Sir Keegan's Children - A Hook for KotS (DM's ONLY!)

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There are spoilers so unless you are a DM running KotS, don't read this.

Hook: The Tortured Soul
Hook: The Tortured Soul
It is rumoured that the tormented soul of Sir Keegan roams the halls of Shadowfell keep, wailing about the atrocities he has committed. It is said that sometimes returning items of personal significance to such a soul can grant it a final rest. Returning the Amulet and Bracelet of Drystan and Ceinwein Keegan to Sir Keegan will release his soul to the afterlife.
Quest XP: 2000 XP for releasing Sir Keegan from his torment.
My spoiler response:

That's a good one. We should flesh it out more. The characters need a source for the hook. Who told them about Sir Keegan? Where did that person get the items? (Remember, all of this happened about 100 years ago.) Why would that person give the quest to these adventurers?

I like the idea of this being a 'side quest'. The characters get one of the other hooks, which get them to Winterhaven. After the characters have done some of the initial encounters and proven their intentions to the sage, he gives them more info on the keep and tells them the tale of Sir Keegan. He says that his grandfather, a soldier stationed at the keep a long time ago, passed these items down to his children hoping that someone would be able to help put the old knight's soul to rest.

But, you'll also have to change the encounter with Sir Keegan. Showing him the items only gives the party one success on a Diplomacy check. Sir Keegan can believe that these were things simply found in the keep and that the characters are just lying and intend to open the rift. Keeping the rift sealed is his main concern, not redemption for his past acts. But, the party does have to succeed at this encounter in order to gain the exp. Just leaving the items in the room doesn't count.

What do you think of that?
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