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What do you think we'll see in Born of the Gods?


Since we're basing this on Greek Mythology, I think we'll see alot of Demi Gods that are multicolor.  The Gods were notorious for sleeping with humans, so I also think we'll see alot of Demi Gods with more Heroic abilities.


I thought we might see Titans (parents of the Gods) but the block name throws it off.  Maybe when we get the Journey into Nyx, we'll see the Titans.  Which might make sense, since Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a great mana ramper for single color decks, which in turn help your devotion.

Death, like life, is swift.

I am hoping to see more Minotaurs in the next few sets, especially since its based off Greek Mythology


I am hoping that they give the other colours a bit more options in regards to dealing with gods etc as right now it seems white & blue have an easier time than Green, Black & Red


I definitely can't wait for this set, I absolutely loved Theros and the new mechanics they introduced so hoping they continue to build off that

Green does have Fade into Antiquity, a reasonably costed and versatile exile effect. It's black and red that are pretty much SOL right now.


Say, does anyone else realize we can now have Elder Gods?

Actually, I wonder if Delve could come back this block (perhaps Journey into Nyx), since none of the block mechanics use the graveyard.
Born of the Gods will have a GW Ajani. Prediction.
Based on this pic Xenagos becomes a god.

Yeah, that's unmistakeably Xenagos. He has the same horns and green ribbons. And all this time I thought the imposing deity Elspeth and Ajani were facing was Mogis. I wonder how on earth he'll attain godhood and if so will he revert back to Planeswalker so as to appear in future stories? Or is he pretty much a one-shot whose planeswalker status exists purely to provide him with his M.O. and who will be taken down by story's end? Or maybe he'll stick around to menace the heroes next time we visit Theros. Time will tell, I guess.

I'm sure he'll be defeated by the heros in this block to which extent I'm not sure. I'm sure of this by the fact they are trying to grow elspeth from some one who keeps running away into a character with a cause to stand up for.

I hope the heroes do manage to win because Elspeth's record for saving planes is looking pretty awful so far.

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