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I know that it's been many months since the last post in this forum, but I figured I might as well give this a shot.


I originally purchased all three box sets of Gamma World (The Core Set, Famine in Far-Go & Legion of Gold). I myself typed out all the official origins, including racial bonuses, abilities, At-Will, Encounter, Utility and Expert powers. Because I combined them with all of the quality community origins in order to create what you would call a "Super Document" of every conceivable origin in the game with all their powers. This, along with this forums index of all Alpha Mutations and Omega Tech coverted over to a second word document, I had everything my group could possibly need for character creation.


Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight back 3 years ago to send all of this to my email for a backup. And the laptop on which I Had all of this information finally crapped out on me late last year. On top of all that, I do not know where any of my core rulebooks are.


Now thanks to this community still being up, I can recover the Alpha Mutations, Omega Tech and Community Origins. But I do not have an available document detailing the 3 Box Set Origins that are official to the game. Because all the "Origins Cards" documents I can find either do not include Expert powers and the base racial abilities, or they just don't detail the powers at all and just list what the power is and what page of which rulebook you can reference said power.


TL;DR, I'm looking for a document similar to the Community Origins PDF's, except it outlines all the exact same information for all of the Official Origins of the game.


Does this document exist? Can it be made? Or would I have to purchase all three box sets over again? Thank you for reading through this, and any help you can provide in this endeavor.

A list of all the origins is available here, but it does not describe the powers. Maybe check out the other files.

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