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Great news for military members (like me) that will be deployed during D&D Game Day: we will be able to participate!

I inquired with WotC about the possibly of hosting a Game Day event at my deployed location, and their response was overwhelming. In the span of one PM, two emails, and a phone call, I went from hoping to DM a single group to cheerfully taking on the task of trying to coordinate D&D Game Day for as many locations in Iraq, Afghanistan, & Qatar as possible. WORLDWIDE D&D Game Day indeed!

If you are in the military and will be deployed to the Middle East for D&D Game Day and would like to participate, please let me know!

Specifically, I'm looking for the following:

An event coordinator for major locations, such as Bagram, Balad, and Al Udeid (I'll be hosting at Kandahar!) I suspect that each of these locations could support a proper Game Day event of 5 groups. Likewise, I need an interest count of DM volunteers and interested players.

If you are not at a major location but can commit to DMing a group of 5 players, I can get you a scenario pack as well. My goal with this is to ensure units in the field have the opportunity to participate!

Volunteers need to be at their deployed location no later than the last week of May so I can get supplies to you. You will also need to be in a position to properly coordinate your event. You'll need to provide a report of how your event went--hopefully with pictures--so that we can show WotC our appreciation!

If someone would like to volunteer the skill required to make a website to support and promote this, I'd be eternally grateful.

Standby for more words... I'll establish a dedicated email soon. Until then, please post here!
Navy DAV here, this is excites me greatly. Yeah, I'm not in anymore, but just knowing WotC wants to support my (proverbial) brothers deployed around the world gives me this awesome warm and fuzzy feeling.
I would also like to thank wizards for there hospitality. Giving the brave men and women of the military a chance to play is awesome! This and the care packages to Katrina victims brings a tear to my eye.Thank you.
Our website, while still a work in progress, is active!
If you want to participate--or know someone else who does--contact me at [email][/email]

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