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What is Extended?

-Extended is a heavily played tournament format, consisting of the last seven years of Magic blocks and core sets. Every year when a new block rotates in the oldest legal block will rotate out (meaning next year onslaught leaves). For a list of the currently legal sets and banned cards follow this.

What are the Different Forums for?

-Our extended forums have recently been cleaned up and divided into three sub-sections: Extended general (what you're in now), Extended deck help, and the Extended Tournament Center (often referred to as TC).

Extended General is just for talking about strategy, different cards, or just anything related to the extended format, but not specifically deck critiquing or discussing. This is often used for things such as debating over certain cards and talking about the state of the format. All deck critiques will be moved by your handy forum leads enigmata and avenged_sixfold.

Deck Help:
Extended deck help is for deck critique of top tier tournament decks, or things of that ilk (i.e. rogue decks). If you are just looking for opinions/help on your casual or pet deck post it there. If you want to get maximum help in on your deck you should post decks in [noparse]
[/noparse] tags or specific cards in [noparse][c][/c][/noparse] tags so that people can see your cards. In addition, be sure to mention if you deck is budget, FNM intended, casual, etc. Note, this doesn't mean that you can just have suboptimal cards and say "oh, well, it's deck help". Deck help is for just as harsh critique as the TC, just maybe not as efficient of a deck that you could just pick up and pilot for a win. If you are not seeking as much critique as you can possibly get, take it to the casual forums now.
"enigmata, your friendly FL" ;1 wrote:
I'm writing this thread for one major reason: to clarify the meaning and significance of Extended Deck Help.

The Extended Deck Help subforum, regardless of the tag, is for rogue, pet, or otherwise under-developed strategies meant for competitive environments. It is located in the Competitive Forums for a reason. While I like to see the enthusiasm it inspires, I would like to remind posters that those posting help around the forums are doing so from a competitive standpoint. If you don't mean to take your deck to a tournament, to aspire to win a PTQ or go to a pro-tour with it, this section is not for you. Extended Deck Help is located in the Competitive Forums because it is meant to help those players interested in competitive play.

If you have no interest in competitive play in competitive environments, please do not waste your time or ours; our criticisms will not be aimed toward your goals. Please take your decks to the Casual Forums if that is how you intend to play it.

Thank you,
Extended Forum Guide

Tournament Center:
The Tournament Center is for critique and discussion of tournament quality decks. These decks should have explanations of card choices and how to play the deck along with at least some testing of the deck to prove it's legitimacy. In other words, you must be able to pick up this deck and be able to play it at a tournament due to the fact that's it's good and you know what certain cards do in general and in specific matchups. These decks should test against most of the decks in the Decks to Beat, which can be found here forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=1126.... Be prepared for your decks to be strongly critiqued and questioned as this forum consists of tournament players who want to make the deck as efficient as possible. If your deck lacks the requirements you will be given a chance to change it or it will be moved to deck help.
Thanks Evil, I'll get this stickied.

If anyone has any more FAQs that they think needs to be added, then by all means post them.
I don't think you really need that many sblocks when it's that short, Evil. :P


Come join me at No Goblins Allowed

Because frankly, being here depresses me these days.

I don't think you really need that many sblocks when it's that short, Evil. :P


True ;)...Want me to change it? I just felt like it went under the subheading, so...I could just have it as bullets if you'd prefer.
It's up to you--your FAQ, after all.

Come join me at No Goblins Allowed

Because frankly, being here depresses me these days.

It's up to you--your FAQ, after all.

Ok, I'll make it look a little neater.
This thread gave me a surge of nostalgia...
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