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Do you make your our Gods? I like to make a few, and I would like your opinions on these 3 to use in a King Arthur style game

Vivian,Lady of the Lake.(Demi-God)
Domains-Water,Law,War,& Protection
Appears as a fey woman in regal clothing-sometimes wet-and carries a chailce

The Architect (Lawful Neutarl/Good)
-Created the universe made the current gods and the primordials then left, no one knows where the Architect went. The Gods and the Promordials were his luitenits but the Gods were jelous and wanted to create things too, basically they fought the primodials because the Primordials were still loyal to the Architect.

The Devourer (Chaotic Neutral/Evil)
The balance to the Architect the devourer destroyes everything. Inprisoned in the heart of the Void and bound in unbreakable chains he whats to be freed.

Questions. Comments. Other Gods that you made?
I like it, I especially like how the Gods aren't so nice as they seem. What with their jealousy and all.

Do you plan on having a large pantheon or small?

As for my own Gods, I always preferred god-esque deities over actual Gods.

So for my campaign I have:

-God-Machines: Each God-Machine was created by a long forgotten power, some believe the first true Gods.

These god-machines maintained and controlled the artificial worlds they surrounded. They are the stars and the moon, the grass and the air. However these machines were not perfect and in-time some began to break down or alter.

Some died and their Worlds became Death-Worlds, where no life may spring. Others began to breakdown from the outside, allowing creatures from the Astral Sea to flood in and alter the World and the Reality the god-machine created. While still others began to change the World, making its own twisted vision of life, as seen through its metaphysical-mechanical eyes.

-Angels: These beings keep their legends and secrets close to them. They have spread across the Astral Sea and forged many powerful creations, the Dominions scattered across the Sea are their poor-mockeries of the Worlds.

Some have managed to intervene in the Worlds, altering and changing them to suit their needs or simply curiosity.

-Morrigan or Raven Queen: Some believe Morrigan is one of the few remaining Gods, she has come to find solitude and control in the Shadowfells of the World. There she has power over many things and have spawned countless monstrosities and wonders.

She is a fickled being, ammoral. She can give life back and take it away, she sends legions of her Children to aid armies of good, then raise the dead to haunt their nights.

She wages a constant conflict with the god-machines over control of the Shadowfell that once it controlled.

-Lady of Pain: The Lady of Pain rules over the Astral Sea city of Sigil. This city is also called the City of Doors. When the city was first created none can remember, but her masked-self has always ruled over it.

She allows no Angels, Gods, minions of the god-machine or other such beings into her city. This city is a World onto itself, all manner of planar-creatures and beings from the Worlds flock here for trade and adventure.

Why the Lady chooses to rule over and keep this city and her purposes for its citizens remains a mystery. Those that displease her are sent to the many endless mazes of Morrigan in the Shadowfell.

-Lloth: She was once a powerful Goddess, but temptation of power grew to powerful. That is all we know of her fall, it happened millenniums ago before even the creation of the god-machines.

Her fall punctured a hole in the Astral Sea, here formed the Abyss and demons molded themselves from her flesh.

Minions of god-machines now patrol the Abyss, keeping the flocks of demons at bay.

-The Fates: Few know the Fates even exist, only Morrigan has ever spoken to them. They are the rulers of Destiny and the masters of Fate. As you gaze into the stars that shimmer in the Astral Sea you gaze upon their distant form.

Do they maintain the universe, wish to see it change or die, no one knows. But they are the one's that forge heroes and villains out of ordinary men.
I like the God-machine it's sounds really cool, but what created it?

Also my game will have all the 4e gods but they are just REALLY powerful beings made by the Architect. The good gods want to create the world to their own whim and the evil ones have their own reasons for doing what they do- i.e. killing, and destroying and such. But one or two of the Gods also want to free the Devourer whether to purge the world of evil or a certain race or to just kill everone. It all depends on who you are talking about.
Well essentially the pre-pre history, which is basically billions of years ago is.

There was once a large-pantheon of Gods (none of specific things, just Gods and Goddesses ruling over a vast cosmology of planes, and natural worlds).

A war broke out amongst the Gods, as even the Gods are liable to grow frustrated and angry at eachother. This war was unlike anything seen before; whole planes were broken, worlds crumbled and Gods died.

Some of the Gods saw in this war, the end of the universe. So they created the artificial-Worlds and their god-machine maintainers. Each World was a duplicate of a real world, either lost or soon to be lost to the war, all life on the World was frozen in time.

The Gods believed that in-time the war would end and they could bring about a new time for the creatures they ruled over. This did not come to pass, and the Worlds remained; till they began to breakdown, be infiltrated or grow into their own unique Worlds.

The Abyss, Angels and Lloth, Lady of Pain and Morrigan are remnants of the war.

The Angels are the descendants of the Gods' Celestials, though without the guidance of the Gods they soon grew into their own nefarious race.

Lloth, Lady of Pain and Morrigan were the daughters of one of the Gods and they were heavily affected by the war.

Lloth soon became corrupt and the Gods including her parents tore down her power and in doing so formed the Abyss. They created the defenses that now guard it as a final point.

The Lady of Pain grief-striken by the lost of life, and disgusted by her fellow Gods fled. Soon after the death of the other Gods, she created Sigil as a place where only mortals tread, and no Gods.

Morrigan unlike her sister, found the death and chaos fascinating. She soon grew to revel in the possibilities and aspects of death. Which is why she searched out the Fates; to learn their secrets of death and took up her home in the Shadowfell.

Some who know of the war, believe the Fates twisted the destinies of the Gods to create this war. It is believed it was to bring about the dawn of mortal rule and they even now string the destinies of mortals towards some unknown end.

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