Practice Dungeon Bash Review

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Today I did my first 4.0 dungeon crawl, it was me vs me really after scrambling a few resources I decided to give my own scenario a try

The party (H-elf Lock, Eladrin Ranger, Dwarf Fighter and Halfling Paladin) were sent to explore the underground tunnel that was believed to be the source of the kobold attacks, there were also rumours that in that tunnel was a dwarf outpost (yes, it is one of the DDM starter maps) in that tunnel where riches could be found.
The PC's set up in the left corner (from B looking at A) of start area B

First Encounter
Kobold Archer
Kobold Dragon Shield
6 Kobold Minions

The party only say the archer at first who simply rang a gong, the PC's advanced up to the bastion then saw the band of kobolds just out of the other start area, the DS charged the fighter while 2 minions went for the fighter, another 2 at the paladin, the last two swerved round to engage the ranger that had tried to outflank them, the archer ran from on side of the map to the other to take pot shots at the warlock hiding out of sight.
It was an easy fight for the PC's, the fighter hit the DS every so often, cleaving into a minion, the paladin challenged the DS while bumping off the other 2 minions, the ranger struggled to keep his minions at bay and had to get the fighter to kill it because by then the archer had arrived and did a fair amount of damage to the lock, who rolled really badly.

After claiming the outpost and using a healing surge each, the fighter and lock took the bridge while the pala and ranger secured the other flank. Then my favourite encounter began
16 kobold minions!
8 of the kobolds fell to ranger and lock fire before even engaging, then the fighter and pala held down 4 minions each, slowly taking them down (bad rolls). The ranger had used his 'split the tree' ability and the defenders used a healing surge each

Another healing surge break and regrouping on the bridge resulted in another task force attacking.
Kobold Slinger
Kobold Skirmisher
8 Kobold Minions
The Slinger missed on all his special attacks and ran off on the 4th round (he used an ordinary attack on round 3 and hit), 4 minions went down the corridor the slinger was missing through while the other 4 teamed up with the skirmisher to flank the pala (for a round, then the minions died) the skirmisher did lots of damage to the pala while he was flanked but was cut down 4 rounds later

Skipping the break to proceed through to the other side (and thus skipping another surge of kobolds) let to the boss battle
1 Kobold Wyrmpriest
2 Kobold Dragon shields
The pala dropped to -1 on a lucky charge, the fighter fell to the breath weapon on round 3, one of the DS's finally lost all 41 (Incite faith FTW) HP on round 4, the same round in which the pala stabilised, the ranger fell on round 5 so the lock ran off, the ranger died in the end, the dwarf stabilised and was taken along with the paladin to be a slave.

My thoughts

AC18 is a b*tch with 41HP, considering that +6 was the largest bonus (+7 once per encounter per PC, +8 on lucky flanks)
Minion rushes are fun!
Kobold Slingers are bad
Wyrmpriests must die
We really needed a leader (would of had cleric instead of lock but didn't have the Cleric of Pelor mini)
Combat is fairly more mobile
AOE is a must
5 minute rests are valuable
I wish I'd known that you can use multiple healing surges per rest (that would have saved the paladin)