The Rusty Polyhederal
50. The Knotty Pony (this one was so popular that the whole campaign took on the moniker "The Company of the Knotty Pony.") - Complete with a knotted piece of wood fashioned to look like a pony out front.

51. The Couped Boar (I don't know why I like this one so much, but it's been a fixture in every campaign that I've run...)
52. The Merry Mermaid

53. The Crown and Pickle

54. The Red Lion

55. Blackjack's Gaming House

56. The Hungry Hippo

57. The Bouncing Bugbear

58. Crate and Barrel :D

59. The Boar's Head

60. The White Rook
61. The Sleeping Red Dragon (which is, ironically, the official D&D Tavern/Inn)
62. The Green Dragon Tavern (from 1E)
63. The Welcome Wench (from Homlett)
64. The Prancing Pony (from LotR)
65. The Rampant Lion
66. Trembling Wings Tavern
67. Red Taft Plume Tavern
68. The Dafty Alesman
69. Sans Sinister Inn/Tavern ("No Left Hand" inn/tavern)
70. The Starknight Tavern
71. Ring of Blades Tavern (with dueling ring)
72. Bertram's Tavern (run by a troll who used to be a former wrester [ if know the reference])
73. The Spilled Grog Tavern
74. The Rusty Nail Tavern
75. Gibbering Mouther Inn (Innsmouth? )
54. The Red Lion

That's the name of a smoke/hobby/book shop in Salem, MA.

[gump] It's a household name. [/gump]
76. "One Better Than Three"
77. The Grognard's Head
78. Kwitcher*****in' Kitchen (Hint: the starred out area rhymes with the 'Kwitch')
79.)The Spitted Goblin: multiple "Wanted: Adventurers" posters, a' la Belkar's solution to the kobold's son.

80.)The Laughing Elf: only the finest wines.

81.)Callahan's Place: run by the merriest redheaded barbarian of all time (sorry, I just had to...).

82.)The Last Inn and Tavern: on the Dwarfroad, just before the mountains (great ale, for those of you looking...).

83.)Streams of Whiskey: nothing but ye olde folke muzik, played by the roughest of bards.

84.)Rogue's Gallery: oddly enough, this is where the paladins hang out .

85.)Dragonsfoot Tavern: a small, ramshackle, open-air bar with the bar proper set into a fossilized dragon's footprint.

86.)Blades & Barter: the house rule: "Everything is for sale."

87.)That Tavern: everyone knows where it is.

88.)Slainte: where "Everyone knows your name."
89: The Bloody Dagger - 'a wretched hive of vilainy...'
12) The Slaughtered Prince

You win the thread, have a cookie

I shall have to rere-use that one in my campaign; whether or not it has earned it's name as it's fictional counterpart is yet to be seen.

90) the Flaming Dwarf (I know what your thinking, it's actually run by an azer ;)

91) the Bustee Wench (has a large, broken wrench above the door, run by a gnome with a speech impediment)

92) the Green Dragon, Inn (actually a dragon disguised by an illusion, walking through the door, is walking into it's mouth)

93) Foam and Froth Tavern (the beer is served with lots of head, the barkeep has a "spraying" problem)
90) The Rusty Chumbucket - Every campaign I run has this tavern popping up somewhere and the party always seems to burn it down.
91) The Drunken Dragon
96) The Mermaid's Cups.
97: The Rendered Otyugh - orcs, goblinoids, etc place, not very high quality food and boozes...
98 - The Friar's Bowl. The only tavern in the temple district, heavily visited by clergy of all stripes after services.

99 - The Hog's Wattle. If you can get past the horrible, reeking stench of decay and the constant haze of smoke, you'll find... a humid pit of disease and cheap, watery booze.

100 - The Adamant Dwarf. Dead center in the main room is an adamantine "statue" of a dwarf raising his mug in a pointing gesture, his expression defiant. Seems that he was a regular there before he ran afoul of a hung-over archmage.

101 - The Divine Mount. Renowned for being the only combination tavern/taxidermist's shop in existence. Oddly enough, the "house special" rotgut is served from the same bottle as the preservative...
102) The Rusty Bucket (Sadly, I see this is similar to #90)
12) The Slaughtered Prince

Stardust FTW! One of the most underrated fantasy movies I've ever seen.

103. The missing pointless subsytem
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Thank_Dog wrote:

2Chlorobutanal wrote:
I think that if you have to argue to convince others about the clarity of something, it's probably not as objectively clear as you think.

No, what it means is that some people just like to be obtuse.

That's the name of a smoke/hobby/book shop in Salem, MA.

[gump] It's a household name. [/gump]

It's also the name of a (now defunct) bar in Augusta, GA.
Color me flattered.


Thank_Dog wrote:

2Chlorobutanal wrote:
I think that if you have to argue to convince others about the clarity of something, it's probably not as objectively clear as you think.

No, what it means is that some people just like to be obtuse.

104: The Blackened Ferret - famous hanging out place for the local magic academy's students (named after the owner's pet, who went through a very... unusual incident due to a drunken trainee)
105. The Steely Tankard (dwarf bar)
106. The Drunken Spider
107. The Dangling Demon (Sign with a lynched demon on it)
108. The Vomitting Toad (Best not to ask)
109. The Frisky Fairy
110. The Bent Nail
111. The Butchered Horse
112. The Gnoll's Woes
113. The Leaning Lampblack
I am a firm believer of color + animal + Inn/Tavern/Pub.

114. Blue Bird Inn
115. Green Goat Tavern
116. The Golden Lamb
117. Yellow Bear Pub
118. The Red Fish
119. Noone remembers the name of the pub
120. The Tavern
121. The Puke Bucket
122. The d20
123. That one place
124. 124
125. The crusty bartender
126. A.I.D.s
127. Who Farted
128. Krusty Krusk's

or some other alliteration
A tribute to the extinct Houses of Menzoberranzan:

129: No Pub Worth Mentioning
130: The Outt
131: The Definitely-not-a-front-for-an-assassin's-guild Inn
132. The Tarnished Harp- Owned by a retired bard who used his favorite instrument as the signpost
133. The Golden Scroll- Local Wizard Hangout
134. Eight Arms to Serve You- Local paladin hangout where the owner's pet octopus acts as the barkeep
135. The Stony Dwarf- Owned by a dwarf, who keeps a Dwarf Ancestor in his basement in case of trouble
136. Teh Bluudie Aks- owned by a half-orc barbarian who has no idea how to spell "bloody" or "axe"
137. The Surly Mermaid- Seaside bar that speaks for itself
138. The Shadowed Cavern- Bar built inside a cave, local hangout for rouges and assassins
139; The Keg of Sharn - rowdy cantina-tavern of Sharn's seedier side....

140: The Red Tankard - post-Spellplague place owned by a dwarf and a thayan refugee, of all person
Generally, I don't have signs outside taverns my group stays in, but rather make up punny names after the fact.

141) During one campaign, in the very first session the party managed to jump out of a window into a lake they knew was there, I couldn't resist calling it the Dew Drop Inn (everyone's used this at some point, I'm sure).
142) In one game, the players stayed out in the stables to avoid an assassin, so I dubbed that The Horseshoe Road Inn.
143) When the characters were met by an undercover priestess who pretended to be a...lady of ill repute to get them away from the common room, that tavern became the Come-On Inn.
144) One town under attack by a goblin army had the Bar Guest Pub.
145) A recently-robbed and -destroyed tavern was the Breakin' Inn; the next time the party visited the town, its successor was robbed and destroyed again (the Broken Inn), and then a third version was robbed, burned, and gutted (yep, the Broken Inn Two).

I think that's all for now
146). In one of the Forgotten Realms modules there was a place called "The Bargewright Inn".
147. The Blind Bastard
148. The Moldy Mage- Local pub and lich meeting place
our standard one is ,

(149)"the cave inn" ussally found near a mountain
150. "Arcana Kate's"

151. "Molly's Chamber"

152. "The Road House"

153. "The Nixie's Kiss"

154. "Hap's Place"

155. "The Hang Ogre"

156. "The North Star"

157. "Noem's Place"
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