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With new power sources and new races set to come out each year (such as psionics or shadow power sources), how are you going to handle adding these new things to your world? Will you try to guess how they'll work in advance and include them but keep the details light? Will you retcon them into being and say "oh psionics have always been part of the world you've explored"? Or will you add them into the new parts of the world (so if they've only explored half of it, throw it in the second half. If they've explored most of it, have a lost tribe keep the secret of psionics alive)?

Having never DM'd before, I'm a bit concerned how to add new stuff into my game.
Well, for my campaign. The whole world is essentially in a constant shift since the "god-machine" and various nexuses and ley lines that controlled reality have begun to break down.

As such, any new power sources and races the PCs come across can have formed from this. Whole continents and nations blink in and out of existence as reality changes and fluxes.

For normal campaigns, I generally just leave most the world blank. My games revolve around the PCs, so nothing in the world truly exists till the PCs have knowledge of it. As such, new power sources and races (if I decide to add them to that campaign) are simply things uncovered during their travels.
Classes i do not think will be too much of a problem to integrate. If a truly bizarre class came out, like something which would be physically obvious like a character who is always on fire or something. The player could be the first of the class in the campain world, or you could simply write off the power as so rare that it was forgotten or not common knowledge.
Stuff like primal power source or shadow are really just other forms of magic in my mind.
Psionics you could say the same about but i will probably use my first approach if need be.
the speculated Ki power source or other semi martial power sources don't really need explination because you can assume uber proficient fighting NPCs have had it all along.

Races, depending on the race, might be harder. If the race is something from the monster manuals it is probably already in my world, If it's something which is a half breed,shifter type race, or warforged they can be explained as being originals or extreamly rare.

In the campain i'm deciding i am only detailing one continant so any other race could use a "from another continant" background, but if that isn't the case in your campain world.... It would be hard if wizards came up with a truly original race with a intresting background and culture to simply shove that culture into a campain.

I have a feeling this is what ended up happening with the Dragon Born in FR... we'll have to wait and see how that works out.
It also might be intresting to include the genasis of the race in a story arc, in fantasy we always hear elaborate backgrounds about how the races came to be but i know i've never DMed or played a game that took place at one of those creation points.

I think that one of the reasons wizards is pushing their "points of light" campain mentality is because it is so easy to plug in a city or culture in that type of campain.

In the end if the race or class just doesn't fit it's up to you to preserve the integrity of your game.
I've played a Wookie before in D&D, but at the same time if i was DMing something like a WoT game where the setting is well laid out and very specific I don't think i'd want to allow someone to play a Dragonborn
Thanks guys I've thought up a lot of ways to migrate my world from 4e to 5e (mostly just for fun rather then from any intention of using them), so I can easily put those to use. I just wanted to see if there was another way that people have used in the past.
With new power sources and new races set to come out each year (such as psionics or shadow power sources), how are you going to handle adding these new things to your world?

Something to keep in mind is that NPCs & monsters don't really have power sources in the same sense that PCs do. Power sources are more of a theme for how PCs access their abilities than a rigid set of guidelines for how you run everything in the entire world.

The 4e MM will comes with *plenty* of monsters that use power sources not available to the PCs. Illithids and Grell will still be psionic even though you don't have rules for making psionic PCs. Shadar-kai will still draw on the powers of the Shadowfell even though we don't have a shadow power source for PCs.

So feel free to mix it up. You want a Primordial power source in your game? Okay, just label all the elementals and demons as using it. You can even do that in retrospect if WotC comes up with one later and it fits a theme you were already using. It's all fluff -- it's not like it has a mechanical effect for NPCs and monsters.
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