BBEG idea: Spell-Sliging Drug Lord

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An idea of mine for 4th edition is a campagin in a plane where both science and magic have both advanced to the point where it has become a magi-tech ecumenopolis, a world covered by cities.

Of course, this global civilization has it's drawbacks, namely, that the main form of goverment on the plane is a series of extremely powerful megacorporations-the Chaebol Trust-that are slightly less corrupt than the real-life government of Boris Yeltsin. *Russians shiver*

Still, it isn't all bad. A lot of the Chaebol sub-groups are philanphropist (including, thankfully, the privately owned cops), and there is definte good and definite evil in the world, although there is cetainly a lot of grey.

And it is the definitely black part of the spectrum that we find my potential villain, Jianguo Xin (actually, he's one of a trifecta of villains, the others being corrupt police chief Gerald King, and greedy femme executive Dali Alverez). Basically, he's a thug who happens to have quite a bit more than two brain cells to rub together, and is a relatively low-ranking member of the world's equivelant of the Chinese Triads...When the campaign begins. You see, Xin is a wizard, and a none-to-shabby one at that. He's also a dabbler in narcotic-related alchemy, and he's already started to make his mark on the streets with his mystically-purified poppy juice, and other, less Oriental-traditional drugs. *coughcrackcocainecough*

Soon after that, his bosses recognize his potential, and soon promote him to Pak Tze Sin (basically an advisor) status. After the PCs advance in levels a bit, he gets to Sin Fung (officer) status, and then starts his own Triad, with himself as Shan Chu (take a wild guess). Needless to say, by the time the PCs finally confront him at level 30, he's living in a villa and packing a bazooka to supplant his fireballs.

Still, at his core, he's still just a bully, and is addicted to LSD and peyote. Mystical visions, you understand.

So, is this a good concept? What do you think his alignment should be (use the current chart)?

And before you ask: The Triads are basically China's mafia, and I used them due to the fact that they have a lot of inter-syndicate mythology to go along with their activities.
Well i'd reccomend reading Neuromancer (for the setting) and A Scanner Darkly (for the drug stuff) and maybe playing some Crackdown (for the crime and corruption elements) for inspiration.

You should get some good ideas from there.
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