Lord of the Iron Fortress!

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So far one of my most favorite D&D adventures ever made, despite never getting run it, and the fact it be 3.0.

I think it would be swell to run this adventure using 4th edition rules and such, the encounters would definitely be dramatically different.

I think it would be quite nifty if they converted 3rd edition adventures to 4th edition. Of course I'm sure I could do it myself, I'm sure it would be more interesting to see how the designer(s) rebuilt the NPC's and such to better match the concept of the adventure.

I can see this happening quite easily, as they need to have something for their Subscription service!

So otherwise, any one else who wishes for adventures from whatever edition have you to become 4th edition adventures? Castle of Ravenloft would be cool to see I'm sure, assuming it's done right.

Also, heres a Link, in case ye know not entirely sure what adventure I speak of,Lord of the Iron Fortress
I DM'd LotIF for about two to three sessions before my group fell apart. I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to published adventures, but my experience with it was fairly mediocre.

Don't get me wrong; the environments were quite entertaining to describe, but the battles fell flat. Every one of them was way too easy for my group of 3 fairly experienced players. True, we didn't get to the castle yet, but I think the main reason was high-level 3.5e gameplay was sort of flat, too. Oh well.

My biggest gripe was how undirected the game felt. When you land on the cube, it's basically like... "so group, you wanna go north, south, east, or west?" Still, that was remedied by throwing some of the encounters at the players right away without too much futzing around.

I'd love to see converted 3e adventures, but I'd still much rather see brand new ones, too. :P
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