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I'm not where else to put this, so I'm trying in this board.

Monster Manual: Useful
Player's Handbook: Essential
DMG: ???

What will the DMG bring to the table in 4th edition, especially now that items are in the PHB? What does it offer that a little bit of creativity or previous experience with roleplaying doesn't already supply? I'm simply trying to evaluate whether or not the DMG would be a worthwhile purchase.
Take a look at your 3.5 books. Now take away all of the info that's in the PH, the MM, and take the items out of the DMG. Probably the Prestige Classes as well. What's left is what will be covered in the 4th Ed DMG. Still some useful, if not essential, stuff. Suggestions on maintaining game balance and other such mechanics are sure to be there.

And let's not forget that which has me personally dismayed, the starting village.
-Base Class rules for NPC/Monsters
-Starting town:
"The town is called Fallcrest, and I'm pretty proud of it. It's a trading town located at the falls of a big river, where folks stop and portage cargo around the falls. I've made sure to include several potential dungeons right in the town (Fallcrest is a small town built atop the ruins of a larger city). At the moment I've also got a good-sized area around the town included in the description, so that you know where the nearby towns are too, and half a dozen good potential dungeon sites and adventures within a couple days' travel."

-Skill Challenges
-Social Encounter System
-Terrain and Traps
-Delegating out XP
-Ready to use Traps and NPCs
-I believe they stated somewhere there be rules for converting various rules to 4e
-Rules for delegating roles for various random circumstances
-General Advice
In 3.x, almost every doubt in the rules I have I find in the glossary of the DMG, which is pretty useful, I think. I don't believe it is going to be different in the new version.
On another issue: will there be magic items in the new DMG?
I believe the DMG will cover artifacts and rules to create them.

I'm kind of hoping it will include a chapter on creating, new powersources, classes, class abilities, feats, Paragon paths, epic destinies, etc...

There was some mention somewhere about a Classless game as well as creating the hypothetical Martial Controller.

Basically the DMG sounds like it's going to be the tool kit for customizing the game to fit what you have in mind.

IE: not needed at all until you are ready to break free from premade adventures and settings.

Since I like to make my own adventures and settings I will probably need it;)
I'm pretty sure it's going to look a lot like a Software Developers Kit or a Style Guide with a lot of "here's how and why things work the way they do." What makes a monster a lurker instead of controller, should minions get recharge abilities, what defines a class role, how much damage should PC/monsters be doing at level X, making new magic items and artifacts, and so on and so forth. I also hope it has a section on Encounter and Adventure building that talks about pacing from a more practical standpoint than "break up combat with a trap!"

In short I'd like the DMG to be about how to DM rather than just being a compilation of rules that didn't fit in the PHB. Less DMG1 more DMG2.

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
who, squatting upon the ground,
held his heart in his hands, and ate of it.
I said, "is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter – bitter," he answered;
"but I like it,
"beacuase it is bitter,
"and because it is my heart."

Unlike 3.x where you could just create NPCs with PC classes, the new NPC stuff in the DMG will be amazing and incredibly usefull. At least, I hope so based on what I've seen in DDM.
It is also going to contain the templates.