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There was some talk a while back about "Keep on the Borderlands". Has anyone seriously begun re-outlining the plot, I think it could easily work as within the "points of light" concept.

If anyone is doing this let me know, I would be willing to help...
I am actually preparing to run "Keep on the Borderlands" as we speak.

I'm not sure I intend to do any significant "re-outlining of the plot"'s a pretty straightforward adventure by the looks of it.

Mostly, I intend to just straight-out replace monsters with their 3e versions. Swapping out a 1978 kobold for a 2000 kobold shouldn't (hopefully) be too drastic a change. There are a lot of the standard creatures in the Caves of Chaos, so you can get by using the baseline creatures mostly I think.

There are occasional non-baseline creatures, mostly the chieftains and females in each cave. The chieftains are fairly simple, just toss in a fighter level or two (or maybe a favored class level, like rogue for the bugbear chieftain), but 3e rules aren't too good about making *weaker* varieties, so the females are somewhat of a problem. The 3e philosophy is that female characters are equal to male characters, so in 3e you don't really have "weaker female versions" of monsters like you did in 1978, nor any really convenient way to make them weaker to mimic the old way. I think I'm going to run the females as equal to males, making them baseline as well, but to compensate, I'll cut down the numbers of the monsters in the room to 75% of what they are in the module. Maybe even 50%, because to be honest, I'm concerned about the large numbers of monsters in the common rooms. I think they'd defeat a party of 4 1st level 3e characters pretty soundly.

There's also a LOT of +1 stuff going around for 1st and 2nd level characters...I'm probably going to downgrade all magical items by one step...+1 items become masterwork items, +2 items become +1 items.
I was thinking of using the Keep as my home base for the pc's in my 4th ed campaign. I was then going to sprinkle in things from the original "Keep on the Borderlands", for example I was going to break up the Caves of Chaos into a larger area and then expand on the "Area Encounters." I would build whole adventures around each of the areas.

This way the Keep is the point of light and then there is the outer darkness and all it's adventures...
This module has been updated in the past since it is such a classic.

Return to the Keep on the Borderlands was published, and there was also a writeup in this magazine: Oerthjournal

So wanting to get a 4th edition version is natural, and it does seem to meet the points of light campaign style.

With the easier DM encounters tools of 4e it should not be too difficult to update at all.
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