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Anyone familiar with the Mythosa world and campaign? It is available free online and includes a great map, gazetteer, and lots of info! I have been using it for a long time as my "generic" campaign world. It was designed and is currently statted for 3.5, but can be used for any system really, all you have to do is change the fluff and insert your system!

Anyway, anyone ever use it, think about using it, and/or what do you think about it?
I will try to post a link...

Ahhh ... here it is...

I like it! It is easy to fluff out with homebrew, the map is great with interesting places, it has existing info easily adapted to your brand of D&D... and it is free!

C'mon... nobody else like it... or hate it?

Or is it me?
I don't bite unless bitten...;)
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