ACK! 4E is going 1E retro

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Just look at today's absolutely fabulously mind-boggling D&D main page! Now that's the 4E I like! :D
Heh. Bastards. ;)

April 1st is upon us!
Will it last a day, week, or month?
GAMMA WORLD Wuv D&D: Beyond the RPG - Transcript This is a complete transcript. The audio file is in this News Archive 2010 D&D Product Overview (47 minutes into the Audio)
What a rip. I try to take a look at the Evil Squiril character and it takes me to the D&D page. False advertising. I think I'll boycott the company. Hmmmph.

Good to see gnomes are back.

The Greendale Campaign


I was there at the dawn of the Third-and-a-Halfth Age of Dungeons & Dragons. I saw action during the Crisis of Infinite Foundations, stood on the ramparts of the Citadel of Mirth, delved deep into the debauchery of the Forum of the Adult, and fought alongside the Infernal Bovine on the fields of the Eberron War. I weathered the Ponystorm. I witnessed as the orcs came for the wizos, and I wept mightily. I saw the realm crack as the Fourth Age came upon us, and I witnessed the eldritch tendrils of the dread Gleemax. Now I watch as the Meta Wars ravage the land as the Fifth Age is dawning. I have walked these Boarderlands for many a long year, and bear many scars in my soul. Yet I remain the White Sorcerer, ever in your service. TWS out.

Good to see gnomes are back.

The robot gnome:D
This is the best April Fool's Day page yet. Great job! :P
You should also check out the new errata for 3.5. There's also a Character Sheet for 4th. Very funny.
April 1st is upon us!
Will it last a day, week, or month?

April 1st is a per-day ability.

Per-week and per-month abilities have not yet been confirmed. :P
Do you think the spelling errors are intentional? I hope so...
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