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So I already have some ideas for a 4E game set in a relatively small area. I plan on running two groups (maybe three) through it using play-by-post games (not alot of players at college in summer). However, I've always been interested in collaborating with other players/DMs on these sorts of projects. It is one reason I love the Living games.

So I'm looking for a 4E campaign setting. Essentially I'm looking for someone(s) to collaborate on a game setting. This could either be someone with a pre-established game setting interested in letting another DM fool around with a small (very small, like 15 miles worth) of the setting for several games. Or it could be someone wanting to help make/expand the setting I had partly detailed out. This seperates anyone interested in this into two categories:

1) Your Setting: If you are interested in letting me run my games in your setting simply post a) a link to your wiki if it exists (pretty impossible to run in a setting without this though) and b) a short, basic summary of your game world.

2) Our/My Setting: Simply post your interest. I have a general 'country' on a continent that is completly open filled with 17 provinces (think U.S. states, but the size of counties since the whole area is about the size of rhode island). I have general ideas but have focused mainly on only one small town and partly on the main city. I was hoping to bring the town and the stuff around it into a different game setting if one of interest appears. If not I'd love to expand the country by having *insert infinity here* DM's working/running games through it.

So..I hope to garner some interest here and will be posting a similiar thread on EN worlds where I run by PbP games.
I've PM'd you the details of my world and wiki. Not because the details are a secret, but because the link I sent is my development link and I don't want just anyone to be able to read what my plans are for my campaign
I've also posted this thread in EN worlds and over at the Campaign building section of the 3.5 forums. I'm hoping to get a broad array of opinions/settings to look through. Currently I've only seen two and am favoring one because it is alot of general, broad strokes that leaves lots of room for gritty details. Still looking for options though!
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