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I know it's a little much to hope for, but I'd like to see some newer versions of old fan favorites. Kinda like the recent Greyhawk, Ravenloft, and Undermountain revisits.

My vote is for a a new expedition to the Barrier Peaks. With the similarities between 4e and SWSE (and a rumor I saw concerning Spelljammer), it probably wouldn't be too hard to work out some D&D flavored space wreckage and shiny toys to play with. And with the POL campaign designed specifically so that adventures can just be dropped somewhere between "Points of Light", I think a little bit of crazy space critters driving PC's crazy wouldn't be too much to hope for.

I loved that old adventure, it was major fun.

What adventure locals do you Hope to see a return to? Maybe the Palace of the Silver Princess? Or maybe a dangerous Isle (watch out for smoke monsters)?
Bring back Dragon Mountain!
Any later AD&D2, 3.X adventure that really BEG for such a 'sequel'/revisit?
I'd like to see Return to the Labyrinth of Madness. It wasn't the most well known adventure, but I thought it was a heck of a lot of fun, especially with the keys and glyphs.
I would like them to revist the old Against the Giants modules. That was the first true D&D Mega-adventure in my book and still is one of my faves.

I don't know how they would phrase it though. "Return to against the Giants" makes no sense grammatically. Maybe they could call it "Return to the Steading of the Hill Giant al" or "Against the Giants...ONE MORE TIME!":D
Keep on the Borderlands. I want to see it updated.

The Caves of Chaos. In all the years I've had, and run, that dungeon, there's some kind of voodoo on my copy or something. It kicks my player's behinds all the time, and I even started letting them see the map so they know what cave hooks up where. There's something about it that all of a sudden they can't roll dice to save their souls and the module usually ends with the party running out of the caves (naked, one time) while the kobolds gather at their cave opening laughing their little butts off.

Maybe with an update there won't be any voodoo in the ink and the PCs will stand a chance. LOL, maybe then I'll also get to finally use those continuation maps I drew back in, oh, say, 1983???
I think it would be fun to see a rework/return to the Slaver series.
A question; straight adaptation, or reworking (in case things.... do not work.. for many reasons)?
It depends on the adventure. Using my own favorites as an example, the Against the Giants modules weere pretty much straight dungeon crawls, so a reworking might be best, to add a bit more RPing, for example. The raids on the various giant strongholds would be the center pieces of the adventure, and should probably be kept as is (or adapted as closesly as possible, anyway) but there is a lot of stuff "in between" it could stand to have added.

Desert of Desolation has a bit more of the balance between straight dungeon crawl and RP encounters. It could almost be a straight adaptation
I think Against the Giants would need some serious reworking. Giants seem to me to have been weaker in the older versions of the game. I ran the series as is in 3e format, leaving all things' stats alone. While it wasn't a cakewalk, it wasn't a hard as I knew it should be. I went with upping everything to 3e stats and it was too overpowered. I finally found a middle ground (before killing the whole party outright) and we continued on with a great adventure. Desert of Desolation, yes. Translate it straight over and it should be fine.
A question; straight adaptation, or reworking (in case things.... do not work.. for many reasons)?

I would say it depends on the adventure. Obviously some re-tooling would be needed where Power and Character Levels are concerned with most adventures. I also think some adventures should be straight revamps and some should be a Return to... kind of thing.
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