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Wild Homelanders (Vanara)

The Vanara, the Wild Runners, The Beast Mans. This breed of Mans is found almost exclusively on the greater Isle of Wild Home. The Vanara are always in the company of animals. So much so that they have been known to suffer and die of some strange mystic illness when separated from their beasts. The Vanara have an ability to communicate with the animal kind to an extent beyond measure sans the miracles of the ancients or the arcons. A quick visual examination of a Varana reveals readily their connection to their animals. Their very forms are altered to signify their bond to their animals.

There seems to be no limit to the kind of animal that a Varana can be bound. Bird, beast, snake, even dragon linked Varana have been recorded by the Imperial archivists. Often enough you will meet traveling Varana, they call themselves "Runners" which seems to be some specific linguistic convulsion that is attempting to avoid the terms Traveler or Adventurer. Trader specifically seems to be an insult to the Varana. Those that venture beyond the hunting grounds of their homelands to the wider world are seeking something. Be it knowledge or wealth they do not expect to pay for it with more than force. The Varana do not trade crystals for goods and services as we do.

The Taurn and the Varana have found one mutual agreement amongst themselves that has been reliably reported via the disparate visitors from Wildhome. Neither the Taurn or Varana of Wildhome mine the metal of their Isle. It is considered sacred by both of the most powerful peoples of the Wildhome, and the Varana in specific will often refuse to touch metal objects for fear of offending their ancients. Those that have converted to the Arcons of the Empire put aside this silly superstition, and more than once an Imperial envoy has been tasked with delivering swords and spears to the Varana town of Falinport. Falinport is the last Imperial Dock created before the fall of Taurn.

Falinport is the most that any sane Imperial will ever see of Wildhome or the Varanal. There is nothing of great worth hidden in the vast forests of Wildhome that one would even consider contacting the hidden elders of the Varanal about. What little trade occurs with the people of Wildhome, be they Taurn, Orcnin, Ronian, or Varana happens through Falinport. Most Varana that visit Dargonia and Tolen come travel here first. The journey is not an easy one for a Varana or a Taurn. The Standing Blooms control the majority of the territory separating the passage to Falinport from the rest of the Isle. These weird Dome headed blooms will have no dealings with the Empire, yet remain clustered around the city of Falinport. Silent as a Bloom.

Actually traveling through the Bloom fields and finding your way into the heart of the Wildhome Isle is a feat in itself, but if you accomplish that task then you will have made your way to one of the most dense and dangerous forests in the entire world. The Taurn travel in hunting territories around regions controlled by Ronians, Orcnin, or Varana. The Varana territories are near caves and contested by the Orcnin. The Ronians rarely threaten the ground dwellers. Easily the most effective form of negotiation amongst the Varana is force. According to legend the Varana Cuisine is a story best left untold. They eat of the hunts they make into the wilderness of Wildhome, and to refuse to share a meal with them is something that could warrant your death. The Varana are not civil in the standard sense of the term and should not be treated as such. Violate their superstition at your own peril.

Sea Crystal Elani

The Elani are more akin to the Kinder Elentsi than the Elen. Rare to the extreme the Elani were born of the Wizard Wars and found their way to the goval side of the Bottom Lands and the endless sea. Their eyes are made of crystal in a rare trait amongst the Elendi peoples. It is a striking feature and one they more than well enough understand its impact on those that do not possess such a unique feature. The gifts of the Elani is often centered around their eyes. Beams of light that illuminate the darkness of the deep seas. Hypnotizing charms, the ability to create illusions, even cutting rays of heat. Their eyes are the stuff of legends. To have seen them is a sight that few have had the chance to see. Any tale that is told of the Elani is most certainly to mention their gemstone eyes. Beyond that they are remarkably similar to the Kinder Elentsi. They travel and find themselves usually near the Merelindi. There are a few settlements of the Elani, but most of them can be found in amongst the grand Merelindi grottoes.

Of the three largest populations of the Elani (x), (x), (x) are the only ones that are of note for trading purposes. There are smaller collections of the Elani beyond the three largest settlements but they maintain connections with both the Merelindi and the larger settlements of the Elani. Travel underneath the surface of the endless sea is difficult. More difficult than sailing the high skies in fact. Not only is there a constant force of pressure from the water, but also an equal number of (term) threatening to impact and destroy the hull of your vehicle. Traveling too far afield of the safeways through the endless sea. Guided either by the Thalians or the Merelindi through the dangerous waterways of the deadly sea is one thing but to seek out the farthest reaches of the endless sea as the Elani have is a business best left to them. The Sea Crystal Elani are resourceful in a way that their longer lived Merelindi cousins are not. Perhaps it is true, the long lives of the Elendi make them careless in comparison to those that die before seeing both a dragons rise and a dragons fall.

The Elani create many of the Merelindi's most marketable magical commodities. Like the Kinder Elentsi the Elani are adept at creating the miraculous in a way that most are not. All peoples have the gifts of the Arcons, and most have rituals that bond their families together. The great houses of Dargonia the charms that give them command of the dragons and access to the great libraries of the Arcons. The Gnomes of the Moon are able to craft great archonistic machines unlike any other, but the Elani are able to create all manner of truly miraculous items. The oddist things that simply cannot be found anywhere else of the same compare. Even the creations of the Druids of Dolor cannot compare with either the Elani or the Kinder Elentsi for the sacred qualities of the Elani's works. Unlike many of the container boxes or travel gates that you can obtain from the Gnomes the Elani's are a pleasure cruise. Travel through a Gnomish travel gate will leave you on your knees in pain and vomiting. The Elani's coral ring gates are like falling through clouds of smoke. Something about the way that the Elani's items are made sets them apart.

Direct contact with the Elani is rarely necessary as they are content to allow the Merelindi and the Thalians to make most of handle contact with the rest of the world. Those that travel directly to the Elani kingdoms can expect a significant discount to their purchase of those items that can only be made by the Elani. Doing so is a difficult endeavor and if you go to that extent you should prepare to come with a full retinue or something that resembles one. The Elani are rarely visited by outsiders of any kind and really appreciate the pomp and circumstance that accompanies most Imperial travelers. The population is made up of mostly craftsmen and hunters. Performance is common enough but theater and the art of speaking is rare amongst those that live in the water. Speaking in the water is an amazing thing. Simple spells that the Elani and Merelindi know make it possible to breath the waters of the endless ocean, but talking aloud under the effects of such a spell is a bizarre experience.

The Elani do not commonly use the plant sign language and they can hear just fine. Their language is simple, and the tones they make to communicate can be heard for miles underwater. Their language is an interesting one that is simple for the sake of the fact that it can be heard for such long distances. One word spoken properly can be heard throughout the kingdom. Private communication between the Elani is done through arts and writing. Their written language is far more complex than their spoken language, but shares the quality of placing great importance on single words. Most of the Elani can read other languages like most Imperials. Learning the Elani language is a task that most should consider unnecessary beyond the basic greetings and honorifics. Rather than learn the necessary depth of understanding to speak a proper five word sentence in Elani it is better to entertain them with the flowwing syllables and endless phrases of Imperial Dargonian.

Wight (blues)

The common people of the old Ragonian Isles. Imperial Nobles are distinctive from the common people of Ragonia most clearly by their telling patterns of coloration. Houses of Imperial nobility share visible markings such as the star brow of Asper. The red palms of Montaran, and countless others. There are dozens of noble houses on Ragonia and each of their bloodlines are identifiable by these telling marks. Those with an eye for detail can look a noble Ragonian up and down and know their entire heredity from their "constellations" as they are known. The proper appearance of the constellations is something that can determine the chain of succession in some houses. The Wights on the other hand are have no constellations at all. The most common of them are the blues. Reds are common, are while they can be found in nearly every color red and blues are the most common on Ragonia proper. Greens and Browns are common amongst the Bottom Landers.

Wights maintain the most vital parts of Imperial society. It takes hundreds of Wights to maintain a castle, and thousands to maintain a city. Without the Wights to maintain our society the Noble houses would fall. Without the noble houses the Wights would likely reduce themselves to the simple societies found amongst the Ronians and the Taurn. The nobles provide direction and a surety of interconnectedness. The Wights maintain their own traditions, but the Houses carry maintain the laws and the commerce by which the Wights live and work in. Traders need those to trade with. Metalsmiths need someone to create for. Armies need someone to fight for. Without the Houses the knowledge of history and value, the stability of law and order, would all vanish. Imperial life requires both the Wights and those of noble blood. Without the Guilds the Houses would fall, and without the Houses the Guilds would falter.

In times past the Empire was said to be supported by three pillars. The Dragoons, the Wizards, and the Guilds. After the Wizard Wars many Imperials believed that the Empire was doomed. The Guilds with the aid of the Church have proven the doubters wrong. Without a doubt the Empire will stand without the Wizards and their Orcnin Arconistics. Many of their grand works still serve the Empire today. Imperial city and the seats of the Arcons, the Archivists Library where all Imperial scribes may go and read books written in thought. The Council Tables and the Imperial Docks still stand as a testament to what the Wizards have done for the Empire. The Guildsmen, made up of mostly the wealthiest of the Wights, know the ways of operating these ancient arconistic wonders the same way that the Noble familes retain the secrets of their Houses. The Wizards are no longer necessary, it is better that a Wight become attached to a House, a Guild, or join rank with the Dragoons.

In the end all Imperials descend from the Wight. They are the most populous of all Imperials, either monochromatic or two toned they lack the constellations that have been given to those of Noble blood. Asperia of Govalan Revalia was a Wight by birth. She became a Dragoon and won the land that became her House and later nation leading an army of her fellow Dragoons against the Ronians that once controlled the land where Asper now lays. As a gift for conquest the dragons marked the survivors of the Battle of Asper with the star brown. All true Asperians have or gain the star brow of Asper once they have joined with the House. Over the ages the constellations have grown many. Those who come from generations of Asperian blood are born with a star map that covers most their body. Those whose bloodline has only just allied with a noble house possess less of the markings. Those that share allegiance amongst multiple Houses will bear both the constellations or marks of their families allegiance. Noble Houses have been formed due to a single family maintaining alliance with sufficient other Houses to produce Dragon Marked child. Such an omen from the Arcons created the House Baneh that holds dominion over most of the Sky Lakes.

There are no true Wights as the term would suggest. All Imperial Mans are brothers and sisters. Refering to those outside of the bonding of a noble House as Wights is something from an elder age. When Old Ragonia held three kingdoms. The Ronians, The Orcnin, and ours Revalia. The Cities built by Wizards made use of enchanted walkways that only those of noble blood could walk. In that time the Wights and the true Revalians spoke two different languages. In moderns times what separates the Wights from the Nobles is only the amount of responsibilities. A Wight may work all day but a Noble is charged with taking stock of more than a days work. Such as the custom of dining. It is the sure and certain duty of a Noble to know the real lives of both work and family that they protect. What better way to do that than to eat with them. The pomp and circumstance of festival is no way to learn the troubles of your people. As they say, leave your troubles at home - don't take them to the fair.


The Scrag is one of the most vicious intelligent creatures in the known world. Trolls found across the world are dangerous creatures indeed. They are an elder species and fought with the Elentsi and the Taurn before the Dragons birth. In the traditions of the Orcnin it is said that Ogran was frustrated by the idiocy of the Trolls and made them anew. He stole Sharks nose and Trolls hands. He tied them together with Kraken's chains, and breathed them into life with Elentsi's fate. The creation is believed to be the last of the Immortals. Scrags like Trolls and the True Elentsi never die. It is difficult to even try. In the Scrags case even more so as they are faster, stronger, and more intelligent than the average Troll. Despite the success that Ogran had wrought. The Scrags are perhaps the most powerful living people in the world but they like all immortals seek nothing more than the comfort of their everlasting eternity. There are scarcely twice the number of Scrags in the world today as there were when they were wrought from Mans. So the legends say.

If all the tales told of Ogran and his creations, the Orcnin, can be taken as true the Scrags are far from Ogran's most successful creation. Ogran wishes his peoples to dominate and destroy across the land. "Tear down Tree, stab Elentsi, burn the fur of Taurni." An Orcnin war chant. Scrags do not join with the hoards. They seek nothing but their own shallow grotto. They live in the shores and shallows of the warden coast of Bottom Lands. Some can be found seeking in the Land known only as Troll Country between the Darian's nations and the mountains held by the Orcnin warden of the Imperial Crosslands, but most have lived their long lives mostly alone in their private grottoes. For every hundred or so Scrags there is one dominate mother called the Hag. The Hags are a breed apart from the rest of the Scrags. These Troll mothers are powerful, ancient, and wise. They have kept Scrag society intact through Dragon's War, Dragon's Rise, and the Fall of Taurn.

It is the Hags that decide when the time has come to bring a new Scrag into the world. Such is the purpose of the Seek. The only real cultural ritual of the Scrags. It contains both the rights of death, birth, and marriage. The Seek begins when any one of the Scrags has lost their life. Amongst the Scrags this means that one of the most perfect creatures in the entire world was a failure somehow. The question the entire people of the Scrag must answer to the Hags is how and why one the perfect Scrag could have died. A certain number of the Scrag are selected and sent from the grottoes out into the world. Most precisely to learn as much as they can about the being that slew a Scrag. So tell the tales no Scrag has ever died from anything other than murder. If they had is doubtful that the Scrag would tell stories of it. Scrags on the Seek are usually little more than a strike of retaliation against an opposing force that thought they could claim part of the Scrags territory.

Trolls avoid the water, but are nonetheless the worst enemy of a Scrag when they are outside of their grotto. A Scrag is sufficiently a Troll to trigger the ancient being's feeble mind into challenging any Scrag found in its territory. A Troll may allow a Mans or Elendi pass through its range without pause if it is satiated, but a Scrag is seen as a competitor for territory. Scrags are intelligent enough to cooperate for shared space but nonetheless give themselves wide spaces between them. The Hags, who never leave the safety of the grottoes, pass from haven to haven and carry stories between them. The similarity to Trolls with the intelligence of Elendi is so striking that it cannot be overlooked. In the wild Trolls keep their mates and children within a cave and they either never leave or do so only to escape from the dominate hunter. The matriarchal society of the Scrags maintains all the elements of trade for goods in the form of stories and food. The Seek provides a religious purpose to the Scrag peoples.

Trade with, or envoy to the Scrags as a noble endeavor is pointless to the point of absurdity. Scrags need nothing of food or art from us. The most likely result will be a well intentioned and praised test of might betwixt yourself and whichever one of the Scrags grottoes you disturb first. They have no love of the Empire, nor anyone else. They are isolationist to such the extreme that the only diplomantic action one can take in their presences is to leave. Barring a rapid retreat a battle to prove to the Scrag that even one of their number is worth a hundred of any other people. Though all the tales tell you truly they are a lazy and sleepy people that never leave their homes, disturb their rest and you will see that the Scrag are the monsters the Orcnin'Sa could only wish to be. Fast as lightning with keen senses honed from hunting fish their long lives. Those with a heart for death defying adventure could perhaps dare to steal a gemstone or one of the Scrags rare fruits. Beyond that there is nothing to be gained from the Scrag.

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Goblins are considered to be the most worthless of all the Orcnin. It is said that Ogran denied them the gift of intelligence so that they would better serve their masters. The Goblidoran are the Goblin that have embraced Doloria's proclamation of Elendra's forgiveness. The created Isle of Dolor is protected by the strength of the Dolorians and the Power of the Druids, but the day to day management of the Dolorian Society is handled by the Goblidoran. Elendra's gift to the Goblin that have accepted her forgiveness is the great minds that Ogran denied them. The Goblidoran call Elendra Sul'Ogran. It means "Not of Ogran" in their ancient Goblin language, and was the name that they knew her her by before they became the Goblidoran.

The Goblidoran are keen linguists. Unlike their Dolorian brothers, for whom they have literally created a language that without the Dolorians would still be speaking Orcnin, the Goblidoran pride themselves on their intelligence. With the power of the Druids maintaining the prosperity of the Isle of Dolor the Goblidoran spend most of their time handling the Druid's affairs with the Imperial councils. Trade is not uncommon between the Imperial nations and the Dolorians that rule the Isle of Dolor, and when it does occur is handled by the Goblidoran. The linguists of the Goblidoran have gone so far in their language craft to create a specific language to use when in council with each of the Imperial houses.

The Goblidoran keep the history of the Dolorians. The Druid ancients that Doloria found through her call to Elendra's service taught the Goblidoran the ways of the Elen Demes. The Goblidoran build in the manner of the Elen. They find room in the natural forest for their structures and farms. Their food is remarkably similar to the Elen, and in fact visiting a Goblidoran city is a jarring experience. It is as though an Elen Deme was overrun and every Elen was replaced with an equally congenial Goblin. If you are not aware of the legends of Doloria and how she escaped doom of Arconistic Isle the image of Goblin living as Elen would most certainly be difficult to believe, but it is the reality of life on Dolor. The only major difference between the Goblidoran's diet and that of the Elendi's is their inclusion of milk with most of their drinks.

The tribe of Ogre that became the Dolorians received the call of of Elendra through the prophet Doloria. For the simplicity of remembrance the Goblidoran decided to use Doloria and Elendra interchangeably when speaking with the Dolorians. While Elendra's forgiveness granted the Dolorians beauty and strength the Goblidoran embraced their gift of knowledge. The power hierarchy of the Created Isle is simple The Dolorians rule the Isle of Dolor. At the direction of the Druids, and with the aid of the Goblidoran Scribes. The first of the Goblidoran were the Goblins that Doloria saved from Arconistic Isle. Doloria received the call of Elendra just before the Fall of Taurn and the subsequent destruction of Arconistic Isle.

Diplomatic envoy to the Goblidoran is a treat. Their cities are so similar to the Elen Demes, and yet so different for being populated by the short lived Goblindoran. Meat of any kind is considered abhorrent by most Goblidoran. It will never be served in the lands of the Goblidoran, and serving it to an envoy of Goblidoran would amount to an outright failure to respect their culture. The Goblidoran are not Orcnin, despite their appearance, and treating them as Orcnin will serve only to infuriate them and breach whatever deal you are trying to make with them for Dolorian goods or protection. Speak to them in any language from anywhere in the wonderful world but do not even show them caged fowl.

Goval, Golbin, Ward, Wise, Coval Point and Coblin Point.
Instead of N/S/E/W


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The silent workers of the Dwar. Grommits are the most populous amongst the Dwaren peoples. Grommits grow in the corners of factories and behind sheds. It takes only a turn for a Grommit to develop to the point of joining the workforce with their brethren. Grommits are an example of some of the most single minded and studious of all the fae. Their birthplaces are only to be found in the proximity of warehouses, and something of the magic that naturally surrounds buildings of construction and labor draws the power of the nature gods and with it the mists and the Grommits. The urge to work is so manifest in Grommits that they are known for working their wooden hands to the point of burning.

More so than most the Grommits will do whatever they can to keep the mists at bay from their (term). The Dwar find this trait of the Grommits quite appealing and they are happy to give the Grommits the ash and salts they request in payment for their service. The customs of the Grommits are all centered around work and the travails therein. Without their jobs to go about they seek out places to travel to. In the most ancient of Dwaren cities the Grommits abound. Their short twiggy forms clothed in a similar fashion to the Dwar, and their creaking voices the sound of snapping twigs in contrast to the deep gravel of the Dwar. The Grommits seem the most at home in the dark firelit caverns of the Dwar.

The Dwar that are found elsewhere are not the same sort as the constantly creaking Grommits that live throughout the Dwaren Empire. More Grommits are to be found in the Bottom Lands, and of the Isles in the Skies GemRon has the largest population of Grommits. The industrious nature of ports and docks means that you will also find them there. It is the rare port that does not have a cluster of Grommits willing to lend a hand for burnt wood and growing salts. They need the ash and salts for their young, and it is the ritual amongst the elder Grommits to have their bodies burnt after their death to provide their nutrients to their people. It is a great favor to the Grommits if you bring them one of their fallen to be burnt.

The largest settlements of Grommits in the realms of the Empire are on GemRon. The Grommits there are fully represented in Imperial Councils, and while their rights to territory are occasionally invasive to some it is sufficiently similar to the agreements the Tuatha have with the Empire that the worst of the matter is complaints from the owners of property the Grommits combined their leverage to purchase for their people. Transplanting more than a small amount of Grommits to a new area is almost impossible. Containing or eliminating one is a simple matter of torch. There have been no outright hostilities between the Empire and Grommits, not without the Dwar involved at least. There have been a few recorded incidents of a (term) being destroyed by land owners that did not appreciate the Grommits helpfulness.

Visiting with the Grommits is a simple affair. They love to tell stories and dance by the fire. Their music is fast and snappy. Their dance is lively and full of jumping. The wooden fae leap over fire for the fun of it. As far as food is concerned they keep many types of berry tree growing amongst their children and eat little more than that. It is not at all uncommon however for the Grommits to have mastered a number of Imperial dishes to accommodate guests. Like most they like visitors and will gladly trade tales with you for days. Under no circumstances expect them to call off any of their work however. Grommits work long days and then return home to dance the most of the night. You are of course always welcome to join them at a job.

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• Limnades (fresh water lakes)

In still pools the Limnades dance. Round and calm the Limnades guard their homes from intruders with their magic as opposed to their force of arms. Limnades are formidable to face. They are long lived and their faces do not betray their emotions easily. You know what they want you to know of them. They have little interest in the world of Mans beyond the art that we produce. Limnades do not need anything from the busy world of the Empire, but they occasion our cities to make selections of our finest arts. These nymphs of the lakes usually travel with a small retinue. Pixies, Gorgons, and Bogans are their often allies when they are found outside their lake homes.

Ancient alliances between the Dryad, the Gorgon, and the Limnades keep the lands that the Nymphs claim nearly impassable to those that are not on good ground with the Trees. While the Limnades in particular have never begun open conflict with any Imperial provinces their allies are the Trees and the Limnades have not forgotten the Battles of Iron wall. The loss of their great lakeside palaces in the Empire's conflicts with the ancient Tuathan has made the Limnades cautious about dealing with the Empire. They have no great love for the Orcnin hoards either. The Limnades as a people are interested in preserving their lake homes. With our without the Tuathan.

Like other water Nymphs the Limnades are able to leave their domains for far longer than most. Limnades have even been known to sever their ties to their birth lake and bond with other lakes. This power is how the Limnades came to live in the sky lakes and Dragonia. It was the Limnades that brought the Dryads that live among the Elendi forests to Dargonia. There are even said to be Limnades on the Wild Home Isle. If this is so then these Limnades must be weak in power indeed. At their most basic essence all Nymphs draw their strength from the waters of the world, and Wild Home Isle is far from the endless sea and the Oceanids that rule there. The Oceanids do not seem to exert political influence over the other Nymphs so much as they hold dominion over the most powerful source of water Arcanos in the world.

All Nymphs are tied to the waters of the world in one way or another. Limnades are the most accessible of these beings. While Pixes and their tiny cousins are often too flighty or too capricious to speak at length of such arconistic matters the Limnades are usually more than willing to speak at length regarding the mystic nature of their existence. Oceanids and Tuathan both hold strict stipulations about the arconistic matters they will discuss, and according to most Limnades that is because they are seeking their own benefits to the exclusion of all others including other Nymphs. To quote "I do not have to tell you what makes a lake. A shallow place and some water."

Limnades are water. Not like a water elemental is water, but the Limnades are of the substance water. They are born out of it. If they are slain their flesh and bone return to water. You cannot burn a fire with a Limnades as you could a Grommit, and you cannot eat the flesh of a Limnades either. The Limnades themselves do not eat of anything but the rains. Visiting them with proper deference however will most often result in a feast of noble proportions. Fish and fowl, creatures of the forest, all manner of life must humble themselves at the lakes, and the Limnades have no qualms at hunting. They are usually found in the moonlight hunting parties of the Dryads, and inviting a visiting Limnades on a hunt is a most excellent idea.

• Mummy

The once honored ancestors. The forsaken souls. In the past both the Empire and the Arconistic Masters of the Sa attempted to preserve the power and wisdom of their great leaders by performing special preservative rituals upon them. The Sa reserved this ritual for great warriors and masters of Arcanostics. The practice became so popular at one point in the Empire that entire generations of nobles and their retinues were entombed together in the catacombs of Imperial City. For a short period it not uncommon for Mummies to be found in the courtyards and plazas of many noble houses. That of course changed after the Wizard Wars. When the green mists turned dark something about the nature of the Mummies changed and they turned on their once masters.

The majority of the Mummies that once served the Empire have been destroyed. Some must exist below the surface of Imperial city, but remain locked in chambers that no one intends to ever open again. Before the Wizard Wars the Arconists would consult the Mummies for the knowledge that remained with them after death. These days attempting to talk with a Mummy will result in only in violence. Whatever happened to warp the ancient spell that created them left the Mummies with a hatred of the living. Hatred may be the wrong word. There seems to be nothing left of the mummies intellect. They are said to act intelligently in battle and even communicate with each other in the language of their life, but in the presence of the living they are always hostile.

It is dangerous to speculate on arconistic matters, but some scribes have suggested that the problem with the Mummies is that the ancient Imperial arconists performed rituals that they kept secret from the rest of the Empire. Supposedly these rituals maintained a level of control over the Mummies. By theory the night Arconistic Isle fell from the skies and the Mummies throughout the Empire turned on their masters truly marks the end of Imperial Arconistics. Half their number lost to the Wizard Wars the remaining Arconistic Masters of the Third Pillar were unable to maintain control of one of their most ancient and practiced spells. Perhaps had they kept record of these rituals the damage could be undone, but such is not the case.

• Gibbering

The foul result of a failed transmutation. The Gibbering were once a normal person, perhaps more than one, that was arconistically mutilated by a spell gone wrong. Along with the Wizard Wars, things like the Gibbering are exactly why the practice of Arconistics is prohibited in the Empire. Amongst the Orcnin hoards however the Gibbering are far too common. Hardly more intelligent than a dog or mud dragon the Gibbering are sometimes used as messengers by the Orcnin. Only amongst the Orcnin could such pitiable being be left to languish in suffering, when they do not feed them to the Trolls outright. They are capable of carrying objects in their folds, and conveying simple messages. A Gibbering found in Imperial lands is sufficient to call a hunt.

• Strangling Trees

The Killer Tree. The most ancient enemy of the Empire. Before the Empire met with the Orcnin or the Taurn they did battle with the Strangling Trees of Dargonia. The Strangling Trees feed their roots with the blood of beasts and dragons. When all is measured it is truly the Strangling Trees that brought about their eradication from the Isle of Dargonia. They sought out conflict with the Empire. They and their minions attacked the walls of () and tore the city to its foundation. In a day a forest stood on the broken shell of an Imperial castle. Fire and Axe and a thousand years later the Isle of Dargonia is free from Strangling Trees save perhaps for those that may live in the untamed mountains of Warden Dargonia.

Along with the Orcnin the Strangling Trees have maintained a constant state of hostility towards the Empire. Strangling Trees are found throughout the Goval Forest region of the Bottom Lands, but are thankfully rare to unheard of in the golbin where the Crosslands were founded. Most of the Imperial settlements in the Goval Forest region are protected by powerful miraculous blessings. () is a solid stone castle city that is guarded from the growth of any Trees for a mile from its borders. The Empire learned of the dangers of the Strangling Trees before it left Dargonia, and by the time the Empire colonized the Bottom Lands we had learned much of how to defeat the Trees before they can even get started.

The Trees of Dargonia these days are Standing Trees, and now many are in truth Hamadryads. They have no war with Mans, and we none with them. Once they may have allied with the Strangling Trees, but since their extermination the Trees of Dargonia have kept peace with Mans. The coming of Elendi and Dryad to Dargonia further seals the certainty that something vicious grows with the Strangling Trees. Their need of blood does not explain it all. Their powers of arconistics allow them to control the smaller creatures of the forest, and surely it would be simpler to lure beasts to your lair and feed your roots that way? Instead the Strangling Trees have again and again waged campaign of aggression against the settlements of Mans.

Not just Mans, but the Taurn of the Pridelands have told tale of ravenous groves of Strangling Tree making their way across the plains of the Pride Lands. Where they hoped to reach if it were not the Cross Lands is unknown. In ages past the Strangling Trees would communicate with the Standing Trees and the Nymphs, even the Elendi. Since the last of the Great Mans Trees wars the Strangling Trees have distanced themselves from all save some of the Nymph and the Elendi of the ancient Elendrian Isle. The Orcnin and the Strangling Trees have been known to ally on the battlefield when the Empire is involved, but beyond that the Orcnin's blood will feed the roots of the Strangling Trees as well.

Most Strangling Trees are hostile to the Empire, but there are always those exceptions. It is not unheard of for a grove of Strangling Trees to ally with and stand guardian for an Imperial settlement in the Goval Forest region. Three Pillars Village is a perfect example of such an agreement. The Goval Forest region is lush with animal life and the Strangling Trees have no shortage of feed for their roots. These traitors to their peoples ancestral cause of destroying the Empire are certainly looked at with distaste while their fellows attempt to make the difficult trek across the Pride Lands. Doubly difficult for a Tree. The ancestral hatred between Mans and Trees is no more vivid to you than when you stand before a Strangling Tree.

• Dragon Hearted

The Gifts of the Arcons come in many varieties. Not all seem to be created equal. The Dragon Hearted children of the Empire are doomed from the day they are born. Not all will die, but most will. Those that live past their childhood are forever changed. They stand apart from other Mans knowing what they have done, and despite the knowledge that they had no choice in their actions they all carry that burden throughout the rest of their lives. You can recognize the Dragon Hearted easily by the scales that glisten on the cheekbones of their faces, and their monochrome skin. The Dragon Hearted mostly come from the ranks of Wights, but some are born to noble houses.

Those that are born to nobles are usually hidden away at least until they reach maturity. Because they are kept apart from other Dragon Hearted and are prepared for their eventual transformation the noble borns are often more likely to survive. Their cursed gift not only wracks their bodies with arconistic power, but also drives them to violence against other Dragon Hearted. Gifted in part with the unstoppable powers of the dragon kind the Dragon Hearted child must master themselves and their gift to survive. By far the ones that survive are the ones that learn control through conflict. The battle to survive with other Dragon Hearted of their own generation does sharpen the senses and tests the will to survive.

In most Imperial provinces the Dragon Hearted of the same generation are raised together in some way. When the time of the change comes they are brought together and sent into the wilderness to survive together. Often they bond together, but far more often they turn on each other as the change overtakes them. The change comes upon them when their Dragon Heart connects to the Arconostic power of the nearest Dragon Lord. The fury and power of the true Dragon overtakes the young mind of the Dragon Hearted and drives them into a violent rage unlike anything most Mans will ever see. It can takes weeks or months for the Dragon Hearted child to regain their sanity, if they do so at all.

In Imperial City the Tanzian church welcomes those who cannot bear to raise their Dragon Hearted children to leave them with the Tanzian priests. The Tanzians do their best to strengthen the childrens' souls before the time comes, and without shame they hold a spectacle yearly where the patrons of the Tanzian temple may law wagers on the survival of their favorite Dragon Hearted. It seems callous, but many of the Dragon Hearted raised by the Tanzians survive. The battles are not intended to be death matches even though a raging Dragon Hearted in mid change has often taken the life of another going through the change. The Tanzians preserve as many as they can, but are not too proud to profit from the unfortunate phenomena.

Once a Dragon Hearted has survived the change they are much like other Mans. They carry the memory of their insanity with them, and they are in contact with the Dragon Lords. The effect of their experience marks each in a different way, but the connection to the Dragon Lords makes them useful so long as they are willing to be of use to the Empire that all but abandoned them. Many consider the Empire to have betrayed them. Those that don't serve in powerful positions. Intervening with the Dragon Lords on behalf of the Empire requires someone who understands the Dragon Lords. No Mans understands the Dragon Lords better than those that share their Heart.

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Wanted to bump-date.

All over the place between life and the other projects I am involved in.

Including but not limited to,

and the newest "Saint and Sinners"

I am working with a preacher round these parts in Oklahoma to see if I could get it published in the christian book network. He seems to be positive - so long as we can make it into a nice learning tool. The name ... may need to change, but thats hardly a big deal. Furthermore I will probably not end up being the "author" so much as the "formulator" ... they can be kinda persnicity about their stuff - but it would be a big win for us all around if I could make that happen!

Well - tata for now. I hope to be able to get back to my world as soon as I can. ~ Shea!

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Regarding "Saints and Sinners"

Remember that is a working title - and somewhat tongue in cheek. Don't worry about it - its not a big "Shea Production" its an attempt to give them something. I am probably going to remain simply a contributer. Give them... "a formulae" to work with. The hard part is finding the right young man to write it. I am going to get a number for a guy in Texas tomorrow. The son of the preacher man ... hehe. Apparently he doesn't mind cursing - so we can talk about what he missing from understanding. His father told me that he played D&D back in college, and of course he is also closer to my age.

Pastor Kent Wood - doesn't even have the internet ;)

Also - check out my new BEBO!

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Well. I don't have anywhere else to put this (that I'll be able to keep track of) and it is of tangential interest to this project (as is "why am I not posting here more often - current answer ... complicated). This came up durring game, and HiveMind is written differently in different places. So! I decided to write a "special quality entry" that is of "d20SRD caliber" ... do you still flank and flat-footed in 4th ed? Eventually I am going to write this setting up for as many rulesets as I have available to me

I have been working on it for over a decade now...

HiveMind (Ex): A creature with HiveMind uses HiveMind as their primary language. Two creatures with HiveMind that share a race subtype are able to communicate perfectly so long as they are within line of sight of each other. Communication via HiveMind takes no action and is able to transfer complicated concepts without any chance of being misunderstood. Creatures that do not have HiveMind and the same race subtype are not able to intercept or understand anything that the creatures communicating in HiveMind are telling each other. To access the combat benefits of HiveMind the creatures sharing the HiveMind must be connected via Telepathy.

If a creature with Telepathy connects two creatures with HiveMind and the same race subtype the HiveMind between the creatures with HiveMind in complete. All creatures sharing the HiveMind are aware of any dangers and directives the other members of the HiveMind are aware of. If one member of the HiveMind is not Flat-Footed, none of them are. A member of the HiveMind is not flanked unless the entire HiveMind is. Two creatures that do not share a racial subtype are not able to communicate via HiveMind, but any creature with Telepathy may establish the link between creatures with HiveMind and the same race subtype.

For Example: An Mindflayer is Telepathically linking 10 Formians and 10 Abeils. The Formians share HiveMind benefits with the other Formians, and the Abeils share HiveMind benefits with each other. The Formians do not share HiveMind benefits with the Abeils, and the Mindflayer does not share HiveMind benefits with either the Abeils or the Formians.
Was talking with one of my more religious friends and he suggested that Saints and Sinners was too... gauch (sp?) and so I came up with a better one!

Cafes and Coffee shops. I like it - it sounds nice.

Regarding A Wonderful World - I have been thinking about Port Unknown some lately. Some friends of mine have Second Life accounts so I have been learning how that works. A Wonderful World Sim would be totally awesome. I wonder if WotC could work out some sort of collab with Second Life ... they could provide that "digital mini" experience they were talking about with Gleemax.

Problem being it would have to be isolated from the rest of Second Life. Considering WotC/Hasbro's mature content restrictions. Doable though...

OK! Four months and wotc has transformed the face of the website, and I was apparently posting in book4 mode (which I no longer have access to) the last two posts. Ahh the well.

The sblocks stopped. Why did the sblocks stop? I am going to make a todo list and come back in the next 24-48 hours. A, figure out what happened to sblocks.

b, come up with two more entries.

c, figure out whats up with editing (and the mups too).

d, add entries for plant dragon, sky islanders, and Volvocales.

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read about real wonderful world adventures at shea.hardestlevel.com

revised checlist

Dragon Born
1. Sky
2. Flame
3. Earth
4. Water
5. Beast
6. Plant

  • Beast Born

1. Dwar

  • Montaran Dwar

  • Imperial Dwar

  • Iron Wall Dwar

  • Ferry Born Dwaren

  • Half Dwaren

  • DwarMans

  • Goblion Dwari

  • Goblidoran

  • CenDwaren

  • MinoDwaren

  • MyroDwaren

  • PherthanDwar

  • BarkiDwaren


  • Hudder Dwari (stone)

  • Derro Dwari (soot)

  • Lanvatier Dwari (Kinder Elentsi)


  • Sky Born Gnomes

  • Star Eyed Gnomes


  • Sky Island Elendi

  • Heart Land Elendi

  • Feral Elendi

  • Sky Born Elani



  • Dolorian Elentsi

3. Mans

  • Imperial Citizens

  • Sky Islanders

  • Bottom Landers, Crosslands, Silestrian, Goval, Karn, Port () and the Far Shores.


  • Gemron Aberrants

  • Arcon Hearts


  • Orcnin Ha (orcs)


  • Hag (female troll).

  • Grimlock

  • Gnoll

  • Choker

  • Ogre

  • Shakar

  • Fiend

  • "The Misshapen" (Athach and Ettin)

  • Skum

5. Taurn

  • Weran (wolf/kangaroo/weasel)


  • Hotyr (otter/raccoon/seal)


  • Minotan (bull/buffalo/rhino)


  • Dolphryn (porpoise/whale/hippo)

  • Miryn (mouse/squirrel/rat)

6. Ronian (Achaierai)

  • Keiron (light) High Skies

  • Fieron (flame) Mid and Low Skies

  • Volturon (stone) Mid Low and Bottom Land

  • Icthyron (water) Low Sky and Bottom Land

  • Rhearon (plains small flightless) Land Based

Bog Born


  • Two Legs

  • Four Legs

  • Doomsayers

  • Sting Tails

  • Araneas (dopplegangers)

  • Daritaurn (Drider)

2. (alligator/crocodile) Lizardfolk
3. (mantis/grasshopper)
4. Naga

  • Anknaga

  • Centipedial

  • Two Arms

  • Many Arms

  • Behirish

  • Salamander


  • Worker

  • Warrior

  • Taskmaster

  • Myrmarch

  • Queen

7. Eadro (Locathah)
9. Ooze

  • Black Pudding

  • Gelatinous Cube

  • Gray Ooze

  • Ochre Jelly

  • Phasm

10. Chuul? (crab)
11. Aboleth (worm)

Green Born

1. Dirt Eaters (plants)

  • Treants

  • Blooms

  • Buds

  • Caps

  • Phantoms (Phantom Fungus)

  • Shrubs

  • Running Trees

  • Standing Trees

2. Water Eaters (Nymphs)

  • Tuathan (palaces)

  • Chimera (dangerous places)

  • Gorgon (stones and snakes)

  • Grig (little lover)

  • Pixie (little sleeper)


  • Bogan (homes, public greens)


  • Gromit (workshops, factories)

  • Knockin (tunnels, mines, ore veins)

  • Alseid (glens, groves, meadows)

  • Auloniad (pasture, vales)

  • Crinaeae (fountains, city parks)

  • Dryad (forests)

  • Hamadryad (trees)

  • Hesperides (flowers/gardens)

  • Meliae (graves, battlegrounds)

  • Naiads (rivers)

  • Napaeae (grotto)

  • Nereids (shores)

  • Oceanids (deep waters)

  • Oreads (mountains)

  • Pagaeae (springs)

3. Salt Eaters

  • Strangling Trees

  • Assassin Vines

  • The Plauges

  • Belker's Plauge

  • Shambler (Tendriculos)

  • Bees

  • Worker

  • Warrior

  • Taskmaster

  • Apoidean

  • Queen

  • Kraken

  • Volvocales

  • Mucilan

  • Pinguaca

  • Droseran

  • Filmsholk (high skies)

  • Sky Born


  • Belker

  • Ghaele

  • Stone Born

1. Arcon Born (created)

  • Gargoyle


  • Skeleton

  • Golem

  • Azera

  • Homunculus (tom thumbs)

  • Watchers (Invisible Stalker)

2. Sand Born (genie)

  • Djinni

  • Efreeti

  • Janni

  • Stones

  • Dirt

  • Sand

  • The Sculpted

  • Elementals


  • Earth Elemental

  • Fire Elemental

  • Water Elemental

  • Giants

  • Cloud Giant

  • Fire Giant

  • Frost Giant

  • Hill Giant

  • Stone Giant

  • Storm Giant

3. Dust Born (ghosts)

  • Bodak

  • Angel

  • Demon

  • Barghest

  • Doppelganger (plant ghost)

  • Lich

4. Mud Born (natural)

  • Cloaker

  • Magmin

  • Roper

  • Thoqqua

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Plant Dragons

Flower Born. The terrible trees. Plant dragons are more populous than beast dragons. It is the plant dragons that most land travelers must contend with, and contend with you will. Unlike the elemental types of dragon the plant dragons are most keen on devouring beast flesh. Mans, Dwar, Orcnin, even Elendi are the foods the plant dragon craves. While the elemental dragons occasionally devour beasts, and the beast dragons almost never, it is the plant dragons that are the scourge of Mans and kind. It is generally understood that this is the nature of the dragons over all. Plant dragons devour beasts. Beast dragons devour plants, and the elemental types devour their opposition. As there is no oppositional element to the light dragons that leads to questions regarding its nature, but the preclivities of the plant dragon is not in question.

Plant dragons are common upon the surface of Montoran, Elendi Isle, and were once very common on Dargonia. Mellenia of conflict with Imperial Mans has all but destroyed the plant dragons of Dargonia. Some remain in the lands controlled by the Orcnin hoards, but throughout Imperial Dargonia there are none. Some perhaps remain protected in the Elendi forest, but these are most likely aged and wise dragons that have learned to keep their predation to the dragon kind. Those that understand the place of dragons in the ecology oft wonder how such a feat was possible. Barring some miracle dragons undergoe dragon's rising when one of their number dies. This process was indeed halted by miracle of the Imperial New Gods in order to protect the Mans of dargonia.The consequence of this miracle is most likely an increase of the number of plant dragons somewhere such as the Bottom Lands, or the Sky Lakes.

Like all dragons plant dragons begin their existence as tiny creatures. In the Elendi they are called "Flower Born" because their smallest form is like unto a flower bud. These tiny flutter dragons are a nonetheless a nusance. Their bite leaves stinging welts, and itches for hours afterwords. A large enough swarm of the flutter dragons could easily end the life of a Mans. Beyond their flutter stage they rise to larger forms as do most dragons, and eventually reach the massive size that one dreads to think of. The safety of Dargonia leaves Imperial citizens unprepared for the gargantuan dragons of the Bottom Lands, and even the untamed regions of Dargonia itself. Risen to their mature size these dragons are perhaps the most dangerous creatures in the entire world. Intelligent and powerful, solitary and deadly. They care no more for civilization than to destroy it.

Most plant dragons are capable of flight from the time they are flutter dragons. Despite this they are very territorial, and are rare to leave their rooting ground. Like all plants a plant dragon must "plant" or root itself regularly. Should the dragon go for more than a day or so without planting it will begin to wilt and loose strength. While rooting the dragon is slow to react, almost as if it were sleeping. It is durring its rooting phase that it is best to attack the creature, preferably from a distance. Fire is our greatest ally against them. Fire and miracle. The holy ones of Miria have long weilded the gift of a lance of light that strikes to the very wick of the plant dragons wilting them and weakening them. Hacking them to slivers only transforms the carcase into a seedbed for another generation, and thusly it is best to roast the body to ash even after it has ceased livelyness.

Diplomatic relations with the Terrible Trees is much the same as diplomatic relations with the lesser trees. Long war with Imperial Mans makes it difficult for our kind to deal with these dragons. Rather force, fear, and fire than polite discussion least the creature decide to end your existence on this plane mid-sentence. Technically like all dragons they hold council with one another upon Dragon's Home Isle in High Sky, but unlike their cousins the beast and light dragons the plant dragons seem to have no desire to communicate the decrees of the Grand Dragon Council. Even amongst other plants the Terrible Trees are uncomfortable residents. A scribe once likened the relationship between the Blooms and the Plant Dragons to be like unto the relationship between grass and weeds. The Blooms being the soft and inviting grass, and the Plant Dragons being the weeds. Do not deal with these creatures, the cost will invariably be your life.


Sky Islanders

True Mans. Dragon Favored Mans. The Sky Lakes are the birthplace of Mans. Ages ago tribes of Mans left the Sky Lakes on the backs of dragons and forged the Empire. The decendants of those that stayed are generally reffered to as the Sky Islanders. For some centuries between the formation of the Empire and the calamity of the Wizard Wars the Sky Islanders were believed a myth. The phenomenal waters of the deluge created weather patterns that prevented travel to the Sky Lakes, and the powers of the ancient mists protected the sacred paths that now lead to the ancient home of Mans. With the fall of Taurn, and the rise of the black mists, the travel to the Sky Lakes became possible again. The peoples of the Sky Lakes were revealed to the Imperial world almost as an antiquity. Many look upon the the Sky Islanders as primitives less worthy than event the Wights. Interestingly Wights are not common amongst them.

The signature marks of the noble houses of Mans are clearly a legacy of the noble Sky Islander Mans that took to the skies on dragon back and tamed the great Isles of Dargonia and Tolen. Sky Islander Mans are all manner of marked. Were it not for their regular shortness they would be easily mistaken for a Noble of the Imperial houses. By and large the Sky Islanders are a full foot or more shorter than Imperial Mans. Their marks are also more complex, or convuluted, perhaps from centuries of open marrige. Unlike the Imperial Mans there is no codified marrige restrictions that prevent Asperian and Ragonian from producing children with each other. There is no such distinction amongst them. The Sky Islanders themselves claim that the marks are the gift of the gods. As they cannot see the stars, the stars were instead etched upon their skin.

If Sky Islander Mans as a whole could be said to have any affinity it is to water. They are born in water as is their ancient custom. One custom we Imperial Mans have long forgotten. Their homes are built partially submerged, and of course the deluge pours rivers of water upon their heads throughout most their life. The affinity for water is strong amongst them, and many of the SKy Islanders have gifts that allow them to live in the water much as the Thalians of the Bottom Lands. Unlike Thalian Mans the Sky Islander Mans have no living crystals on their Lakes. One must wonder what would happen were you to lift a Thalian Crystal City into the Mid Skies and land it in one of the Sky Lakes. There is no record of it being tried, but what is true is that the waters of the endless sea are different than the waters of the Sky Lakes. They say that the waters of the endless sea have in them the taste of blood and cannot slake one's thirst. Perhaps the crystal of the Thalian Cities could not prosper in the pure waters of the Sky Lakes.

Since the rise of the black mists, the Dark Sky, travel to the Sky Lakes has been possible. More than any other destination the Sky Lakes are a point of call for those seeking leisure. So long as one does not mind the steady dripping of the Deluge upon their heads the Sky Lakes are most certainly pleasant. Rare quarrels between the Taurn that make their homes on the Sky Lakes and the Sky Islander Mans are perhaps the most dire of occurences. These quarrels are far from the outright war of Dargonia's borderlands, and are most directly revolving around fishing or "hunting" rights. The Otteryn in particular consider it their perogative to protect the fish population from Mans over predation, and interestingly this faith is upheld by the ancient Triunism followed by the majority of Sky Islander Mans.

When important travelers from the Sky Lakes arrive at your court do not expect some strange Merelindi affair with tanks of water, and all manner of bizarreness. Sky Islanders are Mans and travel in much a similar fashion. Their digestion is much like ours, if perhaps somewhat more attuned to fish. They are familiar with their dietary necessities and there is no need to adjust your courts affairs to accomodate them, or to make strange overtures of preparing fish. Should you be interested they will most likely bring their own supply of fish, and will most likely be far more capable of preparing fish plates than any Dargonian chef. The only point of civil diplomacy one should concern themselves with is that as a over all rule Sky Islanders do not appreciate the presence of Elendi or Blooms at their table with them. Imperial Mans have had centuries to become familiar with the Elendi, but the Sky Islanders remind us that once long ago our people were dire enemies of Trees. Elendi, Blooms, and other plant people are all but non-existant on the Sky Lakes.



The Friendly Kraken. The soft sea beast. The Volvocales are a form of Kraken, but unlike the Kraken proper Volvocales are soft and spongy. Kraken look much more like aquatic strangling trees while Volvocales are alike the Shambler. A Volvocales is a floating mass of moss. They are intelligent but like most Kraken they are do not develope kingdoms or civilization in the manner of Mans. There are few creatures in the world that are more alien to Mans than Volvocales. There is no such thing as sex amongst the Volvocales. They are each an independant entity that spawns through a bizarre form of seperation. Over time their mass increases and one day splits in two. Thusly are new Volvocales brought into the world. This manner of reproduction transfers the knowledge of the Volvocales meaning that the friendly krakens that float along the shores of the endless sea are storehouses of knowledge inso much as one is concerned with the history of a particular streatch of beach.

Volvocales are not known to travel. They do not form groups, and they do not trade. Should you find yourself in their domain cout yourself lucky you are amongst the Volvocales and not the Kraken. True Kraken are dire predators of Mans and beast. The Volvocales care little for Mans. In the outlandish occurence of a Volvocales appearing to court the proper thing to do is keep them wet and communicate in the simplest form of plant sign possible. It is highly unlikely that a Volvocales is educated, despite this do remember that they posses the knowledge of their forefathers. It is most proper to treat them with respect regardless of how scant of use their knowledge may be.

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OK! Four months and wotc has transformed the face of the website, and I was apparently posting in book4 mode (which I no longer have access to) the last two posts. Ahh the well.

The sblocks stopped. Why did the sblocks stop? I am going to make a todo list and come back in the next 24-48 hours. A, figure out what happened to sblocks.

b, come up with two more entries.

c, figure out whats up with editing (and the mups too).

d, add entries for plant dragon, sky islanders, and Volvocales.

Oh Internert access how you vex me, and with video games as well!

I do not think my last few enteries are "verve" enough - wibes wrong. Instead I am goign to review the project in post form for anyone to whome may be reading. Umm.. "Sty-Rn"

Big world. Started from the image posted in page umm six now. Much different when first drawn. Long ago ...

More races than you can imagine ... Animal Vegetable or Mineral? Old - oft said quotes. I actually got paid to run a game in this setting once. Literal "play me a game in that crazy world of yours - here money" It was great. "Tomb of Heaven" called that campaign, and it will be included (proabably in the Wonderful World Devotional) as the exemplative element. Now in regards to Sty-Rn most of you have no real understanding whatsoever. Sure you have read the waxings of a self rightous scribe ... but what does an oponion tell you? The game mechanics provided will of course be more ... umm... unbiased, however those are going to come last, due to the fact that will come multiple times. Effectively this text (the thread I am building here, and will continue to, so long as Wizards allows it ) is the pre-release of the ... books ... of Wonderful World "in general" :smile: I like it. For other projects I will inspecct other prospects, but Wonderful World will stay here. I do actually have the intention of "using" you people.

Any one wants to throw ideas my way - understanding that I am not working on a collabarotive project (and while I authorize WotC to use my material in publicity; which I cannot see hurting me) I keeps it. Mine. Post here - I take it to wonderful world and you have to make it to port nowhere follow the thread to the pure lands and solve the riddle of the mists to get out of Wonderful World. You could starjam .. I guess .. if you wanna go there .. like Tobias did.

Sty-Rn is about travel. Its about going places and seeing .. what has not been seen. Being where ... you have not been. Were there a "DMs" foreward in any of my books (which there won't be) :" href="http://community.wizards.com/go/post/reply/75882/19919742/Http:www.lulu.com/shea_reinke" rel="nofollow">smirk: however there will be editions for use with all the "editions" I can get my hads on. First - 4th, then 3rd, then BST.  Possibly pushing it farther into Gurps, Hero systems (which it has been used with more than once) or even (gahh) Storyteller. Who knows what else could come out of the conventioning (and this is what is getting me off vibe - I am thinking in marketing terms and it is the same thing as thinking in terms of lighting and special effects) It had to be thought of and now that I have it all ... "schematized" ... I should get back to doing what I am best at and "making character" I need to find Sanjaya (or maybe someone new) and get back into her Journy.

If you haven't noticed the "Book" is the journeys of One girl, her mentor, and the letters she shares with her mother/sister back in Asper. She is a dargonian noble woman who spends her life documenting the known races - suddenly I remember the character I should use - as his writing is not gotten much appearance in here - he should be an expert on the dwar ... hmmm (revisions will happen go with it reinke) - but there is more - I need another one ... a hidden character - the hidden fifth voice of the narrative ... hmmm .. its supposed to be like a little game - "who wrote this entry" when you have the finished book it should be apparent. No, I need to find a new character, and to do that I need to go "there" and there is only one sure fire way I know how to do that ...

Pawah is a paladin. A warrior of Truth! He carries the purpose stone, a true human from the pure lands. He alone carries the knowledge of the way to the pure lands, Grall lied to Sanjaya when she told him that. Grall lied much. His tales were not those of Krawl. Krawl was a real scribe. Grawl, nothing more than a barkan raised by a pherthan, a Felin at that. Pawah appears and dissapears through no control of his own. Fate takes him from place to place as the purpose stone unravels. He appeared one night in this very cabin. He spoke to me of what had become him, and where he had been. It took me no time at all to determine that he jnew nothing of the world. Nothing of the skies and the isles that we take for granted. He told me of his homeland, and how the sky was so mcu closer and filled with countless light. Such a wonder the pure lands must be to behold. A sky filled with lights - impossible to imagine.

I, being mute, was unable to communicate with him. I could not teach him of the land about, and instead I created this book. Without a voice I cannot give it to mine, but you can give it yours. It is a wonder to have met someone who does not know to knock to stone, whisper to grass. Such things that you take for granted. When you look at your world through new eyes even those things you take for granted become strange and exciting again. Pawah stayed with me for a few short weeks before his stone, the purpose stone, took him away from me. He has this book, and I hope he will remember me always. May it be a guide through the ways of the world for you.

~ Scyra'alanta Elendi Druidess

So ... hmmm ... Pawah ran into Scrya, then Sanjaya met ... Scyra .. and offored to add the book to the scribe annals, and eneded up just putting it into her book ... because the Imperial annals only accept writing from proper scibes.

Hmmm ... Ima sleep on that.

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Things we take for granted. What a difficult consideration to contend with. The skies are blue, the grass is most often green, and the light of the sun is the reflection of the star of Tolen. These things are as common as gold, and however so much we think on them as being strange to someone, it is hard to describe them without speaking as you would to a child. I do not mean any slight against your intelligence, but the way I shall describe these things is as I learned them myself. "As common as gold" I say that every day, most likely. Gold is the yellow rock that floats. Gets in everything, Some silly people get into their head that if you get a big enough chunk of it you can jump off the lands and stop before you hit the Bottom Lands, but as far as I know it just ain't the case.

The bright light in the sky is one of two things, depending on whether your in mid sjky or low. If your in mid sky there will be two lights. The lower one is the star of Tolen, and the higher one is the Sun, the Elendi call it the Moon, and the Orcnin call it Earth. It reflects the ilght of Tolen. If you are in the Bottom Lands or Dolor, as I have heard, you cannot tell if the light you see through the Stom Whale Seas is Tolen or the Sun. When Tolen is Goval and Coval it shines so bright on the Bottom Lands and Low Sky that the Sun cannot be seen, Those who live on the Bottom Lands grow to know the difference of the year by movements of the Sun and Tolen.

Those that live in Mid Sky count the year, at least we do now, by our journey around the Dark Sky, and those that live in the High Skies count theirs by the deluge as far as we know from what the Gnomes have told us. The High Skies are impassible by ship. Only the ArchMagics of the Gmomish gods allow them to transpor their ships to Mid Sky from the Sun. Tolonese ships are now taking to the skies, but Technometric contraptions are a far cry from Gnomish creations. The Dwar that climbed the skies to the Sun are able to create sacred creations as the worshippers of the Gods are able, only without having to sacrifice to the Gods. Supposedly they "follow the Triune" but they say that the Gnomish Dwar hold no ceremonies nor festivals to their Gods.

To say that you "follow the Triune" is to say that you simply don't care. Most who adhere to no curch say such a thing. For an entire people to say it seems suspect at best. The Triune is mentioned in all faiths. The three true Gods that are one, and all of the world simultaniously. The story is simple and the same. There was Elvna and Ogran, elvna the plants and Ogran the beasts. They fought over the world and how it would be made for their creations. When they could not agree as to how to make the world there came Dwar and Dwarin who was to make the descision, and with Dwarin came the Dragons, the children of Dwarin. My island is called Dargonia or "Gift of Dragons" and was once called Ragonia "Home of Dragons" before the Orcnin, the Imperials, and the Elendi settled here.

Trees ruled the land then, since we do not say that dragons rule, and it was the Elendi that came here first. For a season you can leap from Dargonia to Elendira, and long long ago my people did so and began the first civilization on Ragonia. Then the Elendi were fast freinds with Trees, and my people allied with the Trees against Dragon. Then came Mans, and their Empire soon after. The Gnomish had not begun their travels yet. The wizards had not begun their wars. Mans brought a new tactic to the war with Dragon. Mans could speak in the way of Dragon as my people do the way of Tree.  They tamed the dragons as so was founded the Empire. With Arconistics stolen from their enemies the Orcnin the Mans wizards brought down a council of Gods and by their power gained Dominion over Dragon. Within the realms of The Empire dragons bow to the power of Mans gods.

Elendi live amongst the Mans, in their Empire, as do Dwar and Taurn. Orcnin even dwell within the Mans Empire, but it is still Mans' Empire. Forged from their will and working attheir pace. The Elendi that live among them are different from them that live, as most do, in the Demes. Elendi Deems are a sigh to behold should be allowed within one. In between the Trees where nobody sees the Deme is a place within and not within the Forest. The shack that you stayed at was place outside of my Deme. I only spend so many seasons a year outside of the Deme, and when I am not within the Deme I stay at the shack and observe the animals and the Dragon. In the Deme only the Trees and the Elendi can stay for long. Others are sent back to the forest no matter how they found entrance to the Deme.

The Deme is built with the power of the Trees. Mans cities are with the power of Stone, and Orcnin hoards are built with the power of Bone. To say the power of Bone is to mean the power of those Gods that the Empire's Gods oppose. There are also the Pride Gods of the Taurn, and though it should go without saying Gods are those ancestors that have exhalted themselves in the realms beyond this one. WHat goes on beyond this world is said to be outside of comprehension. Arconistic masters and the Gods themselves perhaps, but I have heard tell of Gods themselves being lost in the ways beyond the world. The Star Gnomes of Dwar legend and Gnomish tale are supposidly from that other place. Some say they are from the future, some say they are from another world called Aziera.

In the Dark Sky, the Dark Sky. The Dark Sky is the darkness in the sky. Were I standing beside you I could point at it. Dark Sky is larger than any island, and is said to be the Oort cloud or two islands that collided via the power of the wizards Arconistics. The Orcnin wizards took control of Arconia and were intent to guide it to Dargonia and lay waste to the Empire and Imperial City from above. In order to prevent that the Empire's wizards took control of the island Taurna and drove it into Arconia and thusly creating the great cloud that is Dark Sky. Dark Sky streatches from High Sky to Low Sky but always stays Cobal of Bottom Lands. The great Deluge, the source of the Storm Whale Seas is said to fall from True Ragonia - the highest island in the skies.

Once, when Dargonia was called Ragonia, the Sun was thought to be the highest island in the sky. The star had been found and Mans believed itself the wisest of the peoples of the world for its wandering. With Elendi's aid the Mans concoured the surface of Ragonia and when they had the Elder Dragon Lords appeared to Mans and told them that their island was not the "The Home of Dragons" but that there was a "True Ragonia" above even the Sun. Why such a thing would have happened escapes me and most, but who can speak the mind of the Elder Dragon Lords. Those beings are alike unto the Gods, but they have not passed beyond the gate of death. It is said that dragons do not persist past their lives, and that their spirit evaporates, becoming one with the mists.The truth to these tales is for the Gods to know and the vile Arconistic master to speak of. It is not the place of a mortal to speak of the nature of the immortal. You should never speak of the eternal, or of souls, nor death.

There are many amongst the Empire and the Elendi that believe it is speaking of them that draws those that have passed beyond into our lives. The Gods are different than the restless souls. The Gods have somehow seen beyond the desire for life and are content to remain as they are. The restless seek nothing more prfoundly than to return to the life of flesh and bone. There are Orcnin hoards that have been lead by the same soul for centuries. Some say mellinia. Some say longer. There are houses of Mans that follow this priciple as well, strangely tied as Mans history is with Orcnin. The Elendi know better than to truck with such Demon. The Gods and the angels of their hosts guard the cities of Mans and the Demes of the Elendi. They can slip through time with nothing more than a little bit of rhyme. Demons and angels are powerful enemies should you find yourself outside the protection of Deme, Empire, or Hoard, but you know this better than most Pawah.

The body and soul can be seperated and animated. Such are the angels that protect the walls of Mans city, and Elendi Deme. The souls, wherever they have gone are beyond the reach of the our healing for whatever reason. Perhaps the soul was summoned by vile Arconistics, or warped into a weapon by Orcnin artifice as the Elendi seal Allip into their creations. The body is available to be animated as the walls of Mans' cities. Just so much dirt, only in a convienient shape. It is an honor amongst Mans for their moral shell to be chosen to join the forms of their ancestors along the walls of their cities. Countless angels guardian the tiers of Imperial City, and most Mans cities are also protected by the remains of their long dead. Elendi prefer to devour their fallen dead, a practice that Mans find as equally offensive as Elendi do the reanimation of their ancestors. Only the darkest of Elendi disgrace the memory of who once lived in the body by using Allip, Golem, or Spirit.

It is amazing to think what is common amongst one people is considered atrocious amongst another. Planting Trees is a horrible taboo amongst the Empire. Even planting flowers is something that most Mans frown upon. The presence of Bloom and Elendi amongst the Mans brings with them flowers and grass, but most Mans consider the fruit of pomegranate and pear to be the only thing of value from plants. To an Elendi Mans' cities are barren of life, but full of bustle. The Deme is still and serene. The city is full of noise and shouting children. Unlike the the Mans the Elendi take greater care in buying their children from the Gods. Mans who perform the ancient rituals of appeasement to the Gods in order to be given a strong and healthy child are mocked. Yet more than most of Mans young are dead before they come of age. In the Deme there are perhaps twice the number of young as there are old, but among the Mans that proportion is far closer to ten times the number of young compared to adults.

In the Deme a child knows their father and mother. They are raised with attention and care, not released to the world to find their way. Succored by priesthoods like Tanxia's Mans children are nearly wild beasts. Elendi children will sit quetly for days or even years depending on their temperment. As they learn to dream, which Elendi do concious, Elendi children learn to hold themselves still as they travel in their mind. Mans can only dream when they sleep, but unless some extraordinary circumstances occure Elendi do not sleep, and when we are young we amble around with our sight lost in dream safe in the protection of the Deme. In the Deme there is nothing to fear save walking into a Tree. Elendi children that grow up outside of the Deme must be kept safe inside as they learn to be still.

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Mans' cities are fed with countless beasts. Most cites keep their livestock outside of the walls of the city itself. The lives of the creatures that Mans make their food are also easy sacrifice to those things that live beyond the bounds of civilization. The great beasts of the land and the wild Dragon will feast on the bones of either Mans or their beasts equally. The priests of the Imperial Gods are able to summon beasts from the outer realms to replace the heards that are lost, and in the end a city of Mans would soon fall without the divine grace of their Gods. The Elendi way is far different. Save for the most important of circumstances Elendi do not call upon the Gods for their aid. The creation of the Deme is one of those rare circumstances. With the aid of our Gods the Elendi bind the many places between throughout the forest into one and create the safety that is the Deme. The Elendi ask their Gods to intercede on greater affairs and on matters of survival and crops. Mans Gods are employed daily, while Elendi's are called upon yearly if at all.

Imperial City is lit with a thousand lamps. They call them the lamps of Miria. Every child of the Empire hears of these lamps when they are young, and the Lamps of Miria are seen as the ultimate example of the oppulance of Imperial City. The lamps are of carved stone and are held aloft by statue carved in Mans image of Elvna. Their light allows the city to function in the lee of Tolon Island. This light is powered by the same worship that other Imperial lands use to keep the city clean, and maintain the domonion of Empire over the wilds. So grand and magnificent is Imperial City, so wealthy and powerful, that it is able to expend that energy to illuminate Imperial Dargonia.

Dargonia is covered in darkness save for the light of Imperial City. Tolon is techered to the underside of Dargonia by a gargantuan tether that is believed to have been made by the ancient Imperial wizards. The thether can be used to travel between the two islands, and keeps Tolon below the ridge of Dargonia. The star of Tolon is below Tolon and as such the light that illuminates most of the world does not shine on Imperial City or Dargonia. Tolon itself see the light of the Sun all year long, as the islands of Dargonia and Tolon and the Sun follow each outher in orbit around Dark Sky. As such the darkest island in the skies is Dargonia, and Elendira as it passes through the lee of Dargonia.

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Plauges wander live throughout the world. Their influence driving all that share the beasts blood to insanity and death. Much of my purpose is to ward the forest from their presence. They say that amongst the Orcnin plauges are fostered and encouraged to work upon the enemies of the hoard, but I have never seen Imperial City let alone an Orcnin hoard. Though there be dozens upon the Cobal side of Dargonia I have never seen them. The hoards do not prey upon this Forest for the sake of Impire City Goval of the Deme and Old Ragonia upon the Goblin. I have never seen an Orcnin in my life, but expect that in the time I have upon this world I will one day see Imperial City, and I know that you will find Orcnin loyal to the Empire there. My knowledge of the Empire is small, but my knowledge of the Empire is great.

Elendi met Mans first in the skies. On dragon back and sail. Falling to the Bottom Lands from Mid Sky, finding no Doloria in their travels. Doloria was formed from the Scattared Isles. Elendi found the Bottom Lands first so the legends say. It was the ELendi that found the Dar and the Dwar. It was Mans howevver that tamed the Trees. The Dwar and the Dar live beneath the surface of the Bottom Lands but above the Endless Sea. The Elendi that first found the bottom of the world found their refuge beneath the waves of the Endles Sea, but when Mans came they brought fire and burned away the Trees of Coval Bottom Lands. With the aid of the Dar. That aid was betrayed by the Doomsayer. A God of the Dar she nearly eradicated the Empire before it began.

That was the First Mans Tree wars. The second was the what brought about the formation of the Empire. Mans Empire despite Dwar and Elendi merely honoring their dominion over Dragon. Dragons of sky and flame were brought from what is now Old Ragonia. Knighthoods called the Dragoons were formed to defend the Arconistic masters of the Mans armies. From the Elendria had come Elendi, and the Sky Lakes had come Mans. On Ragonia they fought Orcnin and Dragons hand in hand. Together they found Dwar fighting Trees, and together the three built the Empire from the wood of Trees.

There are said to have been Orcnin upon the Bottom Lands, and mellenia later their are Mans, Orcnin, and Taurn all strong upon the Bottom Lands. Ronians have no true home, but the Bottom Lands belongs to the Dwar. They have long lived beneath the surface, but since the Fell of Montar and the Dwarin migration to Montaria the cities of the Dwar have begun to open upon the tops of the Goval Mountains of Bottom Lands. The loss of Arconistic was a blow to the Orcnin people. Though plentiful times a thousand compared to Mans they, as a people and by the the will of their Gods, refuse alliegences. Their is Master of the hoard and the rest. There may be many masters in the hoard, but all bow to the one Master. As it was so it shall always be amongst them, so they say. The Empire works by council as appossed to pure strength. It was the Council of Imperial Senators that made Arconistics illegal throughout the Empire.

Elendi were neve much, as a people, for Arconistics. They did not stand in the way of the Dwar when they petitioned for the ban, and the Mans were sore from the loss of the Wizard Wars. There were no winners of the Wizard Wars. The Empire felt the flush of the victory of the last Mans Tree wars a mellenia too early, and had turned their eye to the Orcnin. Between the two people there was a massive Arconistic might and the was was fought less between dragoon and hoard than between the might of wizards. The hidden towers upon Arconitstic and Taurna were all cast from the skies for their hubris against the Gods. Worse still to think that the wizards of the Empire knew what was to happen, and did so anyhow. Either way it is a good thing that Arconistics is forbidden in the lands of the Empire.

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Mans' Empire is governed over by a Divane Senate. The representatives to the Divine Senate are divided evenly between Mans, Elendi, and Dwar. Strange as it may seem Mans has granted Dwar and Elendi a signifigant influence in their Empire. Neither Dwar and Elendi have developed such a unified government between their peoples. While, most relations between opposing Elendi nations are corgial, there have been many disputes broached in Imperial chambers of the disputes between rival nations of Dwar. Not the least of which was the problem of Gnomes. The mightiest of Dwar nations of old are violently opposed to those they call Gnome. Arconistics, be they Orcnin, Elendi, Mans, or Dwar has always been taboo within the lands of the Bottom Lands kingdoms of the Dwar. Even before the Wizard Wars those Dwar that were branded "Gnome" were cast out of Imperial lands.

These many centuries later the Gnome have found a home on the Sun. The Gnome Dwar have made their own nation far from the lands of their ancestors. When once, in the ancient times when the Empire began, the Dwar of Goval were the strongest voice in the Divine Council. Now, man mellinia later, the Gnomes and the Rouge Dwar nations of Montara have become the most represented. The ancient Dwar nations of Goval Bottom Lands keep only one Embassy when once they held all nine of the Dwar seats in the Divine Council. Even as the Wizard Wars ended the ancient Goval Dwar were in the lead of the Dwar people that were represented, and it was their voice that outlawed Arconistics, but the migration of the Gnome to the Sun and the formation of the Rouge Dwar nations on Montara over the last three melennia has shattered their influence in Mans' Empire.

Thre of the nine Dwar embassies are Gnomish, and the Gnome ships are the backbone of the Empire's trading fleet at this time. Gnome ships are powered by Arconistics no matter what they say. There are many who see the ban on Arconistics to change before another century passes. The idea of a new Tower of Arconistics being erected upon Dargonia is hard to concieve. For thousands of years Emperials have not only cast out those who practiced Arconistics, but literally hunted them and brought them to death. That has changed on Dragonia, but is still common upon the Bottom Lands where teh Goval Dwar watch with a closer eye. Nonetheless those who practice Arconistics have survived and passed their knowledge from one to the next. Once the wizards were as important to the Empire as the dragoons. It was Emperial wizards that formed Imperial City with their Arconistics.

The holy orders that follow the Imperial Gods are the true power in the Empire. Once the nine great orders of dragoons controlled the empire. The knight orders that tame the great dragons to their will were the strength of the Empire. In ancient times those orders had been founded by the Mans wizards from the sky lakes. In the turns of fate the knighthoods that had forsaken their ancient charges in favor of serving the Empire have all but lost their voice in that Empire. The holy orders that rule the Empire in these days take adherents of all peoples and thus gain stronger voice. They grant their members the gift of miracles wrought by thier God. The peoples of Mans still identify themselves by their house and land of origin, but their choice of embassy to the Divine Council has turned to the holy orders that follow the members of the Divine Council.

The twenty seven Gods that hold seat in the Divine Council are not absent Gods, but as the Pride Gods they are manifest. Tanzia is seen throughout the Empire, and often in Imperial City. Ft'rod is a Ronian God and yet holds the seat of Summer's Breeze. The embassies to the council are divided between Dwar, Elendi, and Mans but the exhalted beings that hold the seats of the Divine Council and maintain the dominion of Empire via the allegience of all who acknowledge Imperial Dominion are decided amongst themselves. In accordance with the ancient Arconistic principles that founded the Divine Council every century one seat in the council is made vacant and any God that attempts to claim it, and is able to defend it, may. Each of the twenty seven seats of the Divine Council is dedicatedto a different grand principle, and by Arconistic principles it is this concordance that grants Empire dominion over Dragon.

The seats of the Divine Council are three fold seven. The seven brilliant seats are the seat of the Summer's Breeze, the seat of Storm's Blood, the seat of Burning Stone, the seat of Flashing Flame, the seat of Talon, the seat of Vine, and are ruled by the seat of Eternal Light. The seven hidden seats are the seat of Winter's Breath, the seat of Sea's Fury. the seat of Liquid Stone, the seat of Scroching Flame, the seat of Fang, the seat of Tooth, and the seat of Seed, and are ruled by the seat of Eternal Darkness. The seven solid seats are the seat of Wind, the seat of Deluge, the seat of Metal, the seat of Lightning, and the seat of Beast's Heart, and the seat of Tree's Root, and is ruled by the seat of the Final Judge. The senator of the seat of the Final Judge on;y votes upon the matters of the Divine Council save there is a thirteen thirteen split amongst the council.

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Tanzia, the seat of Flashing Flame, is perhaps the most well known of the Imperial Gods. Tanzia gained her seat when it was opened and she has held since. Miria, the seat of Eternal Light, is the the only remaining of the original twenty seven Gods of the Divine Council, and holds significant sway over the council. In most things regarding the people of the Empire Miria is the first and final say. Tanzia and Miria have long been allies and have kept the brilliant seats in accord since the dawn of the Empire. The hidden seats have not held strong ties between them, and the hidden seats have shifted far more often. Fara, the seat of the Beast's Heart, is the longest sitting member of the solid seats. It was Fara, a Taurn God, that first brought the forbiddance of Arconistics to the Divine Council. Another God of note is Jakanar. He was the first and the third seat of Eternal Darkness. Some say he has seeks to return to the Divine Council again.

The Empire's territories cover half of Dargonia, many of the Sky Lakes, Elenaria, Tolen, and near a third of the Bottom Lands. There is no nation that holds the combined power of the Empire. The Dar control a third of the Bottomlands, and the remainder of that massive island is contested between Orcnin and Taurn. The Endless Sea that the Bottom Lands rests in is inhabited with the Elentsi and a strange breed of Mans called Thalian.The Elentsi and the Thalian are the descendants of the first Mans and Elendi that found their way to the Bottom Lands and found only the Endless Sea to be safe from the terrors of the Bottom Lands. The Dwar live, as they always have, beneath the surface of the Bottom Lands, and like the Thalian and the Elentsi have no interests in the lands of the Empire.

Should the strength of the Pride Landers grow much they may one day come to threaten the Cross Lands or the Imperial cities of the Goval region. The remnants of the Taurn are scattered. The Pride Land Gods claim that they have always called their people to the Bottom Lands, but Imperial scribes say that there are perhaps more Taurn on the island of Wild's Home. Travel to Wild's Home is perioulous and reports of what live upon the island's surface are scare, but according to the tales there are still entire nations of Taurn living on Wild's Home. Legions have been seen through the forest canopy. At least two nations of Pherthan have been in contact with Imperial traders.

The Ronians go where they please, and the Orcnin loose territory to the Empire everyday. The Great Trees that opposed Mans in ancient times have been felled, and only the Great Trees that were in alliance with Elendi still stand. Perhaps should the Dwar unify they could stand against the Empire, but many of the Dwar nations owe alligence to the Empire over each other. The Elendi nations stand with each other, but have no need to quarrel with the Empire. The Elendi people are slower to move than Mans and Dwar. The Demes of today are much the same as the Demes of ancient times. Some Demes such as Padon have been formed in the Goval region since the end of the Mans Tree wars, but there have been no new Demes upon Elendria since the Wizard Wars.

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The honey killer. The Vegitaurn. The stinging flower. A rather rare breed of Vegitaurn. Unlike the three fronded nightmares of the Mans Tree Wars these flowers are a sappy Tree. The Pottaurn are deemed such as they have a bell pot topped with two thick liplick petals, and filled with a scent as intoxicating to Mans and Dragon alike. Orcin, Taurn, and Dwar as well find the scent of the Pottaurn's stinging honey sweet. Elendi alone of the Peoples of the world are immune to its persuasive toxin.
The Elendi pallat is severe. As they grow they twine with the land in accordance with the powers of the seasons. Most devoure sticks and leaves along with fruits, berries and in some cases small amounts of bone and meat. Most Elendi have faound the smell of the Pottaurn's honey to be that of rancid meat.
The petals of the charging flower were once called simply a Vegitaurn alike to the Flynntaurn and Venutaurn. Seratuarn and Ozzentaurn more common, some many others lost to the burning times, all these bounding blooms once called Vegitaurn are today named and defined in the archives of the scribes. Though they once were counted only as combatants the details of their consumption and structure are cataloged and recorded in the halls of the Imperial Scribes.
Pottaurn, perhaps more so than any extant breed of Vegitaurn, are savage and aggressive. Pottaurn are found almost exclusively in the lands called by many Troll Country. Troll Country is a region of the vast Goblin and Cobal forest of the Bottom Lands. The entire region stretching from the spiney rang of mountains Goblin Bottom Lands to the sandy marshes of the Darian Empires Cobal is beyond the control of the Empire and the Darian Empires alike. Troll are said to rove in packs. Vegitaurn of all kinds garden and hunt the Trolls. Pottaurn and Trolls alike hunt the Dwar and Orcin that live in the grounds and caves of this dire forest. The Goblin Mts are ruled by dread Dragon Lords, and the forests Coblin of them are ruled in truth by Revalin Empirals.
Most likely meeting a Pottaurn will be in battle. Unlike Flynntaurn Pottaurn's historic allegiance with the Standing Trees is not more than the terretorial vegitables' insticts to defeate and devour Mans' armies with equal fervor as they do their primary prey; the Troll. With sword sharp petals the Pottaurn disarms limbs, and stews the flesh off of bone in its stinging honey pot. As with the Flynntaurn, the spongey soupish remnant of a Pottaurn meal is rich fertilizer for most planting Trees. Unlike many of the extant Vegitaurn the seeding cycle of this viscious flower is unknown.


Deadly Clover. The Vegitaurn. The slashing bloom. This Vegitaurn is rather common, but unlike the Flynntaurn they are not a meat eating plant. Flynntaurn rarely plant, while Serataurn spend a good deal of time planted. Like most blooms Serataurn need little more than dirt and rain to survive. Blood and the sap of Flynntaurn being the best of fertilizers for their dirt, and the the blue rain of storm whales is their fondest water. Dry dirt and sand and the green waters of the deluge are sufficient for any bloom, and sufficient for this Vegitaurn.
Instead of a Flynntaurn's three snapping fronds, the Serataurn is feathered with broad bladded petals. More a vine than most blooms the Serataurn is a fruit bearing plant. Due to their long vines and broad petals the Serataurn are often confused with Flynntaurn at a distance. Upon close examination they are clearly a rope of twines more like a mass of root, buds, berries, and bladded petals. Flynntaurn have long stalks holding their snapping fronds high.
It is the assertion of some scribes that the Serataurn is most similar to a Kraken. The power of the Empire holds the Sky Lakes, GemRon Isle, Half of Dargonia and Tolen alike, most of the Bottom Lands in alliance with the Elendi, and in alliance with the Elendi and Dwar Councils rules more of the world than any Darien Empire or Orcnin'Sa. Nonetheless the tales told of the Aquan Elendi and the countless kingdoms of the endless ocian have rare entry into the Imperial records. The Krakens that have been studied upon the shore are only rare examples, but their twiney vines that mix spindley roots and sharp flower petals are strangely reminicent of the Serataurn.
Perhaps the most common of all Vegitaurn, at least in Imperial Dominion, there are many Serataurn gardens that turned leaf to side with the Empire and peace durring the Mans Tree Wars. Many Mans houses first learnt the Plant Signal language from Serataurn. Before the grand seeding of Blooms that heralded the final peace between the gods of Tree and Mans alike, it was the Serataurn that most Mans might have spoken with regarding the accords of Mans and Tree.
Like a Bloom the Serataurn needs naught but dirt, water, and starlight. The gardens of Serataurn that guard Imperial walls grow in number with every turn of Tolen. To this day only Blooms are allowed Imperial Citizenship. The terms of war between the grand Trees shall stand till the Trees themselves fall, but the Serataurn have long been the diplomats between Mans and Tree.


The Vegitaurn. The snapping flower. The leaping bloom. The most powerful and quick of all the vegitables. The leaping blooms have several springy root legs and three snapping flower buds. The average Flynntaur looks remarkably similar to a Felataur and from such their common title. Durring the Mans Tree Wars the Flynntaurn were amongst the number of Vegitaurn that served as the primary bastion of the Tree armies. To this day the Flynntaurn are the nightmare dipicted most often in the images of the Mans Tree Wars.
Most likely the Flynntaurn are the most common of all the Vegitaurn, and while there are numerous kinds of Bloom and Vegitaurn flowers, the particularly terrifying triple snapping fronds of the Flynntaurn have haunted the tales of Mans since before the empire. Trees that run and jump and eat like a wolf. Truly in the Imperial annals of the Mans Tree Wars the lists of Vegitaurn put to fire are most likely the list of beast eating Blooms. Differing Strangling Tree and Standing Tree from Leaping Bloom.
Unlike a Bloom or Shroom the Vegitaurn need the flesh of beasts and dragon to survive. They only plant to seed and have historically held little society amongst themselves save for the rites of providing for a seeding Vegitaurn and their traditional servitude to the Standing Trees. Beyond this Vegitaurn, such as the Flynntaurn, are rare for the mechantilism of Blooms.
By nature Vegitaurn are Bloom, but something of their ecology makes them grow taller and stronger than the viney and spongey flowers. These rending and eating flowers spend little time planted and dreaming. They are universally killers of Mans and Orcnin alike. When not found in an Army of Tree they are in a garden of terror. Hunting Troll in the Cobal forest of Bottom Lands. Racing Emuron in the deserts of the Pride Lands. Stalking Sa and Mans alike in the borders between Ronian, Orcnin, and Imperial Dargonia. Vegitaurn have been burnt out of the Sky Lakes as of ancient times, but as the Mans Tree Wars fade further and further into legend Tree of all kind have become more welcome in the paradise lakes that are the ancestral home of Mans.
Flynntaurn are regularly the general, captains, and domos of Tree armies or households. Flynntaurn serve as guards to Tree convoys. Entertaining these Vegitaurn is as such to entertain an Orcnin'Sa or Dragon High Lord. The only caveat of protocol that need be remembered beyond that of their Lord's is that Vegitaurn of all kinds need their meat served raw. Their strange mawlike flowers digest meat in plain sight and is expeled into the pots or planting grounds of their Standing Masters. In a divine correspondance this remnant provides the planted Tree with the most nutricious fertilizer.


Aras the realm of Man. Not a true realm as they say, but a mist realm. Found first legend says by Mans that sought the Bottom of the World. Before Mans found the Bottom Lands and the Endless Ocian legends tell of a land called Aras. The land is strange, they sky is said to be empty of isles, and a single brilliant sun shines like Tolen seeminly no higher off the Bottom than Dolor.
There are those that claim to have sailed through storm whale trails to find Aras, and those that seek the lost Isle of Arcanos say that it has drifted to the realm of Aras. The star of Aras may seem low to the bottom, but those who have found themselves in Aras and found their way back have followed the same path of return. They sail to the star. Like sailing to Dragon's Home only your flight is through a vast and empty sky. Uncluttered by particle, rover, dragon, isle, or silt. Naught but storm whales cloud the way to great round light that is your way back home.
There is said by some that there is one rover sized isle that drifts low to the bottom round Aras, and like the true Bottom Lands Aras floats upon the waters of an vast ocian. There is a Karnian legend that tells of a mighty Vampire Slayer called the Karn'ah'Karn who traveled to Aras and sailed to the very edge of the Ocian of Aras. There he found a waterfall the breadth of which only gods can imagine. The stories of the Karn'ah'Karn are many and legend at best, but a diety claimant to the title held seat in the Light Council of the Imperial Gods.
The Brilliant Lord of Fire called Girin of Karn, the Karn'ah'Karn, COnquorer of Taladas, Hated of Doom, and Bringer of Justice entered into the record of Imperial Cosmogoney a dissimilar account of the land of Aras. His account shared the element of sailing ship toward the star, called "The Sun" by the natives of Aras, and thusly returning to the skies above the Bottom Lands.
The "Conquoroer" as he was mostly called durring his brief reign as Brilliant Lord of Fire was a renowened traveler of many realms. His accounts were all alike in that they were each as outlandish as the next and as unbelievable as an ancient Legend. Doomsayer tales and Centaur. "Horses" and Dragons made of varnished metal. Lasers and machines. Travel to and from stars to lands such as Aras and even stranger.
The most outright and irregular thing regarding Aras is in the end, according to his Brilliance, is not that the sky is vacant of all but a single isle. Rather the Elendi are not, and Taurn are rarer still. Mans are all Karnina tan. Like the Orcnin, Dwar, and Elendi there are creatures that are far more Mans than Dwarn. Elendi share the peach and tan skins of the Karn. Dwar somewhat darker, and Orcnin somewhat red.
Dragons of this realm Aras came of five type red, blue, green, black, white. These beast ruled the Land of Aras without contest. The Conquorer's Brilliance was, to tell the tale, of such affront to the Great Dragon Lords of Aras that Lord Girin was driven from the land without pause or delay.
Others have said to travel to Aras and traveled amongst cities of Darian and the Elendi, not Elendi. Named Havaline, the sole skyborn land of this other worldf and supposedly no larger than a rover, this isle is the heart's deme of these strange Elendi not Elendi. Havaline Elendi are said to look like the Karn, and not only Girin claims such. The Dwar look like Karn. In fact the entire world is Karn skinned. It is hard to imagine a world without red skin and blue, faces without stars upon them, and hair of auburn and straw alone. If you were raised to it perhaps you would find a normal rainbow skinned Mans and green skinned Elendi exotic, or even shocking!
What little is known of this land for certain is that it is ruled by Dragons. Mighty wyrms greater than the beasts of this world. Perhaps the greatest of Dragon High Lords compares to these beasts, but to the last the dragons of Aras are terrible dragons. They only come in five metalic colors, and they lay eggs to have their children. Dragons can get large, but these beasts are born large. Beasts they do seem to be, and perhaps are not dragons as such. Dragons in the real world are the hybrid of beast and plant. Neither and both combined - while the dragons of Aras are clearly beasts, and quite concerned with their progeny.

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Oh hell yeah! Sblocks are back!

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Orcnin Horde

Doom and Woebefall anyone who would seek audience, or the court, of the Orcnin. The existence of propriety amongst Ogran’s children is … tacit at best. Dominance is the only rule of behavior. Commands are the only respected form of communication, and empty threats are a kindness when lethal force is used wantonly. Amongst the Orcnin there is a strict racial hegemony. Unlike the Elendi or the Taurn the many breeds of Orcnin are drastically different. Goblin and Kobold, O’Sa, O’Ha, Gnoll, Troll, (or Gn'ole and Tro'ole) and many more – each breed made for a purpose. Each species a component in the ever prophesied army of Ogran. The 'Army of Ogran' is perhaps the most direct translation of the word 'Orcnin' itself. At least as it is spoken amongst the Orcnin themselves. It is a Mans conceit that has stolen the word (actually) 'Ogran’s' and transliterated it directly into Orcnin.

The initial meeting with an Orcnin (of any sort) is best when full of bluster. One Orcnin has no real compunction in killing and eating another Orcnin. In fact, most `Sa keep the teeth of Goblins (Gob'lin'ha) as jewelry, and they would consider you downright shameful wearing the teeth of any creature you don’t kill and consume yourself. It is also downright shameful to back away from a fight – even one you know you will lose. Amongst the Orcnin there are thousands of subtle rules of engagement. Paramount to any attempting to integrate or gain influence in an Hoard of Orcnin is the recognition of the racial Hegemony. At this time the Orcnin’Ha, are the dominate species. How this is determined is a mystery to anyone not Archon of the Triune Dark Lord Ogran. What this means is that the `Ha will always win. If a Goblin could kill a `Ha – he will instead surrender. Everytime. This divine mandate is the only thing keeping the Orcnin hoards intact. Without it, the internal strife would tear the Orcnin asunder, literally consume itself, and leave the world a safer place.

No Orcnin needs to be explained how to deal with Orcnin, but the first thing that any non-Orcnin needs to be aware of is that they are Goblins (save free of Ogran) in the eyes of all Orcnin. Goblins are the least of the Orcnin, the servants and messengers of the army. Goblins may not wear any teeth save those of other Goblins, like non-Orcnin. Entering into an Orcnin hoard for the purpose of business is easy. Keep your weapons sharp. Sneer at everyone, and threaten (or use) physical violence against Goblins wantonly. Assuming you properly impress the watchers – you will be lead to the Sa or their proxies. There you make your bargain, and are ideally allowed to leave unmolested. Those foolhardy enough to seek a deeper connection with the Orcnin have a more difficult task ahead of them. They must transcend their Goblin status in some manner or another. There are numerous ways and all involve death and destruction. The simplest method is to 'become a Troll' though that 'path' is not pleasant. To 'become a Troll' you simply need think of nothing but food and death. Loose all sense of reason. Attack first, last, and always. You may be able to earn a 'Troll Mark' amongst the Orcnin. That is … the `Ha will give you (or more accurately allow you to keep) a Troll tooth to serve as a sign of your place in Orcnin society … If you live in the Tro'pits with the Gnolls.

The elders of Orcnin society are eaten as a delicacy. All food is served raw or seared for flavor. Orcnin young are eaten on a regular basis, but it is a taboo to eat of your own breed save for sacred religious ceremonies. It is, though, not uncommon for a Ha to force a Goblin to eat his own foot. A routine punishment for failure is having one of your eyes removed and eaten in front of you. The worst place to be in Orcnin society is missing an arm or an eye. To have lost both means that you are simply carrying stuff and waiting for your turn to be turned into stew. Cabnetry is not a science practiced amongst the majority of Horde. There are Gno'pits found in any Orcnin hoard where the doomed are kept until the time comes for them to be eaten. A pathetic collection of that Horde's refuse. It is considered an honor to be allowed to make the dinner selection from such a pin, and traditionally it is the chooser that is allowed to keep the teeth of their chosen meal. There is only one way out of the Gno'pits. Through the Tro'pits.

At this time among the Horde there are three major 'political' organizations. The Baragan, the Gagarin, and those described as the Traditionalists. Were it not for the traditions of Ancient Triunism, the Traditionalists would be the greatest ally of The Empire. However, the traditional relationship between Orcnin and Mans, Orcnin and Elendi, Orcnin and Dwar … is antagonism, murder, and genocide. As it stands the Baragan are the nearest to 'allies' of The Empire. Gagarin adhere to an absolute fabrication of Ogran's that the War Hero and New God Girin was actually a Troll. This is absolutely not true. Girin's lesser archon was a Mans, and a powerful one at that. His war cult commands a small breed of barbarian bottom lander Mans and now nearly half of the Orcnin Horde. The Baragan are the most diplomatic social society of Orcnin'Sa. A sky born philosophy of the Horde that deal with pirates.  High sky pirates ally with Ronian and Taurn armies for mutual defence against both the Dragoons and the Horde, and thusly the Baragan build alliances with Mid Sky Mans pirates, a Race once deemed 'Gno' and only good for food. Consolidation of the Baragan with The Empire is nonetheless a pie dream as The Empire would have to first embrace the pirates, and their codes, into the imperial councils. Pirates are in a sense the hight of outlawed arconistics, and without a true pirate archon to stand in the Grand Council neither will Orcnin'Ha (and their powers of Dominion), the pirates (and their arconistics), nor the Baragan (and their diplomacy) will be accepted by The Empire. 

sketchy at best

I had a sheet of paper with all the Orcnin Horde and Breed names written down. I have revivified them as this piece of paper has varnished ..something, anyhow..!

Gian - The first born of Ogran's Army. Half Stone. Living Construct/Elemental/Beast
Troll - The supposed first born of Ogran's Army.
Gno - anything that the Orcnin'Ha won't breed with. Lit. 'Only good for food' or ubreadable.
Gnoll - a beastial / doglike breed of Orcnin.
Baragan - Sky Born War Hero and New God of the Third Empire.
Gagarin - Mistransliteration of the word Girin.
Orcnin'Sa - The rulers of the Orcnin, taller and burlier than Sa. 
Orcnin'Ha - Once rulers of the Orcnin. Resemble walking bullfrogs.
Hob'gob'Sa (Gob'lin'Sa) or simply Ho'Sa a breed spawned from Goblin that resemble the Orcnin'Sa.
Ko'gno'lad - (Kobold) or Orcnin'Ka tiny furry monsters with latching jaws. Highly intelligent.
Grim'loc - Blind proto versions of Orcnin'Sa
Ko'Cher - (Choker) Plant like tentacle Orcnin, resembling Trolls only smaller with tentacles.
Og'ren - 'People of Ogran' massive brutes said to resemble the visions of Ogran.
Shakar - oft mistook for Taurn, an aqutic breed of Orcnin, similar to Hobgoblins.
Ath'ack - Ogre with extra limbs and heads, and tails and such. Sometimes, Mongrelmen.
Skum - a rarer proto version of Orcnin'Sa (amphibious). 
Fiend - A Mans, Elendi, or Dwar that has joined the Horde.

Goblin - Gob'lin'Ha, Miniature versions of Orcnin'Ha. Similar to Mans, but smaller. 

I also had a sketch of a basic 'Goblin Toung' using the sylables as protowords, and you can see bits of that are being worked in. Such as 'Gno' as a Ogran word used by Dwar as a pejorative for their wizards, and also embraced (oddly) by the Gnome Nation of the Moon. The Dwar race is divided by Mid Sky, The Empire, and their clashing warrior/wizard ideals. Nearly all of the Gnomes are trained in Arconistics (originally a development of the Orcnin'Ha) and none are the match for even the average Dwar Knight, sans their Arconistic Powers. I want to continue with the development of the 'Goblin Toung' in favor of making *yet another* Elendi/Elven language, even though Elendi is not Elf. 

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Flame Dragon

The orange worm, the furious beast. Fire elemental dragons are perhaps the least intelligent of all dragon kind. Perhaps their elemental affiliations have an effect on their thought process, or perhaps they think so fast their behavior seems alien to us mortals. The eternal beast are all highly intelligent creatures once they reach their maturation. Even if they remain in their seedling forms they are will continue to develop cognitively. Their affiliation with the flame element grants them numerous different abilities unlike the gift of flight granted to all the wind beasts, the gift of melting given to the water beasts, or the gift of metal granted to the stone beasts. Flame dragons can spit terryifying rage into the minds of those around them by altering the temperature. Many can fly via some nature form of heat adjustment. Of all the types of natural beasts the developed Flame Beasts have been known to practice arconistics. Technometrics is a science learned from the ways of the Tolonese dragon lords, and works equally well for dragon kind as it does for the Tolonese Mans. The nature of Orcnin Arconistics is the act of recrafting the elements of existence with the power of your understanding of the divine beings, and acting toward the goal of becoming one. As such, the Natural Beasts of the world have such a subtle nature to them. This nature places much greater burdens upon the beast kind than those of us with souls gifted by the Arcons. 

A common initial nature of a flame dragon is that of a fruit. Small, red, with a little piece of tuft of green at the top. Little starlights glow just upon the skin. They grow in patches. Should a more advanced beast fall in combat the delicious little fruit undergoes the process of maturation into a juvinile stage of development. The number of the flames that develop is based on the elemental variances of the region when the elder dies. Should an ancient be destroyed. The entire relm will undergo the process of Dragon's Rising. Anyone who cares to pay keen attention to the elemental balances, be they arconist or adherent, will immediatly feel the change in the balances. The entire region's worth of immature, juvinile, seedling, or aged dragons will begin the transformation. They will develope further in the blood power to redress the balances of the elements. The flame berry, for example usually develops into a long lanky racer without wings. Some become little bubble shaped eaters that fly with heat vortex assisted wings. The bubble type is ruffly and the size of a sparrow. The runner type has full use of its heat breath, and will be able to easily develop a heat sphere that creates an invisibility phenomena, as well as sweltering their opponent. 

For several years after this shift, or perhaps another death amongst the elders the juvinile flames will be able to grow through a regenerative and developmental process similar to sleep. This is the point in time that they are the most voulnerable. For many days they will be completely insensible to the outside world. In most cases they coil or huddle into an completely unmoving state and in the case of the Flames they will usually surrounded by a heat flield of a strength higher powered than they are able to make awake. Do not think that you will be entierly safe from their claws and bite when they are asleep, usually insensible and froven does not mean always. I have a scar from a sleeping Flame earned when taking a measure of the beasts temperature. 464 gold 7 silver Tolonese, at least and that from the tail tip. The Tolonese beasts charge their coin with power in vast machines that somehow charge off of the heat. The lamp that sits above Tolone One shines with the power of four sleeping dragons. These beast obey the dragon overlord's command and have stayed their natural wanderings. In most of the world they wander wildely, and are driven to travel by the quicksilver shifting of the elemental flames balancing. 

Water flows, and winds ****. Stones sit. Plants grow. Light beams, and flame whips. Dragons of darkness are not real. Those less learned regarding the dragon species know that the so called 'black dragons' are usually lights, waters, or flames. The lights can directly shine darkness as well as light, and many flames have a little understood ability to effect the eyes of their victums. Your vision grows dark, and your sense of equilibrium if comprimised to a degree. Some fall immediatly to the ground blind. Some are scarcely effected by the experience at all, and any soul with a fire gift is not only immune but energized by the experience. Imperial Dragoons greatly prize those elder Flames that have this particular ability as they are able to increase the fighting power of entire units with their natural emmanations. More than simply a fire spout that can amplify a Dragoon's gift the defensive ability of these Flames is highly effective. No ancient ever stays with the Dragoon's armies, and only rarely will an elder remain after the Knight who tamed it has died. For this and other obvious reasons it is usually an Elen that leads an Imperial Dragoon Regiment. Once dragons of all colors were common amongst the Dragoon's, but in these times Stones are the most common with some winds and flames. Rare are the Light beasts in the Imperial cities, and none of water and plant. 

Amongst the Dragoons it is required of them to go out and get tame their own dragon. This rite of passage is what makes a legionare into a knight. There is a ethos amongst them that has grown weak in these modern times. A True Dragoon, was once what a Knight was called when they mastered many Dragons. Legends speak of the Hoards of the True Dragoons, but within Imperial City there are perhaps seventy Knights with more than one dragon, and they scarcely more than three. Teams of Flame Dragons are perhaps the most common, winds are mostly single, and some say that the lack of True Dragoons is the reason for absence of Water and Plant beasts. "Taming a Water beast is said to only be possible by one who has tamed a Flame." Being an old Dragoon saying. The waters are perhaps the most elluisve of all the Beasts one could imagine that having a dragon help would be a wise idea. Waters and Lights demand great freedom from their Knights, while Flame Beasts demand a great power within their masters. 

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:bash: Today I will be revealing the weakest element of my world building skills. The book that this material is being written for is an in character in world item. Its a travel and diplomancy guide. Created by a Mans maid for her family. There are brief racial descriptions (mostly what I have posted) and then .....these.


The Crosslands are the largest Imperial Colony on the Bottomlands. Founded durring the first Mans-Tree wars. Reval and (xx) were the beacheads of the Imperial Armies, and their houses are held in regard akin to the Dragoon Knighthoods that rule the Dargonian Isle. If the Dargonian lands and peoples could be called metropolitan the Crosslands Imperial Nations are certainly provencial. Of the Dargonian Nations Asper is perhaps the most similar to the Crosslands. Peaceful and generally free of strife. While the Crosslands are bordered by Orcnin territories such as the Goblin Forest coval, and the Taurn dominated deserts goval, there is little warfare amongst them. The reason for this is, of course, the grand arconistic roads and protective wards of the Imperial Arcons. Due to these enchantments Orcnin are rarely found in the Crosslands. It is more likely to meet an Orcnin in Imperial City than it is to be accosted by one in the Crosslands. These protective enchantments are ancient and have kept The Imperial Crosslands in safety for centuries. 

The two grand archonistic roads created durring the second Mans-Tree war, before arconistics was banned from Imperial Domain, are safe to walk only by those who have been granted lee to walk them. Once it was the Imperial Arconists that would have held these gates, but since the expunging of Imperial Arconistics the power of access has been held by the Arcons and their reprasentatives. The rule is simple. One must be an Imperial Citizen to walk upon the road. Any other being that attempts to walk upon the roads, or even come close to them, is repelled by phenomenal force and no small assortment of archonistic trappery. Teleportation and direct explosive force are common expressions of the power of the roads. Weak willed creatures are simply avered, and even the most fearsom of beasts are sapped of their strength when attempting to approach the roads. The 'long road' begins in the heart of the Crosslands and ends near the coblin shore of the bottomlands. The 'short road' crosses the long road near its coblin end point and head goval. Hence the term Crosslands despite the fact that the cross point of the two roads is far from the border of the Crosslands themselves. The majority of the two roads is actually in the Taurnin or Tyrnin wastes coblin of the Crosslands proper. 

(xx) lays tacit claim to all the Taurnin lands, but lacks the drive or strength to take those lands. The Crosslands are peacful and productive. The wastes are harsh and violent. There is little profit to be made in conquoring those lands, and most believe that someday soon the Taurn will come to ally more strongly with The Empire. Should the disparate Taurn tribes join forces with The Empire there shall be no need to conquor the Tyrnin wastes. Though how the Taurn tribes will acclimitize with the Imperial Councils and the Imperial Arcons is another matter entierly. Life in the Crosslands proper is highly regulated. Daily worship empowers the younger dieties and the Imperial Councils to create the necessities of life as it does in the skies. The city arcons maintain the massive enchantments that prevent Trees from encroaching into Mans territories, and bolster the armies of the Empire. Regular patrols of non dragoon soldiery patrol the borders of the Crosslands to prevent Orcnin bands from threatening the safety of the central Crosslands cities. Reval performs annual hunts to cleanse the forests and shores of Orcnin and hostile Taurn. 

Reval itself is one of the most powerful houses of The Empire. Though many may consider them barbaric their strength has protected the Crosslands since the beginning. Viscious and cruel are the words that come to my mind, but vigorous and exacting could be synonyms for those terms. Revalian crystal is powered by the souls of the dead. If one positive thing can be said of the Revalians it is that they do not seek to press their ways upon the rest of The Empire. Proud and isolated. Powerful and steadfast. (xx) could be called agrarian, pastoral, and peaceful. While the Revalians are intent on producing warriors of equal calibur to the dragoons (xx) are busy producing Imperial citizens. It is due to the (xx) that the Crosslands has a quarter of the territory as the Dargonian Empiral Lands, and half the population. Non Revalian life in the Crosslands revolves around ceremony, marriage, and faith. Much fine craftwork is produced without any intention of using it as export. Rather clothing and jewelry is created as gifts for friends and family. 

Traveling to a from the Crosslands is usually annual. The last of the great Rover islands carves a yearly path through the skies from Dargonia to the Crosslands. As the Crosslands is self sufficient and, at this time, not in war there is little need for regular trade. Dragoons make regular quests to the Crosslands from the skies, but these quests are individual and usually done on dragon back. Some ships can be hired to travel to the bottom lands, but the cost is steep. Rover islands were created for a reason. It is as perilous to sail the skies of the Bottomlands, and to hire a ship to take you there is expensive. Doubly so as there is scarce profit to be made from the Crosslands in trade. The value of the Crosslands to The Empire is not in barter but in control. The Imperial Crosslands are a foot of The Empire upon the Bottomlands. A foot set down durring the Mans-Tree wars that The Empire will value eternally. When necessary this foot is used to kick Silestria and the Tyrnin. It is used to exert the will of The Empire against the strongest hoards of the Orcnin when necessary, and has remained strong and growing ever stronger since the end of the Mans-Tree wars. 


Ok, reading that you should notice two things right out. A, I don't even have the name for the second emperial house of the Crosslands. Reval has been around since day one, and the Crosslands have existed semi-substantially as a backdrop. Technically Revalians are antagonists, while (xx) are the 'good guys' but ..... B, I should have names and dates. Some sense of timeline better than 'substantiated around the time of the Mans-Tree wars.....and yeah' at some point.....maybe on this thread I wrote down some hero story about some Dragoons.....but I'll have to find it. This piece? Is most def a rough. I feel like I should get some more of these regionals out - despite them being absolute rubbish. I shouldn't be scared to do real rough drafts

Anyhow! Ta! 

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Ack, I did two Crosslands.. blast. I'll have to synthisise.

The nature of the Fey, brainstormin'

The different types of fey are the 'mind/plant elementals' of the wonderful world (which I have decided is what 'Sty-Rn' means in Taurn ~ it was always 'earth/here' but I wasn't certain what language or what connotations it had, 'wonderful world' will work perfectly, so fey.. ) and they are spawned from the ideas of place and object, and their substance is secondary. wood or soot or even a bush. A dryad is a collection of leaves and sticks, while the sprites (Pixies, Nixies, Gremlins, and Grigs) are actually living plants almost akin to the vegetable races.  Nymphs are practically humans, and the Tuathan *seem* real (in your mind), though they are little more than the dust stirred to reflect the light just right. However much the Sprites and Nymphs are solid and resemble a normal living creature they are not. They subsist off the sustenance of dreams. A sprite must keep their vegetable vehicle alive, but the Nymphs need not worry even about that much.


Tuathan (palaces, castles, rooms, a fairy)
They appear to be of your Race and have long memories. Usually proud to declare their identities, but sometimes extremely secrative. There will always be a prominant distinguishing mark of somekind other than physical features (such as a hat or a coat pen) as they always appear to the beholder as strikingly beautiful. 

Chimera (dangerous places, ancient ruins, a fairy)
The difference between a Tuathan and a Chimera is allot of bad memories. 

Gorgon (holes in the ground and snakes, a nymph)
Amongst the prancing Napaeae and the babbeling Niads the Gorgon nymphs hide. Elusive and compeling they stare with whipcrack eyes. 

Grig (little lover, a sprite)
Hard to find unless they want to be. The Grig is a peculiar little cactus whose spines create a number of enjoyable reactions in the beast peoples. 

Pixie (little sleeper, a sprite)
A naturally invisible creature. Made of the rarest almost crystalin plant. With the powers of the fey the pixie can coast on slightest wind, and ebb consiousness or memory from a beast like sap from a tree. 

Gremlin (workshops factories, a sprite)

Bogan (homes, public greens, stores, a fairy)
Happy friendly fairy that keep mostly to themselves. Known for making rare appearances to mortals in order to give them carefully considered advice.  

Knockin (tunnels, mines, ore veins, a fairy)
Perhaps the best known and most active of all the fairy. Knockin guide mortals through their underground homes, and dice for crystal at the entrance of their homes.  

Alseid (glens, groves, meadows, a nymph)

Auloniad (pasture, vales, fields, a nymph)

Crinaeae (fountains, city parks, statues, a nymph)

Dryad (forests, a fairy)
The lords of all Fey. The great dryads are only rivaled in power by the oreads, and are by far more common and sensible than the rash moutain fairy. Both Oreads and Dryads overlord countless Nerieds, Naiads, Pagaeae, Hesperides (of course), and even Meliae and Chimera. The Dryad will mostly likely have alliance with druid and Oread. Goval Forest is a powerful Dryad that rules perhaps the largest swath of the Bottom Lands, rivaled only by Goblin Forest a fiercer Dryad with strong alliances to the Chimera and Oreads of the Goblin Mountains. 

Hamadryad (an individual tree, a nymph)
To each tree there is a nymph. Where it be? No one can ever say for certain. Made of bent light and quick water the Hamadryad goes and does what it wills. The only way to truely destroy it being to destroy the tree from which it spawned, and even then the hamadryad may remain as a meliae or spook after a fashion. Much of the nature of the hamadryad is determined by the Dryad or Oread whome the hamadryad is born under. 

Hesperides (flowers/gardens, a fairy) 
The smallest fey. Even smaller than a Nixie the Hesperides are not bigger than a flower. Made of polen and delight they play perpetually underfoot and under fingers. In happy homes full of sweet smells Hesperides are busy loosing spoons and finding buttons. 

Nixie (little killer, a sprite) 
Just ever so much bigger than your thumb, and ever so much stouter than a beast, the Nixie is a tireless and resilient little shrub that looks ever so exactly like Mans. Nixies prefer darkness and can often summon a shroud of night to conceal their presence. 
Meliae (graves, battlegrounds, a nymph)
The dreams of death and battle give rise to the Meliae. Not memories of the actual dead but the imagination of the tales of war and strife. They are caprisious at the least, and viscious at their worst. Only Chimera are a more fearsom fey. 

Naiads (rivers, a nymph)
The babbeling Naiad is adorable to behold and a gracious freind. However they are reclusive and much prefer to remain upon the shores of their beloved rivers. 

Napaeae (grotto, a nymph)
Sometimes called the hidden nymph the Napaeae rarely leave their secluded grottos. Those that make friends with a Napaeae will have a place of safety and seclusion for the rest of their days. The Napaeae are the most common practitioners or Arcanistics amongst the fey. 

Nereids (shores, a nymph)
The baudy Nereids are the fast friends of those that sail the waters. 

Oceanids (deep waters, a nymph)
The unseen Oceanids live in the deepest waters. The aquatic races are very familiar with Oceanids and their ways, while those that live on the land scarcely know they exist. 

Oreads (mountains, a fairy)
Stern and unforgiving the Oread is aware of every aspect of their mountain. Not a single soul breaths within the Oread's domain that is not seen and accounted for by the Oread.

Pagaeae (springs, a fairy)
Fun loving and spritely the Pagaeae have a fondness for shapechanging. Appearing as an animal or a sprite and then reappearing as a face upon the waters. Their nature makes them ever fresh and full of hope. 

Pooka (a fairy - usually rides upon a mortal)
A strange fey. The pooka is a companion. Those that have a pooka for a friend will appear to have some strange feature. A tail, cat ears, or a fancy feather ever behind their ear or in their hat. The pooka will keep the company of a mortal for all its years, leaving only rarely to take care of emergencies and important matters. 

Pasha (a fairy - spirit of a story)
Passionate entertainers the Pasha appear as exotic and seductive members of another race. They delight in holding the allure of a mortal for long hours as they tell their tales. Some fear the Pasha more than a Chimera. Run long enough and you may escape the reach of a Chimera, but a Pasha knows no bounds. A good story could end in all manner of ways, and not all of them are pleasant. 

Spook (a nymph - the memory of the dead) 
The dream of a lost loved one creates the most poignant of the Fey. Not frightening in the least the Spook is rather sad. Knowing what it is, and knowing worse how little it can do for the bereaved most spooks simpley wander off. Oft mistooken for ghosts spooks make their homes with Tuathan and Knockin. Spooks and Meliae rarely get along. Meliae are a fey that all but seek death, while spooks are the heart wrenching loss of a loved one made real. 

Selkie (a fairy - a sea) 

Like Dryads and Oreads the Selkie is a being of great power. Silest is the selkie of the innner sea of the Bottom Lands, and her ire is legendary. It is the selkie that brings tempest and to the selkie must reprations be made. 

..nice little brainstorm.. will have to come up with better uniqueifiers for the Alseid, Auloniad, and Crinaeae nymphs. right now I am kinda thinking of them as 'slightly different hamadryads' and I am also considering how to handle 'nations' ..Arconid? God Fey? Perhaps.....

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Elemental Nature Scraps

Dark Orcnin hail from the transelemental realms. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each element exists within a shifted where the element has primacy and the functions with only the light, mind, and beast. Dark orcnin are the only beings capable of existing within the realms of the elements. The Jinn and Fey…..find their true homes here ..in time.


Light flows into the matric of the four terrestrial elements. Called true arcanos, primessense, or vivos by the Vivomancers of old. The element of light is the domain of Miria Ancient. With her beneficence was the empire able to be founded. Those within the realms of the empire are illuminated. In the magical light of of her lamps the the citezens of the empire are able to live and work without fear of the darkness. In the ornin lands most of the races can see in the dark, and those that can't either operate entierly blindly or are the fire bearers. The Kobolds are both nearly blind and one of the original fire bearers. The tiny Orcnin are also among the most ancient. Their caves hold some of the eldest records of the Orcnin peoples. Without the power of vivos all would be unseable and unformed. There would be no space between and all existence could not be.


Earth Air Fire Water. Sky filling up space between bodies of water and earth, fire following where sky leaves off. The two val float on the interplay of the two lin. Water and earth buyed within the sea of sky and the roar of fire. Light fills the space between each element and fills them with vivos. Motivation. Pusuence. Force. As the islands humble round their ordinals and the font pours from the Dragon's Home above us all to the grand bottom lands below the waters fall. Down down down to the couldron of fire that sits above nothing, and upholds all. The world matric is a gargantuan ball of flame that is simultaniously impossibly huge and infentessimally small. Oneness and that which is and is not the space yet between the vivos and the val and lin is the realm of the Diplomancer.


The mind is the power of change. An untenable weight the tells water to fall and fire to climb. Time is an element of mind and rare are those that understand how time is not one step in front of the other but a pearl of explosions expanding or contracting through the universe. The chronomancer understands the nature of both mind and beast, and has never been able to explain what some call the nega element of mind.


Beast is life. Mans, Orcnin, and Dariens. All beings dragon or mortal are of the element beast. Like the contemplation of the world flame the element beast is the synthisis of all the elements and is also an element. The beast is the element that is able to walk into the realms of the val, the lin, and the nega and return to its own transelemental plane. The one in which I and you belong.


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Mountain Giants


The Mountain Giant. The Resting Ones. The Greatest of Ogran. In the tongue of
the Orcnin'Ha all of the Giant kind are known as Gian. Like most Orcnin terms
the name has many uses. Gian is perhaps best translated as 'you can stand on it'
or dirt. Useless is a connotation, but not in a valueless sense. Something you
cannot control is useless by the ethos given to the Orcnin'Ha and the Gian are
beyond the control of even the Orcnin'Sa. Tall as mountians. When they say that
the Gian grow as tall as the mountains they mean it. They sit mostly. Never
moving, but when they do the bottom lands shake. It is said that they have once
climed to the very top of the world to test who could reach for Dragon's Home.
Legend claims none could reach so far. Other legends say that it was a Mountain
Giant that placed the Dragon's Home so high in the sky as a gift to the Dragons.

They do not eat at all. They breath. They are dirt and moss and growing things.
collosal and unfendable. A large gian can stomp upon a Mans. A small Gian is
larger than a Troll. Dragon's prey upon them, and many are homes to swarms.
Their ethos is one that welcomes death as the gods have seen fit to make them
immortal. Barring injury like a Troll the Gian do not die naturally. Many have
been torn asunder and done in durring the Mans Tree Wars. Cern the Mountain is
Largest Mountain Giant known to the Empire and he was so huge that when he stood
his head was above the ridge of Dolor. Cern was torn assunder by legions of
Blooms durring the last Mans Tree Wars. The battle of the Lilly Squad brought
about the downfall of the Orcnin'Ha. It was said that non could best a Gian save
Ha and Mans. Ghoul too stupid and the Goblin too small, but the Walking Flowers
destroyed Cern with thier roots and vines. Thousands of worming feet dissolve
the Gian flesh. To pay Ogran for the gift of death Cern battled mightily. The
Lilly Scuad lost two members and their legions lost hundreds.

The youngest of the Gian are the size of a house. A boulder that rolls down a
mountain. They grow in accordance with the Ascendancy of the Earth Elements and
are granted the gifts of life and growth by the gift of Ogran. It is said that
some Archons other than the Triad create Gian but the Emperial New Gods
foreswore the patronage of Orcnin. The Ancient Arconistics foreswore the
patronage of Mans, and the Pride Gods name only the Taurn. Even though there are
Orcnin Gods amongst the Emperial New Gods and Mans Gods amongst the Archonistic
tribunals. The five brothers that rule the grand guild, and the Many Ladies of
Stone patron Fey, but the Flame Brothers and The Pillars do not. In this day the
Orcnin that forsake the ways of their ethos and swear to the laws of The Empire
are allowed to be citizens, but no Gian has ever done so.

The only joy the Gian share with The Empire is the drink of Mans. There is no
travelers spirit amongst them. Their ethos breeds greatness amongst them, and
they contest each other single combat with the turning of the seasons, or when
commanded so by the Orcnin'Sa. In the ancient times the Orcnin'Ha would be
required to best a Gian before gaining the Mountain Giant's obediance, but the
end of the Mans Tree Wars changed that, and the wisdom of the Orcnin'Sa was
crowned with the imperative of Ogran. The Orcnin say that the wisdom of the Sa
is like stone. Slow but perfect. They have lead the Orcnin people with Ogran's
blessing for some six thousand years.

Most of the Gian are terrifyingly destructive. Born from those items that are
destroyed in battle the Gian spirit bonds with the earth and clay in which the
once living item lays. Akin to a dragon's birth the power of Ogran vivifies the
very ground with the spent item of power as the heart of the beast. Many Gian
are made of numerous items gathered and transmuted by Arconistics to create a
yet more terrifying creature than an immortal behemoth. Gian with gemstone eyes
are always the product of Arconistics while those that seem to bear no
distinctive features that of nature itself. Most Gian are born of nothing more
than Ogran's will and the grace of the gods. Living for at most only a few
hundred years before being ground to dust in ritual combat. There is no speaking
to a Gian save you are of the Orcnin'Sa or you have defeated the Mountain Giant
in battle, and few can subdue a Gian. Most Gian will battle to the bitter end
unless their opponent is Orcnin. It is said that since the end of the Mans Tree
Wars even a worthy band of Goblin may win a favor of the Gian through a test of
strength and battle prowess.








The Shark

The Shakar, Shakataur, The Shark. Commonly confused for a Taurn the Shakar are
not. Beasts of a more dire creation adherent supposedly to Elendria, but acting
ever more inline with the tenants of Ogran. Fearsom aquatic creatures that live
in the outer shores that seperate the Bottom Lands from the edge of the world.
It is their claim only to be refuted by the Arcons that their people guard the
falls that lead to the under side of the world. Supposidly mosters of untolled
terror attempt to climb their way from the underside of the world and that they
The Shark have earned every stolen prize in the right of their people. This is
likely a bold faced tale told by a truely bizzare and alien creation of the
gods. Some proclaim that the Shakar were first convieved by Ogran and are in
truth Orcnin. Others proclaim the same of all Taurn. Only the Arcon's know the
truth, and have never attempted to explain the essence of patronage.

Without the sacred truth Mans and Taurn must use guess work and analysis to say
that Shakar are Orcnin, Taurn, or Elen. They are Shakar and perhaps that should
be enough. Should Fara have stolen the nightmare of Elendria the Shakar would
be Taurn. They are not Fey and they are not Dwarien. This much is certain. They
breath the water in the same fashion as the Aquan Elendi. They suffocate on the
land as fast as a Mans underwater. They wear little, less than the Aquan Elendi,
much in the way of the dragons that walk amongst men. Their homes are the
dense vegitation of the outer shores. The tight weaves of sea trees and grasses
hundreds of feet long acts as a shelter from the surges of the seas. The Aquan
Elendi suffer and sometimes war with the Shakar, and they are rare upon The
shores of the Bottom Lands. Thalian and Shakar legends alike speak of the
coming of the Dar. The humble Dar quietly grow in number upon the vastness of the
Lands, but if the legends of Doom are true the Dar come from the underside of
the world. Their invasion surpasing The Shark and The Troll alike to carve out
a territory on the bottom lands after crossing the endless sea and who knows
what before.

Shakar eat meat. Rare amongst the Elen the Shakar eat like dragons. They must
devour the life essense of another creature to survive, and for whatever reason
the strength of Elendria does not satiate the lust of Fara. Dinner manners are
much like that of the Orcnin if not more relaxed. Most Shakar hunt and eat on
the hunt, and banquets amongst the Shakar are morbid affairs of silence and
corpses. Most beast eating Taurn and Orcnin prefer to chunk their meat into
limbs. The Shakar do not. There are Aquan Elendi Demes that have reported to the
empire that the Shakar have eaten Elen or Mans but the Shakar peoples are so
disperssed and decentralized there is no way for the empire to take action.
Some Aquan Elendi Demes house Dragoons, but certainly not most. The endless sea
is mostly unknown to the empire. Aquan Elendi tell many tails and there has
never been an invasion of Shakar into any Imperial territory. The Shark
menaces the sea and has no intent upon land.

Trading with the Shakar is certainly something that would require no small
amount of travel in bizzare lands to most of the world. Months of safe travel
underwater, and weeks of sailing and sinking to the outer shores. They closest
collection of Shakar is amongst the Coval Shores, and have accepted Imperial
envoy in the past. They posses a talant diplomancy as the Kinder Elen. Beaded
bags that hold far more than they seem. Powerful enchantments that displace the
wearer in location but not in plane allowing you to move as though though you
were the wind in the water. An adventurous soul can swim through a grand ring
and thereby travel to one of numerous location in the world. Many Shakar possess
such gates, and were their secret not obviously Arconistics of the highest
order the empire would surely have adopted their usage. Similar devices of
Orcnin are Mans must be linked to a specific location. The Shakar gates are
easily reconnected to one another, and can even fling you to a destination
without a recieving gate.

Those that seek the pure lands without a purpose stone often seek amongst the
outer shores. Whether it is the Shakar's fault or some other menace beyond the
reach of the Empire these sojurners rarely return. There are islands of size
large enough to build a city or even larger civilization upon them. These
settlements are surely plauged by the raiding of the Shakar, and are perhaps
most likely location to happen accross The Shark. Water magics and vivomancy
allow the Shakar to come ashore for short periods of time to obtain their due.
Never forget that the Shakar people protect to very borders of the world from
dire monsters of untold power plauging the realms of Mans and Elendi. The most
proper greeting when finding yourself amongst them is 'Thank you and your people
for your protection of my homeland' this will most likely ingratiate you to a
group of Shakar regardless of the legends veracity.











Direlendi, Winged Elen, Half Elen. These Dragon are known as Elen for honors
sake if for no other reason. They seem Elen, and they were bred to be Elen by
the Arcon Elendria since long before the foundation of The Empire. Like the
Kinder Elen the Direlendi are Dwarien. As the legends say the pure Mans were
destroyed by the Arcon's vanity. When creation brought Dwar into being from
the bitterness between Ogran and Elendria both the Dwarien and the beast entered
the understanding of the Arcon's themselves. We find the idea simple. The
dragons and the Dwarien remain the same through the shifting of the planes.
Should you enter the realm of fire we shall transubstantiate to assimilate to
the proper substance. A Dwarien and any true beast will suffer the burn of the
fire and would fall in the sky were it not that Direlendi float.

The pure Elendi that are Patroned by Elendria share what is known as Elendria's
sorrow. Elendria keeps mostly Trees and Blades of Grass. Humble dirt and moss.
Elendria's sorrow is the power to float. This she crafted from the blood of her
dragons and the Direlendi. It is Elendria's promise to turn Dragon into Dwarien
and create her Elendi as she should have in the beggining. The shattering of the
realms was not a shattering of existence but what is different between the
Arcons and the unity of creation. In one act creation itself reacted to the
actions of the Arcons and the pure element of the beast was recognized in
defference to earth and wind. Presumably in the isles of flame there is
another Direlendi. Elendria is one of the Triumverate of creators. She wove moss
on the dirt and made bug upon lava. Vermin and trees. Fruits and leaves. There
must be denzins of the flame or the wind that have Elendria's gift and blessing.

Like all dragons the Direlendi do not posses a gift from the Arcons. Simply
being a dragon is a gift enough. The power of the beast is adaption and
Direlendi desire to do so can develope any ability that they want. In a sense
like unto a newborn Arcon a dragon can expose themselves to the elemental forces
in order to develop an affinity for water or fire. The sandstorm dragons are a
ferocious earth beast challenge for anyone who would. The natural skills and
talants of the less intelligent beasts are mimicked by the Direlendi using
ancient rituals and primal elemental Arconistics. Similar to the moving cities
rituals of elemental transubstantian at holy sites allow Elendria to teach and
guide her beloved Dwarien. Some say that the Elendria favors the Direlendi more
than her other children, but who is to say they know the minds of true Arcons
without being one themselves. It is the imperial new gods that say that
the unity of creation taught them all a lesson. The elder, the younger, and the
triad creators alike.

Many Direlendi are born in the open skies. When two Direlendi mate it is
considered tradition to place the egg in a space hidden from the father. Many
dragons hide thier eggs upon another material plane such as fire, water, or wind
while Elendria has forbad this to the Direlendi. Fate, destiny, and creation
decide if the father can find the egg or the fully cognizant and usually
conversational hatchling escapes the shell. As all Direlendi the Half Elen can
float off and find something. Once they were nearly all born with claws, but
the last Fang was born in accordance with prophecy some few hundred years after
the Wizard Wars. Dwar legends speak of the ancient Direlendi as being much
larger and all winged. To this day most Direlendi are born with or grow wings
by the age of maturity amongst Elendi. The Half Elen are said to think much
more in the pace of Mans. Seeming old like a Mans of the age and some decline
to participate in the coming of age ceremonies of the Deme. Often a lone
Direlendi will refuse to meet with his kin or brothers in the love of Elendria.

The Grand Bottomlands Isle of Mother Trees was guarded from Troll and Kobold as
they were bade by Elendria, and during the second Mans Tree Wars the Elendi
met their brother for the first time. Grown in their image the Direlendi are
able to mate with other Elen and have since become a regular part of the Elen.
Kinder, Half, and the elemental Elen coexist in most Demes. Fire and Wind
tribes of the Tolen wastes are often Hostile to The Empire for some reason or
another and it is not uncommon for a Direlendi to learn to breath fire or spit
sandstorm when their tribeselen have the gift of the pure elementals. Direlendi
amongst the Karn are stout beasts indeed. Their beast magics are create perhaps
the most vital of the Mans, Elen, and Orcnin. There are no Demes ruled by a
Direlendi family yet there are many respected Direlendi elders within most Demes
and it would be very rude to speak poorly of dragons with the halls of the
Elen. It is not wise to speak poorly of dragons in general. The beast are true
creations of nature as the Pure Mans were. From dragon fly to Direlendi the
power of the beast is as varied as it is magnificent. In every way an equal to
the flicker of flame and the ripples of water. Stone's grains or the rush of




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Welp, the time has finally come, and lo when the rise of the fifth edition began so then did Sty~Rn come to the fourth! 

Group of players, want to play - I have the most experience conducting, running mastering or guiding or what have you, so without any complaints I will be converting the 4th ED details to A Wonderful World format, and I will also be updating this thread more regularly with world building elements that result from play. Depending, I may even report the exploits of the party. 

I have already ressurected an ancient campaign scenario that never flew - but it seems the perfect thing...

The City State of Hilltown 
Long ago durring the Mans Tree Wars a powerful Karnian Warlord founded a city on the Goval shores of the Thalian bay where the Inner Sea mets the Endless Ocean. Like all Karn Cities it had no name. The savage Karn simply refer to cities by the name of the current ruler of settlement. Knolos, was his name. The city held many names over the wages of the Mans Tree Wars, and near the end of the third and last Mans Tree War the city was taken by the Orcnin hoards. For a thousand years the Orcnin Hoards made their homes there and used the sea port created by the Karnian founders. Durring the Wizards War The Empire took possession of the city as part of a manuever to control the Inner Sea. Today the Inner Sea is divided amongst the imperial allies of Silestria, Thalian, and Kinder who hold the port and patrol the shores of the majority of the Inner Sea. The Coval shores of the Thalian Bay are tacitly controlled by the Darian people, however the Invading Darian Empire's conflicts with the Orcnin natives of that region prevent them from dominating the seas. Only a small patch of the Inner Sea shores, the cliffs of the Giant Mts, remain in the control of stout sea faring Orcnin. Hilltown is close enough to these cliffs to be almost constantly harried by Orcnin Pirates and Brigands. The imperial name of the city was determend rather simply. The keep and tower that overlook the larger port below was casually refered to as 'the hilltop' and the port 'town' - there is also a gladitorial arena for sport and resolving disputes of honor - as there are in all large Karn settlements. When considering a name for the newly conquored city the Legis of the Empire found himself thinking of the city as two cities - Hilltop and Portown, with the arena between. So, split the difference, and the city state became listed as Hilltown in the imperial records. Some twenty years before today the current ruler of Hilltown ( won by right of honor in the arena ) Adinama Gerul Rathmiel, was convinced durring the flush of his new power to install Gomish plumbing into the city. Adinama Gerul Rathmiel will go down in history as being the first King of the Bottom Lands to rule over a city with modern plumbing. Unfortunately unbeknownst to both King and Gnome was the fact that Rathmiel had no idea that he would need to maintenance and revamp the arconistic plumbing system roughly once a decade. Currently ten years out of warrenty the plumbing is growing more and more dangerous. If Rathmiel is not convinced to do something about the systems soon the bathrooms and sinks will begin to turn into deathtraps. As it stands many of the bathrooms have been designated off limits because the patrons come out dirtier than when they went in. Some deaths have already occured from drowning and pandimensional displacement, and unless something is done the people of the city will return to their old manner of disposing of filth. The streets will once again smell of refuse, meanwhile every home and manor in the city will have a death trap and potential gate to other realms developing chaotically in the corner rooms. It is up to the players to decide whether or not to get imbriglicated ( or run off and become pirates ), and it is up to the players to decide how.. they go about rectifying the plumbing situation.

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It's been awhile,
I am looking to 'kickstart' some sales of my Wonderful World Gold books. PoD this scrap is destined to end up in the devotional. I have the books broken down to five the 'devotional' is a 'collection' of various in character documents regarding the subjects divine and cosmoginic. I don't have a character for this piece, but.. Since when I am writing in character what I do is structor the information as if you already know it ( e.g. In the depths of winter when the red sun gleams in the high skies over the Darian coasts ) and what I am really trying to accomplish is inform a completely unaware reader of new information.. I am going to writ out the explanation in PHB style straitforward exposition, and later reword/work this piece into an in character document of some kind. Most prolly as a component of a larger themed item ( such as an 'excerpt from chapter seven of Pahwah's Travels' ).

I decided to do something 'funky' with the word vampire in Sty-Rn. In a world full of all kinds of cannabilism and undead the standard vampire becomes less sexy and more a bizzarely peculiar form of undead what with the strange aversions, lack of reflection, inability to cross running water, etc. And a weak one without the ability to walk in the light of the sun. So instead of being a regular undead the word vampire ( and the 'Vampire' entry in the Beastiary ) is actually a pejorative used to refer to a race of Mans that in their own toungue refer to themselves as Healers. In their language 'vampire' means 'the opposite of a healer' and is used to refer to a specific type of undead healers ( those that have been killed by the power of the Undead God Kithain - and only Healers and Tolonese can be converted into this type of undead. Kithain was staked and sealed in a cave before the time of the Mans Tree Wars by the Karn Hero God Girin. Kithains converts however 'live' on and make their haven mostly in the darkness and caves of the bottom lands.
Common Mans and Taurn however refer to the entire Healer peoples as Vampires. Healers have a shared Gift of the ability to move life force ( read hit, action, and attribute points ) between characters. The worst of the Healer peoples gives the mostly pious and cautious people a terrifying reputation. An evil Healer fighter might rip the strength from a nearby ally to repair damage to themselves. A Healer Assassin might seduce and drain the mind of a subject allowing them to easily convince them to take what they would otherwise recognize to be a suicidal action. An insidious Healer might 'sip' almost undetected on the Dexterity of his party members to give themselves a phenomenal improvement to rogue skills. Things of this nature are the stories told of the 'Vampire' in the skies of Sty-Rn.
The insectoid 'Dopplegangers' are often muxxed up with the Healers by those that call them Vampire. While the Dopplegangers Gifts are similar their abilities are purely mental ( read psychic ) and their shapechanging ability is only cosmetic and does not 'draw' on their prey's own life force. Nor do they 'take' the memories of their subject just observe them. Unless of course they are an advanced psion with such powers of their own. Healers are not a psychic race, but their ancient allies the Watchers are powerful psychics with a natural Psychic talent as their people's Gift. The other race ( other than the Karn ) that are connected intimately with the Healers is the Tolonese people.
Unknown to most is that the Patron of the Healer peoples incarnated the Patron of the Tolonese. The Tolonese people and the Healers share a similar Gift, however the Tolonese Gift is bound to transfering energy between mineral character/items ( read PP, Hardness, and other HP style values of constructs ) similar to the Gnomish peoples' enchanting Gift. The Tolonese gift is so subtle that common wisdom holds the Tolonese Patrons do not grant The Gift to their people at all. The truth of the nature of the Tolonese Gift is known to very few. Wherea the Healers Gift is the same for all Healers the Tolonese Gift expresses as a form of knack with Technometric, Archonistic, or Natural item such as reducing the chance of misshap with a Technometric device, the ability to recharge Gnomish boomsticks ( fireball wands ), or the ability to use 'savage idols' ( divine power stones etc ) to charge devices that would otherwise require a Tolonese power core and gold crystal 'coins' ( which are the foundation of the currencies in the mortal realm of Sty-Rn ).
I should note that the Healers, Tolonese, Karn, and the Watchers are all 'Mans' but are categorized as different races for Play due to the regular differences from Sky Born, Bottom Lander, and Common Mans. Karn are 'normal human beings' ( and a special breed of red pelted 'albino' Pherthan ). Their Gift is the ability to communicate effortlessly with spirits and see partially into the etherial realms at all times. Their peoples are rare and are found mostly in the Goval region of the Bottom Lands. Watchers are a psychic Mans race that otherwise is indestinguishable from Common ( or pale ) Mans. Watchers and Common Mans come in any skin / hair / teeth color combination. Blue hair, green skin, and black bones would be a common sight amongt the peoples of Mans. Healers and Sky Born Mans are even more spectacular resembling the wildest 'blue green sparkled and patterned' style aliens from all your favorite syfy. Like, imagine Jadzea Dax from DS9 only her underskin is purple and the spekle pattern is rainbow. And her hair is silver and gold. Amongst the Sky Born and Healer Mans the patterns are heriditary and can be used to instantly identify ones parentige in many circumstances. 
The difference between Bottom Lander and Sky Born Mans is that the Bottom Landers are squater, their patternss are more stark ( read tribal, compared to fractal style patterns in Sky Born ), and the tone of the color of their skin and hair is simply darker no matter the color. Common Mans and their pale colors are found everwhere, and in some ( evil ) noble houses if your child is born pale it is considered cursed or scorned by the Patron of the house and cast out or eaten. The actual reason is that the Common Mans are the half elves of Sty-Rn and their colors and tones are more like the simple pastel colors and tones of the Elendi or elven peoples. Unlike the Elendi the Half Elf / Common Mans never have camouflage patterns on their skins or hair. Another, even rarer, people of Mans is the feral Mans called Wild Runners who inhabit the sky island of Wild's Home. Their skins and teeth, and sometimes feathers, fangs, and fur, are tied to their shared Gift of animal familiarity. All Wild Runners have an affinity and Gift ability to create a familiar style bond with a specific type of natural animal. This bond is stronger than a Mage's familiar in that once bound the two are said to be one mind in two bodies. Wild Runners encountered away from Wild's Home Isle are usually bound to predatory animals or migratory birds, but on Wild's Home Isle it is equally as common to be bound to a worm or frog or dog.
The Healers mingle mostly unnoticed amongst the Common and Sky Born Mans with the aid of their long time cousins the Watchers. Both the Watchers and the Healers are unreasonably feared by the majority of the populations of the Empire but are ironically welcomed into Taurn communities. The Taurn, Healers, and Watchers have been long persecuted and demonized by the average imperial citizen and as such the Tuarn see them as allies and are wary to believe the 'nightmare tales' that describe the Healers as Vampires and the Taurn as unholy and uneducated savages. While society as progressed and the rise of the Tolonese civilization has rewritten the economies of the world, the ideologies of the average imperial citizen are scarcely different than that of their ancestors in the time of the Wizards War. Amazingly the Orcnin ( read goblinoid ) peoples have gained vastly more acceptance in the Empire since the 'destruction' of their homeland Arconistic Isle in the Wizards War. In actuality Arconistic Isle still sits in the skies, but has been shattered into several pieces - one of which is the gold core that rose to the high skies after being dislodged from Arconistic Isle proper when the Archmage of the Black Tower of Arconistics used an Epic spell to slam Taurna ( the now *obliterated* homeland Isle of the Taurn ) into Arconistic Isle in an attempt to destroy his rival the Archmage of the Grey Tower of Arconistics. The Black Tower was later phase shifted from it's location in what is now called the Pride Lands Desert on the Bottom Lands to a deadly and perilous pocket realm ruled over by the eternally imprisoned Last Archmage of the Black Tower ( read Epic Bad Ass Lich, who I have never bothered to name ). The White Tower still stands, hidden, on Wild's Home Isle, and the Red Tower that once proudly looked over Empire City was abandoned after the Wizards War due to the change in attitude of the Imperial Councils afte the worldwide devastation caused by the Wizards War. A new 'Red Black Tower' has been erected on Red Star Isle in the dark skies by those Arconistic Masters who find themselves unable to escape from th Dark Sky, but the Red Black Tower has yet to develop the power and might of the elder temples. It would be a campaign in and of itslef to assist the Red Black Tower and it's Arconistic Masters to build a pan dimensional bridge to the Black Tower and gain the strength of the Last Archmage of the Black Tower - even one that could elevate a PC to the status of Archmage of the Red Black Tower..... A position currently held by no one. Perhaps the Patrons of Destiny call out for a Healer to take on this mantle?

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A story now 2 decades writ,

From the first single player game in Sty-Rn,

Ho! And hear the tale of the greatest hero who has ever lived! First and true Ka'a'Karn! Girin Everlasting!
In ancient times ( before the creation of Empire City and the first Mans Tree Wars ) The Ka'a'Karn walked the Bottom Lands ( with rightiousness ) and lo could non stand before him. Girin Undefeated paragon of Mans did roam the reach of the peoples of Karn. In the time of Girin Traveler the rule of the Karnians was vast. Fom Goval point to Pride Lands the Ka'a'Karns ruled. In those days only the Loney mountian and the Iron Wall could not be tamed by the ferocity of the Karn!
( and only The Vampire could best a true Ka'a'Karn )
No tale tells the truth of how the battle penultimate between The Vampire and Girin Triumphant began!
( lo tho the Doomsayers claim to know )
What is truth is that the Great War of the Two was waged over days. Girin Resplindant met each attack with shield and claymore as his father had taught him. ( fly the Father of The Everlasting! ) Strike and parry Girin Supreme won the glory of the name Ka'a'Karn! Blow verse blow and lo did Girin Resolute outlast The Gift of The Vampire! ( and all know ) With a final thrust did Girin Ka'a'Karn ( greatest of warriors ) stake The Vampire ( his name forever forgot ) through his undead heart to the dirt of the cave in which he hid and in which The Great War of the Two was won ( and forever hence was the heart the weakness of vampire ).
With a final act Girin Conquerer broke his sword in cleave! Leaving the half of his blade to hold The Vampire to the dirt of the cave. So did Girin Wise ensure the safety of his people ( his rightious charge ) and with a final word ( peace ) did Girin True seal ~forever and ever~ the cave of war with The Vampire ( the first ~ whose name is forgot ) for ever and ever and ever everlasting.
( and then did his travels begin )
Ho! And now you know the tale of Girin Everlasting! First and still True Ka'a'Karn! Lo! And tho none know where his travels have taken him! All true Karn follow the path of Girin! First! Greatest! and The Last! The Ka'a'Karn Everlasting!
:cheers:          in character                writing!
Using a homeric voiiiiiiice~

Note: Girin is currently on another realm on the great wheel cosmoginy attempting to build an etherial bridge for the ancestor spirits of the greatist of the Karn ancestors to expand the reach of the Karnian people into the realms of ..... ( insert your favorite setting )

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I am revivifying this thread, any feedback?




A. I switch back and forth when refering to O'sa and O'ha races.

Orcnin'Sa are the ancients and 'orcs' proper.

Orcnin'Ha are bugbears and the 'second princes' of the Orcnin.


B. The exact sequence of events regarding the Mans-Tree wars and the Wizard-Wars and the arconistically created races ( such as the hobgoblins and sea crystal elani ) is imprecise.


C. There is allot of minor grammer mistakes, pardon ( feel free to suggest grammatical corrections - I dont mind that kind of contribution at all ( tell me that ... The elendi should eat Mans prisoners while they are living despite the fact that elendi are herbavors .. well ). 



The little dragons. Lady bugs, fireflies, and more. The larval stage of the great dragons and the substenance of the ecology. Bugs are eaten alive by the majority of the beast races other than the Elendi. Many carnivorous plants eat bugs as well. Bugs eat other bugs, as do their older cousins. Like all dragons bugs are immortal until slain, and respond to the power of Dragon's Rising. When a powerful dragon dies all dragon kind in the reach of their demense are infused with a quickening of the dying dragons power. A firefly can spontaniously erupt into a small pheonix dragon or a lady bug could cocoon and emerge a mud dragon worthy of being trained to ride. The common mud dragons grow from several kinds of earth elemenatally aligned dragon and can themselves eventually grow to a great size. Imperial houses that have cared for a dragon long enough to sport these Caravan Dragons court great prestige and peril. A caravan dragon is nearly as great as a dragon may grow and still be considered a 'bug' and not a true dragon. The bugs are incapable of higher reasoning, but may be taugh some words or commands. 


Once a bug transcends ( which is entierly determined by the elemental nature of the energy released durring draogns rising ) the resulting elder dragon has full possession of its faculties and gains a deep insight into the workings of Arconistics - the true gift of the creator to the dragon kind. All real dragons are magic casters, often weilding spells that resemble the gifts given by patron arcons the dragon enters into bargains with. A newly awakened dragon is perhaps the 'crystal currency' of the lesser gods. By the power of the true creators of the world dragons hold a higher place in the celestial cosmogeny than the lesser gods, and it is only through forging alliances with the greater dragons will one lesser god gain advantage over their enemies. Many believe that dragons are immunie to the hoary power of the mists, but this is not true of bugs, and doubtfull even of the elders.


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Well, I think it might be time to do a little bit of organization.  anybody have any thoughts?


The Idea


Sty~rn stuff has been generated mostly at need of play over the years ( and now decades ). At one time there was only supposed to be nine dragoon knighthoods but that scrap of paper waas lost and only the names Asperian and Montan have been retained. The nine knighthooods have been replaced with numerous noble houses participating to a greater or lesser extent in the Emperial Wars by maintaining a dragoon knighthood each to some extent. I am planning to include a legend at somepoint regarding the "First Nine Houses" of which Asperian and Montan will be included. The house that opposes Revalia on the bottom lands needs to be different. The tale is that lord Reval and ( Bell .. Belar .. yep there we be ) Lord Bel and Lord Reval led the first martial assualt on The Bottom Lands - creating a beach head on the Goblin Coast and then pushing ward to the inner sea of Silestria. Revalia is small compared to the Lands of Belar. Revalians strive for military might and personal excellence, and their territories only tacitly extend beyond the walls of the grand Revalian Castle. Belar is literally a sprawl of Imperial civilization. Hehe, I like it. 

I have a book in preproduction at the website Lulu.com its pretty easy to find. The concept is that it is an inworld book that will be linked to the web community for extended support etc.
There is a wiki. http://wonderfulworld.wikidot.com/ in about a similar grade of development as this thread. Mechanically what I wanted to start with was the OGL monster's manual. 

Because the project is mostly rp driven instead of mechanic driven it made sense to me to take an easily aaccessibly resource use it to make the "index" as it were, and then include a OOC appendix that is Conductor support and advisory as to how to make, for example, Fire Elentsi from the Elf template, kinda like this~

Fire type races. Many ( most ) of the common races in Sty~rn come in elemental charged varieties. Fire Elentsi or Flame Dwarien. What I have usually done is simple snag a dwarf, drop te f off the end of it, and apply either a template I found somewhere or even more simply ( or lazily if I must admit I have used this far more times than I want to creatively admit ) give the player their levels worth of Fireball damage that they can break into any amount ( tenth level? might break the fireball gift in two :: a 4d6 and then a 6d6 fireball )). I use this elemental burst damage trait allot. Water spout, stone throw, vine blast, roar ( sonic damage for animals ). There are actually Five Books that I want to make for my world. ( Name makes more sense now donit ). The Devotional is all about the Elendi that meets Pawa and explains all that funny Gold floats stuff, as well as the divine scenario along with allot more history. The other three I havnt really even started on yet. 

I have already creatively decided to include one page of the Devotional in the Beastiary. Sanjaya is going to pick from her own writings and the writings of Several other authors, and durring the creative editing process I am going to use word choice and symantics to create a sense of personality that is consitent accross the authers. Sonjaya should sound aspirant ( the aspirant asperian ), while Toren the Pherthan master of Gr'all in the order of the imperial scribes should sound stuffy and superior. Gr'all extremelly humble and perhaps even shy. 

The devotional book is curiously enough a sort of love letter ( or love novel ) written by an Elen to a Mans. Pawa was born in the pure lands, far from gold and magic. When chosen he was given a stone that would teleport him to where he was needed ( read player didnt know if they were going to be able to play some I came up with a way for them to pop in and out - literally ). 
Kinda like quantum leap, only different. The purpose stone as a meta mechanic -- worked perfectly fyi. The game ran about 6mo or so and that player intermittantly appearred maybe five times?

Each time he had come up with a story to tell about where he had been between games - entierly his own narrative.  

Well, thats the update. I think I am going to start structuring this thread properly - hmm, OP, hmm - I am the OP btw.. Book4 and TOTS were mups I used ( actually Book5 was the mup, but I ended up using it far more often and had more frends as book5 than tots that when gleemax fell they system keyed this name, less presumtious too.. I'm glad, yes Book 5/S ( for books and Book Shea, and the five books of The Wonderful World Sty~rn ). 


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Well, I think it might be time to do a little bit of organization.  anybody have any thoughts?


The Idea


Sty~rn stuff has been generated mostly at need of play over the years ( and now decades ). At one time there was only supposed to be nine dragoon knighthoods but that scrap of paper waas lost and only the names Asperian and Montan have been retained. The nine knighthooods have been replaced with numerous noble houses participating to a greater or lesser extent in the Emperial Wars by maintaining a dragoon knighthood each to some extent. I am planning to include a legend at somepoint regarding the "First Nine Houses" of which Asperian and Montan will be included. The house that opposes Revalia on the bottom lands needs to be different. The tale is that lord Reval and ( Bell .. Belar .. yep there we be ) Lord Bel and Lord Reval led the first martial assualt on The Bottom Lands - creating a beach head on the Goblin Coast and then pushing ward to the inner sea of Silestria. Revalia is small compared to the Lands of Belar. Revalians strive for military might and personal excellence, and their territories only tacitly extend beyond the walls of the grand Revalian Castle. Belar is literally a sprawl of Imperial civilization. Hehe, I like it. 

I have a book in preproduction at the website Lulu.com its pretty easy to find. The concept is that it is an inworld book that will be linked to the web community for extended support etc.
There is a wiki. http://wonderfulworld.wikidot.com/ in about a similar grade of development as this thread. Mechanically what I wanted to start with was the OGL monster's manual. 

Because the project is mostly rp driven instead of mechanic driven it made sense to me to take an easily aaccessibly resource use it to make the "index" as it were, and then include a OOC appendix that is Conductor support and advisory as to how to make, for example, Fire Elentsi from the Elf template, kinda like this~

Fire type races. Many ( most ) of the common races in Sty~rn come in elemental charged varieties. Fire Elentsi or Flame Dwarien. What I have usually done is simple snag a dwarf, drop te f off the end of it, and apply either a template I found somewhere or even more simply ( or lazily if I must admit I have used this far more times than I want to creatively admit ) give the player their levels worth of Fireball damage that they can break into any amount ( tenth level? might break the fireball gift in two :: a 4d6 and then a 6d6 fireball )). I use this elemental burst damage trait allot. Water spout, stone throw, vine blast, roar ( sonic damage for animals ). There are actually Five Books that I want to make for my world. ( Name makes more sense now donit ). The Devotional is all about the Elendi that meets Pawa and explains all that funny Gold floats stuff, as well as the divine scenario along with allot more history. The other three I havnt really even started on yet. 

I have already creatively decided to include one page of the Devotional in the Beastiary. Sanjaya is going to pick from her own writings and the writings of Several other authors, and durring the creative editing process I am going to use word choice and symantics to create a sense of personality that is consitent accross the authers. Sonjaya should sound aspirant ( the aspirant asperian ), while Toren the Pherthan master of Gr'all in the order of the imperial scribes should sound stuffy and superior. Gr'all extremelly humble and perhaps even shy. 

The devotional book is curiously enough a sort of love letter ( or love novel ) written by an Elen to a Mans. Pawa was born in the pure lands, far from gold and magic. When chosen he was given a stone that would teleport him to where he was needed ( read player didnt know if they were going to be able to play some I came up with a way for them to pop in and out - literally ). 
Kinda like quantum leap, only different. The purpose stone as a meta mechanic -- worked perfectly fyi. The game ran about 6mo or so and that player intermittantly appearred maybe five times?

Each time he had come up with a story to tell about where he had been between games - entierly his own narrative.  

Well, thats the update. I think I am going to start structuring this thread properly - hmm, OP, hmm - I am the OP btw.. Book4 and TOTS were mups I used ( actually Book5 was the mup, but I ended up using it far more often and had more frends as book5 than tots that when gleemax fell they system keyed this name, less presumtious too.. I'm glad, yes Book 5/S ( for books and Book Shea, and the five books of The Wonderful World Sty~rn ). 



lol, dp, I'll leave it here for later :: edited.

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[quoe="Book5"]That one, :heehee

In Character

A book falls to the ground. It is large and holds a sigil of the city of Gladius on its face. It flops with a flump. Near a pile of dirt. A man looks on, his face scraggly with a wolf's beard. The plain is quite. The book flumps again. Out of it crawls a mouse. With a wizards hat on. He mumbles to himself.

"that was a certainly interesting departure." Suddenly he notices the mans. In an instant a mirage of many monsters and spectacle appeare. A beast of wild terror wields an axe menacingly and a dragon lands with a kathoom! A single star drops from the heavens before the mouse realizes that all is truly quite and the visiage of a demon god revaporates into a watchtower like perimeter. The dragon returns to its original moonlight and the mouse hrumphs.

"that probably wasn't .. well .. he shouldn't have startled me. I'm a terrible bit of a mood. Where was that world link. Wheres my book!?"


whats so funny

I try to be amusing, sometimes it comes off wrong. In between the lines its just hope and dreams. This is really just shameless self advertising. "Fearless" if you would. When my ego pops everything has a tendency to get wet.




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Its boiling hot water! NoOoooo!





Now this is funny, "if your reading this" etc

For about three days I thought I had got myself banned, but no it was my browser and the day the server went down, and I get silly headed every now and again. BUT! I decided to "go where I dare not go" here. and "show everyone mine" Its been there the whole time, and who knows if anyone ever saw it. Have you seen it yet?

It has its own forum .. no one posts there. It has its own book, not quite finished, BUT Still For Sale!




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Bugs and Grass


The little dragons. Lady bugs, fireflies, and all the rest. The larval stage of the great dragons and the substenance of the ecology. Bugs are eaten alive by the majority of the beast races other than the Elendi. Many carnivorous plants eat bugs as well. Bugs eat other bugs, as do their older cousins. Like all dragons bugs are immortal until slain, and respond to the power of Dragon's Rising. When a powerful dragon dies all dragon kind in the reach of their demense are infused with a quickening of the dying dragons power. A firefly can spontaniously erupt into a small pheonix dragon or a lady bug could cocoon and emerge a mud dragon worthy of being trained to ride. The common mud dragons grow from several kinds of earth elemenatally aligned dragon and can themselves eventually grow to a great size. Imperial houses that have cared for a dragon long enough to sport these Caravan Dragons court great prestige and peril. A caravan dragon is nearly as great as a dragon may grow and still be considered a 'bug' and not a true dragon like mud dragons. The bugs dragons are incapable of higher reasoning, but may be taught some words or commands. 


Once a bug transcends ( which is entierly determined by the elemental nature of the energy released durring dragons rising ) the resulting elder dragon has full possession of its faculties and gains a deep insight into the workings of Arconistics - the true gift of the creator to the dragon kind. All real dragons are magic casters, often weilding spells that resemble the gifts given by patron arcons the dragon enters into its early bargains with. Controlling newly awakened dragon is perhaps the akin to a 'crystal currency' of the lesser gods. By the power of the true creator of the world dragons hold a higher place in the celestial cosmogeny than the lesser gods, and it is only through forging alliances with the greater dragons will one lesser god gain advantage over their opponents. Many believe that dragons are immune to the hoary power of the mists, but this is clearly not true of bugs, and doubtfull even of the elders. In deep magical correspondance bugs are born in blades of grass. Some superstitiously devoid their living areas of grass prefering sand, and grass is notoriously absent from the Tolonies cities. Most of the empire has faith in the lesser gods to preserve them from the worst of dragon's rising, and participate in a fairly ritualized sacrifice of caccooned bugs for food. It is believed that this increases the likliehood of a caravan emerging from from a caccoon that was specifically invested in by someone prepared to face something much more fierce that might emerge from the caccoon. 

This is clearly an acronistic practice. By turning the caccoons into food they understand that the energy of the fallen dragon is being further dispersed, and by taking action they are willingly and intentionally pushing that energy towards a specific purpose. Furthermore the practice was without a doubt facilitated to a much greater degree of success by Imperial Arconistic master in the times before the wizard wars and the ban on arconistic practice. Tales of amazing draconic men being created from the caccoons were once the terror tale of the children of the empire. Despite the tales most of these dragon men were more similar to the Direlendi than those with The Dragon Hearted gift. The arconistics divorced the dragon men from their natural beast network of energy in order to make them their servitors. This practice along with others are very common amongst Orcnin hoards. Dragon's rising is a time of great celebration amongst the Orcnin. Often a direct cause of an Orcnin campaign to slay a powerful dragon in their region. The grass of the imperial lands may be tamed by the will of the Archons of Mans, but the grass of the Orcnin lands are fed heartily with rivers of blood. It is a simple recognized truth that the Great Dragons of the Bottom Lands are indeed larger by far than the sleeker Dragons of the skies.

While dangerous and pests bugs are a part of life at least amongst the skylander imperials, and one would imagine everywhere. Who hasn't fallen into a patch of grass and accidentally gotten frostbitten by blue ants or burr beetles? Who didnt learn as a small child to catch flutter dragons to be ground into meal? Barn bugs may not be common in Orcnin llands or on Wild Home, but surely something of the same experience must occure on every isle in the world. The Fireflies of the Bottom Lands are a particular treat. Fire Whisps are more common in the skies, and their fliting spinnerettes of flame have a similarity, but the Fireflies of the bottom lands literally glow. One thing that many dont know is that simply because bugs are dragons that they eat flesh, and that is not true. As I mentioned the deep magical correspondance beast and plant are the truely opposing elemental natures. Like fire and water. Earth and wind. At its very root the beast force must consume plant energies and we know of countless types of bug that eat only vegitation and of that mostly grass. 

Another interesting point to be made about bugs is that they are different on the bottom of the world. Not the bottom lands, but the underside of the world disk. We know this from some of the most extraordinary expiditions of the imperial scribes guild. Combined with what the Darien can tell us the bugs and dragon beasts of the Bottom of the World are not limited to four or six limbs. There are centipedial beasts with dozens of limbs. Mans is unknown there, while there are nations od Dwar and Elendi. To the knowledge of the Scribes and the Darien there are no Tuarn on the Bottom of the World. Perhaps we of the Empire will come to understand the curse of Fara through the fact that centan flies no longer appear in the world. In accordance with the curse perhaps the end of the prophecy will come when only dardan beatles and the four legged dardan themselves remain of the once great Taurn. Of course, as a final note on what you might not know about bugs and grass, is that moss and mold and those other types of grass do all seem to possess the same basic plant energy that produces dragons. Which was a minor matter of inquery amongst the scribes.




Second only to the Centaurn in the mind of most imperials is the populous Minotaurn, or perhaps as is becoming common; The Minotyrn. With the change wrought after the curse of Fara after the fall of Taurna it is nearly impossible for someone not trained in the details of Taurna physiology to tell the difference between Centyrn and Minotyrn. The Dardantyrn have cloven hoofs. Centyrn and Minotyrn have round hoofs and fingernails thick to the point of making fine manipulation of small tools nearly impossible. The difference is in the nose, the body hair, and most importantly the leg and knee construction. The difference was once very obvious. The Minotaurn were not built to run. They were built to eat. That is the other commonly used way of telling them apart. Minotaurn are usually nearly as round as they are tall. The warriors are massive piles of muscle on muscle. Even at their lithiest they are sturdy. Centyrn, as the Centaurn run no more, are fast lieth and often brittle. Brittle is not a word anyword word use to describe a Minotyrn. It is believed that the Minotaurn still roam on the Wild Home, but it is a matter of imperial record that by the words of Fara Queen of the Empire that the Centaurn are no longer a race that lives in this world. Without any excuse not to the Minotyrn have taken their rightful place as the leader of the Taurn. They are the most populous and unlike their nearest contenders the Pherthan and the Barkan the Minotyrn have taken the curse and the fall very seriously. 

The Minotyrn point to the Tyrn tribe of Pherthan that has brought about the nomenclature of replacing Tyrn for the Taurn with two legs. The Taurn that are today the most populous in the realms know to the empire. The Tyrn were siad to be the first to grow two legs instead of four. The reason the Dardan and Pherthan are called such is the same as the Weren and the Barkan. Since long before the wizards war the teachings of the Ancient Tyrn tribe has been said to be corrupting the Taurn with two legged children. At first seen as a curse those that followed the teaching of the ancient Tyrn and followed the Pherthan in their exodus from Tuarna began to accept their two legged brothers as equals. A practice that never occured on Taurna. Never in the lands ruled by the Centaurn was there ever a birth of a two leg taurn other that the ancient Tyrn. Their persecution for refusing to sacrifice the abominations led to the exodus and the return of the decendants of those the joined the Tyrn brought about the creation of the Pridelands. Once the home of naught but Dragon and Emuron the deserts are being tamed by grass planted by Taurn hands. The first of those taurn were the Pherthan. In this day and Minotyrn aggressively expand their imperial trade guild throughout the peoples of the Taurn, and the people of Mans and Elendi as well. If a new Tuarnian royalty is not to be found in the pride lands with the Pherthan, it will come from the Minotyrn and their investment in the empire as opposed to the Orcnin. 

It was Imperial Arconists that turned the Great Isle into a missile, but it was the Centaurn's choice to ally with the Orcnin that is considered by the Mintyrn to be the true fault of the fall of Taurna. The imperials were honored opponents by the ethics of Fara. Fara herself makes clear support of the empire as she is one of the Queens of the current council, and was at the time of the war. Understanding how the Taurn could choose to fight with Orcnin wizards, while their patron diety was an imperial queen, and the Minotyrns' declaration that it was the Centaurns' choice to side with the Orcnin Arcanists in exchange for promises of great reward instead of recognizing the laws of dominion that they claimed were theirs alone by ancient word of Fara. Many four legged Pherthan and Weren that made their homes on Taurna at the time called for their lords to side with the Empire. The Minotyrn accuse themselves of having been complacent and blinded by duty and tradition. Once it was a point of pride amongst the Minotaurn that they would dutifully leap from the ridge should a Centaurn command them. In the time since Fara's curse the Minotyrn have excersised savvy and many communities of Minotyrn train their warriors in the ways of the assasine instead of the barbarian battle rager. This change in their traditions is a subject of much debate amongst the Minotyrn.


Unlike almost all taurn but the Dardan the Minotaurn are unable to eat meat. Similar to the way a Pherthan cannot survive on a diet of plant alone, the Minotuarn will become violently ill if they eat meat. Their natural diet is made up mostly of grain, and they do apppreciate bread and jam. The varieties of fruit that are "mashed" as they call it into their meals is unrivaled in any of the culinary arts practiced by the other peoples of the world. Whole fruits such a melons are also commonly eaten raw similarly to most imperial regions. Beyond their meat prohibition any vegitable dish known to your chefs can only be complicated by the a side of their daily meal. Most Minotyrn carry a meal sachel with them throughout the day. "What do you expect from someone that carries their food around with them." is an old adage regarding hosting a meal for a friendly Minotarun. Constantly chowing throughout the day Minotyrn actually swap out meal sachels once or twice durring the day. They will take a bite and chew their meal while considering or walking. The common conception that most Minotyrn are fat is only belied by the number of hardened warriors flock to the armsmen of the Dragoon legions with every passing year. It is an agreed upon phenomena amongst the tragically shocked Minotaurn People, in order to avert or lift the curse of Fara they religiously raise their children ( called cows until their maturity ) to be either serrious trade merchants or warriors. With the occasional master chef or priest cropping up durring hunting training or culinary haggeling instruction.

Due to the current climate of Minotyrn missionary ferver it is very likely that you have a Minotyrn in your court already. What is important to note is that amongst the emperial guilds their trade guild is rising in power. They have recognized the basis of the Imperial Guild Pillar and have set the prescriptions of their guild. One of which can be told clearly in these days before the return of a Taurnian nobility. The head of the guild must be a Minotyrn specifically. Which in turn is what is bringing the rise of the words Feltyrn and Wertyrn, and other unprecedented terms in the scribes archives. In honorific of the ancient Tyrn tribe of Pherthan. The minotaurn have not agreed upon the name of their new race as the once Felataurn chose to do to deny the Centaurn. It was the change from Wartaurn to Wertaurn that founded the pridelands, and perhaps the corruption of the faith of Fara. For know this if you learn nothing else. The Pride Gods are in no way connected to Fara. What relations the Pride Land Gods have with the emperial councils has yet to be spoken of. No declarations of war has been made. That is all we of the scribes know.



Birds are not the most common creatures in the skies. Bugs and Ron are more common probably by territory. Those who are lucky enough to live amongst birds are treated to a delightful vista of natures wonder. King Birds with their glittering gold crowns. Their power to harden gold give these otherwise about as smart as a bug beasts their own powerful weapons. Gold talons and beaks are the images that come to mind for the glorious brids of battle. Not all birds are warriors, for example the lowely imperial chicken. Flightless like an emuron, and considered a vermin other than the fact that many eat the disgusting fowls meat. Many consider the animal to be unlcean and aver the meat of chicken as well as other creatures that devour carrion or other vermin. Chicken are vile, in the wild and in captivity their flocks will perniciously cannibalize any weakened or wounded member. If a chicken breaks a leg the others will literally eat it alive. This alone creates an urge amongst the higher minded nobles of the empire to consider eradicating the strange miniature emuron from the streets of Emperial City. The wights however rely on their meat for cheap food. While dragon meat is the common beef of the realms of Old Ragonia, those lower classes resort to bug meal and other vermin regularly. Often only eating dragon beef for holidays and celibrations.


The Blood Championship of Ogran


When a greater Orcnin warlord is nearing the end of his vitality whose honor in the eye of Ogran cannot be contested Ogran calls for a championship. This call is heard throughout the world and there are many tales of a great migration of a hoard to attend even the final ceremonies of the campionship. To exhault the truth of Honor the championship is called because Elder Orcnin are eaten for they serve no more purpose to the tribe. Some thrown callously into the Tropits instead of honored by their families should there have been some disgrace that the Orcnin never averted after. The warlord will not be thrown to the pits he will face the victor of the championship in single combat, and surely lose. The championship is one of honor. Two teams of ten or twenty, depending on the numbers of that have managed to arrive to the Warlord's court, are set out. Much pagentry and prophecy is called down in this time. Fantastic names are given to the two teams and the skull of the last champion is brought out by the Orcnin Arconistic masters. This enchanted skull is also a chalice and the goal of the honorable contest is to drink from the opposing teams pool of healing with the skull for a cup. This is the contest. Over days of revelry and unusually jubulant atmosphere the Orcnin party and mate and often great bargain or marriges are made between the hoards and clans. Over the days of the contest the champions may die as the contest is often hotblooded, but in honor should no one die it would be seen as a sign of how great the Honor of Ogran was with the Orcnin'Ha Warlord. After the final ceremonious combat the champion is left the Previous Warlord's skull for the honor of his clan and hoard. Then the remains of the Warlord are shared by the hoard leaders and the champions. It is not uncommon for a Orcnin'Ha to arrive a respected warrior, be unexpectidly elected champion, and to leave the championship a Hoard Leader himself. 

Orcnin Matriarchy


It is a common misconception that Orcnin are a patriarchel society. Which is not correct. The Orchin hoards are a theocratic society. The words of Ogran are revealed to their priests regularly, and the position of Hoard Leader is as a chosen one. A male Orcnin'Ha must inspire a signifigant number of his fellow Orcnin to either overthrow the current Leader, or be raised by great events such as the Championships of Ogran or War. The rarely understood phenomena of the Orcnin clans is a matriarchel facet of the Orcnin society. Clans are ruled by a blood mother whose rule and laws effect the Hoard mothers Arconistically. It is a thing of the Hoards internicene wars that one Hoard Leader will quite actually attack and defeat another Hoard in order to capture the Blood Mother of a clan he seeks sway in. Hoard mothers manage the clan affairs in a very arconistic fashion. The primary focus of the clans is "selling" different types of warriors to the Hoard Leader. What little agriculture is practiced by the Orcnin is on a small scale by the Hoard Mothers, usually pots growing deadly poisons. Nearly all the Battle Clans teach scavanging and scrounging as a youth skill. After a great victory the Orcnin warriors will often revel while the young are dutifully guided by the Elder Hoard Mothers to the task of collecting everything of worth from their fallen enemies. The oldest creature in an Orcnin Hoard will ever be either a Blood Mother, or if there is none, an Elder Hoard Mother who advises the Hoard Leader in the fashion of Blood Mother. The true Blood Mothers are as immortal as trolls and dragons. It is said that if a hoard passes through three Hoard Leaders without falling apart or capturing a Blood Mother the Elder Hoard Mother who has guided them past her natural lifespan is seen by the eye of Ogran and a new Immortal Blood Mother will transcend to the status of Demi God.


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[sblcok=Orcnin Ghost Riders]


There is a vile arconistic practice that the Orcnin use to aid their warriors in combat. The young who show early proficiency with strategy and physical awareness are bound to a captured spirit and used as guides for certain Orcnin champions. Many of these Ghost Riders eventually depart the hoard to join the Arconistic Masters while many others have gone on to become some of the greatest champions of the orcnin. A hoard with the proper relationships with the Orcnin Arcnonistic masters will also be able to grant their Ghost Riders with arconistic arsenals easily equivalent to the Tolonese technometric weapons. The Imperial Arconistic masters of old could easily banish the Ghost Riders as soon as they could detect them, and in those times even one use of such arconistic weapons would reveal the presense of the Ghost Rider. In these days some of the greatest Miracle workers of the imperial priests have the ability to work a miracle that clears an entire battlefield of the ghost riders, but as it stands the Orcnin hoards are proving to be undefeatable when they are attacking. The Empire's tactic of harrying trade caravans and raiding hoards unexpectidlly, of blitzing and retreating only to regroup before the arconistic powers can be replenished, and generally allying with Ron and Taurn; these are the tactics that are enabling The Empire to encroch steadily on the Orcnin territories.


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The Grand Imperial Arconistic Conspiracy.

I just want to get this out my brain because ... I cant find an actor in the world who would say this, but I feel like anyone who reads this thread should know this ~~ at *this* point.


So acronistics is banned etc etc etc. But the problem is that only the clerics and the wizards truely understand the difference between using the power of the gods and practicing arconistics. 

Simply put in the magical ecology you can generate "Arcaonos" as it were, but if arcanos is generated by a god being either nontranscendant or once living that energy is recognized by an arconistic as simply divine. Once an arconistics practitionar transcendes they are able to blend their arcanos into the ..... metadimensionall ..... harmony of the divines. So the difference between clerics and wizards in styrn is that the clerics are being piped the energy of their adherent diety while the arconist wizards are manipulating the harmony of the universe directly. It is first learned by the arcanists how to differentiate between the divine harmonic energies that are infinate and the finite arcanos created by that which can die. The ascended arconists solve the riddle of eternity by coming to understand the gate between life and death and therfore are able to harmonize with the divine energies as ... Divine Rank XX dieties as per 3.5 epic and etc handbook. The many churches of .. The Empire! .. were A, rocked by the prohibition of arconistics, and B) simply unable to replace the services required that had been provided by the First Pillar of The Empire. The Dragoons, The Guild ( the Grand~ Guild, tehehe:: ~ a player ) and the Wizards were the three pillars of The Empire. After arconistics was banned the empire turned to the clerics to provide the needed services and they were simply unable to provide. Which started the Gra~and Imperial Arconistic Conspiracy..

The archonistic colleges were in ruins. The hoards of Mans that had lost brothers and sisters in the needless conflict between the wizards of Ogran and Empire easily accepted the insane demonification of the Imperial Colleges. The Imperial wizards had destroyed not one greater isle but two to save the imperial peoples of Dargonia. Yet, ooc : basically the arconists were necromantically doing allot of things peeps didnt like, and generally speaking the people of the empire were no longer enamored in the great feats that the wizards were making for them. They had heard enough tales about them that .. the fact, that the wizard wars were basically a hugenormous pissing match between the imperial wizards and the orcnin wizards over who was better at arconistics.... that pissed off the people of the empire and they burned their colleges to the ground. A few thousand years later the truth starts to come out ... thaaa~at..then the most amazing thing happened..

The curches sheltered the arconistic practitioners that survived the first revolting peasant ( wight ) purges. The royals quetly hid their court arconist, and .. the churches became the source of arconistic instruction. The early years were curious but very quickly the newly found arcanist who had somehow figured out how to summon familiar is brought to the church who finds him first. Then that arconistic student is taught to use only certain divinely powered spells in accordance with whichever church found them.... in public. Long story short, the churches of Styrn are harboring **VILE ARCANOSTS** for the simple fact that 90% of the clerics proper are nowhere near 9th level sphere access, and obviously not epic casting. All of the dark and about half of the other churches of the emperial council has turned to attempting to exterminate paladins because the Paladins of the Empierial New Gods are basically told by their patron to destroy the church.. basically :

The majority of clerics to the gods proper are not part of the actual emperial religion, but simple ... wights.. or perhaps an odd.... ;) scholar~

Statistically the majority of the priests in the emperial churches are like .. 5lv Cleric .... et etc etc.. and then the arconists who took like.... one level divine PrC.

The thing I supremely like about this world creation facet is that it makes very interesting spellbooks for anyone who wants to play an Emperial Miracle Worker.

They can add any spell they want to, they can add any spell they want to their spellbook.
Because they are in the conspiracy they know that if they cast any of the spells off of the the "Official Hogwarts Lists" lolol then the ministry will notice and they will get into trouble.

That is .. unless ya'all are outside imperial territory ... perhaps preparing to to turn the ground below an Orcnin barracks into mud .. which isnt on yer appproved "Seat of Brilliant Fire" approved spell list.

lol, why would any of the imperial new gods consider that a problem, the ban was within our territory, right?


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The Mother Trees

The Isle of Elendrian. The great Mother Trees are a integral part of the Elendi Demes. The annual celebrations that reinvigorate the powers of a Deme's Mother Tree is what maintains the safety of the Demes that is unique to the havens of the Elendi. None can die in the Demes that do not wish too. The venerated diety of a Deme varies. Some exhault Fara, and some Elvna.  Most Mother Trees will tout themselves adherents of Elvna and hence the wide spread worship of the Triune despite Emperial disfavor of Ogran and all that venerate the god of death. There are few Demes that officially recognize Imperial rule. The Elendi's  allegiance to the Empire is felt most by the Elendi on the borders of the Demes, and where those borders contest between the Orcnin and the Empire. What any who have not visited the home of the Mother Tres will not understand is the difference between what one Mother Tree can perform with the proper veneration and the powers of an Island of Mother Trees in their native environment are capable of. The Elendi of many Demes are considered haughty or even superior. The Elendi that come of age amongst the garden of the Mother Trees are of a different nature.

There are two legends told by the Elendi regarding the creation of their people. Some say that Elvna created plants, including the Kraken and the Mother Trees. Those legends say that in the natural course of life becoming the Mother Trees gave birth to the Direlindi like the seeds of a bloom make dragons. Other legends claim that Elvna created the Mother Trees in the twilight of creation and found them in need of hands. Thusly Elvna created what are called the Elendrian. In the legends of the Elendrian Elvna created the first Elendi in order to serve the needs of the Mother Trees. In either case two truths remain. Any traces of an Elendrian or protocultural Direlendi civilization have been lost to the hungry roots of the Mother Trees, and vast polulations of the Direlendi thrive in the depths of the Elendrian Domas. Unlike the Deme, who venerate and worship a single Mother Tree, the Elendrian Domas is a faith and realm venerating the combined powers of hundreds of Mother Trees. 

The Mother Trees of Elendrian Isle are taller than mountains. The districts of the Elendrian Domas cover the majority of the surface of the many canopys of the Elendrian Isle. As one decends deeper into the Domas the realm becomes darker and darker. Most Mans are disinclined to descend below the conopies that block the light of the sun, tho it is said that the Direlendi that make their homes in the darkest canopies of the Elendrian Domas are more that civil. Contrasted with the wild barbarians that most high sky Direlendi become the Direlendi of the Elendrian Isle are respected as adherents of the gods. There is a peculiar skill learned by many of them that enables them excersise a sense of space that enables them to act freely even in the darkest depths of the Mother Tree forest that dominates the Isle of Elendrian. Such a skill is unknown amonst those Direlendi that live in the skies. Whether this fact supports the legend of the Direlendi or the Elendrian is a matter of debate amongst the societies of the Scholars. The fact is that Elendrian Isle is ruled by three tribes of Elendi. The Elen that govern the three ports and elevators that grant access to the Elendrian Domas, the Elentsi that govern the Elendrian Domas, and the Direlendi that control the deep realms of the Bottom Lands Island.

The tiered and layered life of the Elendrian Domas is almost inconcievable to those that have not visited the Island. On the highest conopies the light of Tolen is clear and bright so high into the skies the Mother Trees upper fronds support. As you descend into the lower conpies the cities of the Elenarian Domas grow ever more dark. Dragons are unknown in the highest canopies, but the fields of fire drake flowers that grow upon the deeepest roots of the Mother Trees mean that the Direlendi have no shortage of Drake Meat to feast upon. According to the Direlendi that make trade with their Elentsi cousins upon the upper canopies tell tale that there are ten grand dragonlords upon Elendrian Isle. All ten are of the arconistic Fire. Why the proverbial birthplace of the people of plants, the Elendi, could also be the home of the greatest concentration of Flame Beasts, proverbially, is a question of truely vile arconistics. Regardless the Elen ports and the High Canopies of Elendrian Isle are a delight to visit. Those that seek the Pure Lands must descend into the darkness of the Mother Tree forest, but none save such seekers should even consider such peril.

Like all Elentsi  and Elen the dietary fare of the Elendarian Isle is fruit based. Tubers, stalks, leaves, and seeds are the fare of the Elendi worldwide. Elen, Felen, or Direlindi. Direlendi being the exception. Direlendi are the only fleash eating breed of Elen. The Dwar tell tales of how they bread with Direlendi before the first Mans Tree Wars and that give creedance to the tales that the Direlendi were the first of the Elentsi. The truth is that we found the final key to our journey to the Pure Lands via descending to the darkest depths of Elendrian Isle. It was the high priests of the Direlendi that revealed the secrets of Graal's purpose stone to us. The truth of the many tales regarding the birth of the Elendi and even the birth of all the peoples of the world are possibly held safe within the heart of Elendrian Isle. Only the greatest of the Arconists and the Priests of the Triune can truely tell. By some legends Elendrian Isle and the Mother Trees are the origin of all the peoples of the world. This supposition is, of course, contested by countless other myths of the triune. Only the arcons themselves truely know the answer The Mother Trees themselves, are silent regarding the matter.


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