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I am hoping to make up some quick and easy adventures for my group, but I am not sure how to balance the encounters. I read somewhere that a 100 xp per PC level will make for a balanced encounter.

Is this correct?

How bout for easy or harder encounters? I want to challenge them not wack them.


It's "A" xp per PC, where "A" is the xp cost of a standard monster of the PCs' level.

For level 1, "A" is 100.
For level 2, it's 125
For level 3, it's 150.

The numbers get exponential after that, but someone posted a progression somewhere earlier.

As for harder or easier, there's no official guidance yet. All I can say is that the 4th level solo Black Dragon at D&DXP was 875xp against a 6-adventure party (600xp) and it almost consistently wiped the floor with the adventurers. So the upper limit of encounter xp before facing TPKs seems to be 150%.
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