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My campaign is going to begin by centering around a well protected valley. This valley was located north of Cendriane and a large caravan of refugees left the country when things seemed to be nearing the end.

Eventually, the leader of the caravan found this valley and they proceeded to colonize it. It seemed to be the perfect place to live in peace. Oh, if only that were true.

One day a stranger came calling, he appeared to be a human male. However, he was actually a devil, summoned from Avernus by a cult who had once occupied a set of ruins within the valley. This devil, named Om'rosh, played the cultists against each other until he could enslave them. When this occurred he used them to harvest precious liquid silver flowing deep within the mountain. Om'rosh could not harvest this himself as its purity froze the very blood in his veins. The cultists eventually turned on the devil and he was forced to kill them.

So, left without slaves, Om'rosh waited until this caravan traveled right into his small dominion (hmmmm... was it truly by chance?). When the devil visited the leader of the caravan he struck a deal. Om'rosh would permit the caravan to live within the valley, protected by its natural barriers, but the devil would require one living body a month. With the world growing dark around him, the leader of this caravan had little choice. However, he asked for 300 years before the debt had to be paid. Om'rosh pleasantly agreed.

In my campaign, the 300th year has arrived and Om'rosh is beginning to take his payment. However, since the beginning, he has also been taking the souls of the dead and fusing them with corpses the devil has collected. So, while waiting for his "live" bodies, he has been taking their dead.

That is some background and the purpose of the devil. He is trying to gather slaves to harvest pure silver in order to create items. These items will then go to his champions who will dominate across the world. However, I am looking for other tricky ideas for this devil. The city and settlements have come under increased raids from the other inhabitants of the valley, and the devil could be involved.

What other tricks could he have up his sleeve, that would not go against the agreement, but could net him bodies?

All ideas welcome!
I think you should back of the deadline a couple of years. The PCs can they explore the outside world, gain power and experience, then return to save the valley/home for the demon claiming the (300 x 12) 3600 bodies that he expects for payment.

Now tht I've thouht about it a month...
It seems more like an adventure than a campaign.
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