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This may be a bit premature since we do not know what final form 4e is going to take but do people think that we need to drum up a bit of enthusiasm for Greyhawk content in Dragon?

More specifically, I'm thinking of 4e information for clerics of the Greyhawk gods & the Old Faith, racial talent trees for the human sub-races (especially the rhennee), paragon paths for things like Knights of the Hart, Knights of Holy Shielding, Gnarley Rangers, Silent Ones, etc and possibly conversions/fluff for the various schools of wizardry and how they might relate to the new implements.
I prefer to have hard covered books of Greyhawk than to have articles in Dragon. It seems that editors of Dragon have no will to gather those articles into one book. I am tired of looking for certain backnumber of Dragon to get information regarding Greyhawk world.
Well I appreciate the sentiment but a hardback bookisn't going to happen for 2-3 years if at all. With the new online format you can print off the Greyhawk material and file it in a folder for ease of reference..

I think that articles in Dragon is the only hope we have for now but fans need to make themselves heard on the issue if they want Greyhawk material to appear at all.
Personally, I don't see how GH in Dungeon can happen any more.

WotC is evidently uninterested in any product that doesn't market their entire product line (I'm remembering changes forced on the Living Greyhawk campaign). Greyhawk wouldn't do that. In fact, 4/e increasingly appears to be incompatible with the setting without major changes to GH.

That notwithstanding, WotC has always been opposed to supporting Greyhawk, almost to the point of hostility.

I'm a bit disappointed that all the feedback so far is negative. I'm not so sure. I thought that Dragon and Dungeon sales increased more recently when they started putting about 50% emphasis on Greyhawk.

Any company is going to want to sell more. If they want to carry on producing Fogotten Realms as hardback and Greyhawk drip-fed through articles in Dragon and Dungeon I'm all for it.

I'd expect to see far less Greyhawk initially as there are plenty of other 4e stuff to get their teeth into. However, Greyhawk oriented talent trees etc could be a gold mine. Their reluctance to produce a hardback book could simply be because they can foresee the Greyhawk base as bankrolling Dungeon and Dragon.

However, if nobody seems enthused by the notion, maybe they won't bother Does nobody want to see this?
My own thoughts on this are thus: I'd rather see a concerted Greyhawk only effort, be it in hardcover or via DDI, rather than what they would be doing now, which would be shoe horning the new stuff into Greyhawk. Some of it has an easy place, the Tieflings, for instance; some of it is not so easy (the Dragonborn and their role in ending the tiefling empire). I'd rather see concerted effort in melding the two than thrown together half attempts that we have to then ignore or do better.

That said I want to see Greyhawk content, but not at the expense of the setting.
However, if nobody seems enthused by the notion, maybe they won't bother Does nobody want to see this?

I wil surely buy any well-made hardcover books of Greyhawk. New greyhawk world setting book. Monsters of Greyhawk. Even some good Greyhawk-dedicated campaign modules.

But I don't like the idea of Greyhawk supported by Dragon and Dungeon. You may easily get all the issues of those magazines. But I am not. I can buy almost hardcover WotC products through and nearby hobby shops (I am a Japanese) at reasonable cost. But It is difficult to find a particular issue of Dagon of Dungeon here. And subscription for yearly delivery to publishers costs me much as oversea postal fees are not cheap. And it is difficult to find a certain information especially the information I need was in some backnumber. Actual books, with book codes are far much easily available to everyone and easily to use.
Actually, if a hardback book would advance the timeline by 100 years like they are going to do with Forgotten Realms, I fall down on the other side of the fence. I firmly would NOT want a hardback book but I would be happy to see Greyhawk fan writers 'convert' the parts of current Greyhawk that fit into the existing campaign and ignore or tweak those parts that don't. That's why I think Dragon (and adventures in Dungeon) would be good.

I accept that it is a pain to keep track of it all, when separated over many articles but in electronic format it should be easier to amalgamate on your pc than with all the magazines. In fact, it would be easier for WotC to issue campaign amalgamations periodically (not that I think that this is likely). Further, if there is an ariticle you don't like, it's easier to ignore it if it only appeared in Dragon or Dungeon.

For exmaple I was unhappy with the Dungeon module that killed one of the CN barbarian kings and replaced him with a LG version. The module was good but it showed a lack of understanding for the barbarian culture, no mention of the dead king's family or rules of succession (if any). It had wide reaching implications but didn't think them through. I'd be inclined to replace the king with a tribal leader to minimise the damage.
That notwithstanding, WotC has always been opposed to supporting Greyhawk, almost to the point of hostility.


The lawsuits filed by E. Gary Gygax after he left/was kicked out of TSR in 1987 ruled that Gary, as the creator of Greyhawk & 1st edition, was entitled to a share of the profits of those products. That would explain why TSR suddenly dumped Greyhawk and invented the Forgotten Realms and 2nd edition soon after those rulings. Plus it would also explain why WotC is not interested in developing products which they have to share profits with the estate of EGG.

Personally, I find that a shame as when I think of (A)D&D the first thing which comes to mind is Greyhawk due to that being the primary setting I played in during 1st & 2nd eds all those years ago (I stopped playing long before 3rd came out and only stopped by here since they released 4th). It's pretty obvious to me that years of TSR/WotC bad mouthing Greyhawk means the kiddies have no appreciation for what is the first and still most interesting (A)D&D game world.
I have already post my thoughts on this and i for one would love to see greyhawk a world i first played in and learned D&D. I for one always think of it as the one and only true D&D setting complete and original. Every thing there after was for money although some good was in there as well but the death blow was the parting of Gary Gygax. I still thing the engraving on his tome stone Should be Oops roll a one i think he would have liked that.

If they truly want to honor the man do so with greyhawk as a primary setting with full support but as i say this i know it will not be so. This i fear is nougat as wotc wants to bring back the others who have fallen then greyhawk is a start i say.   
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