What Calender systems will you use?

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I've got 3 calender systems in my world so far. They all use the same amount of months and days and stuff, but the years are different.

There's the eladrin calender used in the eladrin golden age (I've yet to name this).

Then there is the Imperial calender (using Imperial Years) which was adopted worldwide during the Bael Turath and Arkhosia empires and began about when most historians of the time considered the beginning of both empires to be.

Then there's the current one called New Years. This is also used worldwide and begins with the fall of Bael Turath and Arkhosia.

I was wondering what calenders people here are planning on using?
I was wondering what calenders people here are planning on using?

I generally setup either the Dwarven or Elven calenders as being the oldest and most consistent and thus the most widely used for historical documents. Local documents however are often dated relative to some local event, often the coronation of a King. Thus, history checks are often needed to work out what the global date is for a particular local date.

Usually, I don't worry about it much beyond that. Calenders are like coins, a detailed system can be interesting fluff, and sometimes you can tie a bit into a particular adventure plot. But if you really detail it out it just gets in the way of playing the game. The players don't care that one area starts the year on January 1st and another on March 1st, let along disagreements about what year the coronation occurred or how leap years are calculated, or what is the correct calculation for a particular holy day.

It's better to just gloss over those details except when they really matter. If gate to the outer planes that the party needs only opens on a particular holy day, but various groups disagree on how to compute that holy day makes it a critical issue. The rest of the time, those things just get mentioned in passing and dates get converted to some universal date.

Truth be told, that is the sort of detail that is rarely relevant in my games so I don't often bother. My calendar system is something along the lines of 'Well, it's been about three weeks since the events of last game..."
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