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So without any comment on quality or appropriateness, has there been anything dealing with Returned Abeir as a setting or than in the Campaign Guide; articles, novels, supplements, etc., published? I've sat out most of the Realms' 4th Edition-era material and am just curious. 

Dragon Magazines 366 and 375 give some informations about Gontal. Dragon 372 and 376 cover Tarmalune (I think there was also a 3rd part, but can not remember). There is also the short story "Wandering Stones" in the "Realms of the Dead" anthology and the MINI and ABER series of Living Forgotten Realms.

I treat Returned Abeir as a great playground for paragon and epic level adventures. Empires ruled by dragons, sleeping primordials just waiting to be awakened, a plaguechanged demon trapped beneath a volcano, what's not to like? :D

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