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The mournland is an area of Eberron that is abandoned by the Gods. Nature is twisted, and by Keith Baker's own account, anything can happen. So what indeed does go on behind the dead-gray mist? This list is designed to be a starting point, pulling on all the creativity this board can muster, for features of the mournland.

Note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE number your contributions. It makes it easier to reference.
Note: If you post and find that you're numbering has been rendered incorrect by someone posting before you, please edit your post to maintain continuancy. Thanks!
1) Blood Rain
2) living metallic grass
3) Rainbows that disintegrate all that they touch
4) Hats that float and move in mid-air as though someone were wearing them, occasionally flipping up to salute another passing hat or PC party.
5) Rivers that appear to be calm and shallow but rapidly become turbulent when someone steps in them.
6) A village of murderous animated objects (dolls, candlesticks, the buildings themselves)
7) Gargantuan Housecats
8) Acidic rain
9) Nauseating rain

(I also do blood rain, but this introduces a rare time in which healing spells function normal.......mostly--brewhahahahaha)
10)rocks that feel like soft sponges
11)swarm of skull-shaped locusts
12)continually shivering tree, as if in fear
13)fata morgana that always seems to come closer, like an advancing horde
14) Hordes of various mundane animals with extra limbs, heads, or tails.
15) Enchanting illusions of people who welcome you to their home and offer food and lodging... and then disappear, leaving you in the waste of the Mournland.
16) A vast creature that appears to be part of the landscape.
17) Rain of arrows
17) Rain of arrows

I'd have never thought of ordinary arrows, but this fits really well. And all the other submissions are great as well
Good job everyone, let's keep it up!

18) A forest of red-barked trees that bleed and shriek if anyone so much as touches them
19) A river of warm, salty water (tears) that, when in contact with a character, reminds that character of their greatest tragedy.
20) Reverse-Rain that forms from condensed dew on the ground that flies upward into the dead-gray mist
21) A canyon of rust
18 - Living dungeons: building that has a taste for death...
19 - Swarm of 'metal' vermin
20 - Shifting lands: the gound moves under foot as it there is something below
22. Rain with drops that wherever they hit an eye, with lids, of various races that fought in Cyre (but not warforged eyes) emerge. A being caught in this rain had better seek shelter immediately or die from the exposure.

23. Rain that are tears; warm and salty.

24. Rain that stays where ever it lands as if glued to the spot, building on top of one another, never soaking into the ground or cloth or what have you, evaporating normally.
25. The soft sounds of children at play at the edge of hearing slowly turning into screams of horror and agony. Keep this up for a few days in the Mournlands even the most iron willed will start to lose their grip.

26. A field of stange limp straw.... hair growing from the ground.
Aesop had it right 2,500 years ago, "By endeavoring to please everyone, he had pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain".
27. The voice of a crying woman that seems to come from no discernable location. If weapons are drawn it gets louder.
28. A ring of ghostly children who are dancing around a beaten gallows where the still fresh corpse of a woman hangs, gently swaying in the breeze. The children are holding hands and chanting ring around the rosy in somber voices. The children appear to be very badly burned, but do not notice their wounds.
29. The apparition of a bard hunched over the corpse of a fallen woman, playing a mournful tune on a mandolin (If you are familiar with Blackmore's Night, the tune he is play is entitled Beyond the Sunset).
30. A single childrens doll laying in a pool of blood. The sound of a crying child can be heard, but whenever a female character approaches the doll, the crying stops.
31. A small cluster of farm houses that appear deserted. Food still sits on the table, as if the family will return to their meal shortly. Upon the walls, written in blood, is a single word: Why?
32. A single weeping willow by the bank of a stream. The leaves continually drip moisture that is warm and salty. Beneath the tree is an unmarked cross.
33. A woman clutching two children. All three have been turned to stone, but the figure still weep.

This is good stuff. My players will never enter the mournlands again.
Save vs DM
34) A vast desert-like wasteland where the upper torsos of people stick out of the ground, their bodies having turned to glass and their arms clawing desperately toward the sky.

35) A large, monolithic obelisk jutting out of the ground. In the center of the great black rock is a huge (the size of a man's head) eye, its gaze darting back and forth from one person to another.

36) A gang of hunched over, naked elf-like shapes with no arms or faces. Maybe they have some other way of killing and eating their prey...

37) A hill of screaming skulls begging for their lives.
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You are Red/Blue!
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Good job guys, keep digging deep!

38) A scant few hundred feet from the edge of the Mournland, PCs hear a train whistle. Soon they see the hulk of a Lightning Rail Train, the last to depart Metrol on the day of Mourning. It's dead on the outside, laying on its side like an iron corpse, but the players can smell fire and burning flesh. One of the car's windows eternally thumps outward as if someone were beating on it from the inside, and screams and pleas issue forth from the car constantly. If you touch the car, though, you get sucked inside...
39) Buried beneath the glass plateau, a one-way portal to Xoriat. Walking galss like aberrations and near invisible half-glass mindflayers wander the scintillating glass tunnels in search of good prey.
40) Deformed experimental warforged with black armour plates, and varying numbers of limbs. A dead grey glow illuminates their eye sockets and hatred towadrs their cruel master, the Lord of Blades is strong within them. (Much like Drider and Drow). These warforged often crawl, unable to make efficient use of more than two legs carry with them weapons made from torn up body parts from victims of the Cyre destruction event (nothing rots away naturally in the Mournlands)
41) Entire civilisations of roach thralls and swarm shifters of the cockroach livign within the "animate" bodies of the poor souls who lost their lives in the destruction of Cyre.
42) Living Gutwrench spells (BoVD)
43) Fog that peels the skin of the victim from the toes up, slowly. The victim does not realise it because the fog simultaneously replays happy memories from the victims own memory bank in the mist before him, leaving him dominated.
44) Flocks of pseudoravens and pseudoducks (Pseudo-creature template - BoVD) fly low confusing vistims with their aberrational sight.
45) On certain terrain, the ground around where someone steps becaomes alive with hands trying to escape from the earth, like zombies coming out of their graves. Upon closer inspection, all that is coming out of the ground is diembodied hands that fade when completely free of the ground.
46) Herds of gelatinous polyhedrons bounding across the plains, grazing the battlefields of fresh corpses that reform in their wake.
47) The animated corpse of a carcass crab. On closer inspection, the crab itself is inert, but the multitude of corpses adhering to its shell have become animated as various forms of undead, the whole mass shuffling through the Mournland in macabre co-operation.
Got this from a 2.0 site
48) A 5x5 ft circular "hunting" hole in the ground that moves about like a shadow, continually seeking to give the unwary a nasty fall...
This situation often leads to the question: How do you kill a hole? You fill it in...
49) As the PC's walk along they realise the ground has gotten rubbery. and almost flesh like (+1 to tumble checks and MS checks) but you can't dig in the ground it can only be cut and a few min after the ground is cut it seems to heal
50) A 25' tall work of "modern art" made from corpses jammed together into a particular shape. Bodies can be pulled loose, but they soon reanimate and will fight PCs in order to rejoin their original place in the sculpture. No reason for this behavior is evident, and the sculpture serves no useful purpose. (Suggestions that it's some sort of undead dragonmark should be met by the DM with a polite but knowing chuckle.)

51) A still, with a fire burning underneath it and a bucket under the spout next to it overflowing with some sort of liquor. There are no signs of habitation or indication who the rig belongs to. And it's not a bad brew, if you can get past the faint red tinting and bitter iron taste...

52) A circle of well-preserved corpses sitting in relaxed, conversational poses around an eight-pipe hookah. The corpses do nothing and cannot be removed from those poses. The hookah is lit, and the smoke issuing from all eight pipes looks like an incredibly concetrated version of the fog currently covering the entire Mournland. (It's up to the DM what the effect of puffing on one of those pipes is, but I bet it ain't good.)
53)The scene of a traveling tinkerer's cart, filled to the brim with ordinary supplies and tools. The dead but intact bodies of the tinkerer and his wife are sitting on top, still holding the reins - still attached to two dead horses.
Among the supplies stands a small painting, wrapped in cloth - the painting has changed, and will drain the blood of all whom touch it.

54)The bodies of two people lying sprawled, naked. Their clothes lie in the exact same position as their owners, a few feet away.
55) A strange thing that looks like a stick-figure form a distance turns out to be a collection of five pikes; two arms, two legs, and a torso in the middle. Each pike has multiple heads impaled on it. The thing walks and apparently wants to add to its collection.

56) A twisted abomination of what might have been a person stumbles around aimlessly. Gnashing, fanged mouths are were its eyes should be. A dozen worm-like tendrils, always flapping about, surround it's circular, slobbering mouth. Its hands are also covered with worm-like tendrils in place of fingers. Below its waist is nothing but a flat flap of skin which convulses and pushes the horrid thing in random directions, jarring it about.
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You are Red/Blue!
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You are both rational and emotional. You value creation and discovery, and feel strongly about what I create. At best, you're innovative and intuitive. At worst, you're scattered and unpredictable.
57) An expanse of land, black and chitinous like the back of a fly, with short, sparse black wiry/hairy grass. Occasionally the land whistles, as wind plays in the irregularly dotted spiracles. The stench of death in the air.
58. A village where all appears to be normal as the PCs approach (buildings in good condition, townsfolk walking around going about their business, children playing happily). If the PCs try to interact with the townsfolk, however, they are apparently ignored. True seeing or disbelieving an illusion shows the village for what it is: a ruined husk of what it might have been before the Mourning. Bodies are strewn everywhere, un-decomposed, having fallen where ever they were when the Mourning hit. Rubble is strewn through the streets, and the PCs who haven't realized the illusion may trip over debris that they don't see.

59. A village where everything is frozen exactly as it was 1 minute before the Mourning hit. People, undecayed, still stand in conversation. The blacksmith's hammer is raised to strike an object on the anvil. The tavern has patrons with mugs still raised to their lips, as well as barmaids holding trays of drinks and food. A group of children playing a game is in the village square, one of the children was jumping in the air, and remains almost a foot off the ground. Anything moved by the PCs will immediately disappear from their hand and reappear where it was.

60. A wind whips through, whispering to the PCs, causing them to relive their greatest failure or tragedy.

61. Statues of fallen heroes are arranged in a "gallery". All statues are made of stone, and are completely life-like at the apparent point of death (huge rends appear in the flesh, all wounds seem to be open.) And all of the wounds are still oozing blood. (Possibly if the PCs touch the blood they are injured... Or healed.... )

These will make my game a lot more interesting... Also, I'm compiling them into a wordprocessor document as they're posted. If anyone else is interested in a copy, PM me.
62. The PCs pass a graveyard next to a barren Cyran village. Since the village had limited medical services, the graves were fitted with bells that people in the coffins could pull in case they weren't really dead. All the bells are ringing. If the PCs dig up the coffins to free the people, they find the the coffins are empty, but have scratch marks on the inside a gaping whole in the bottom that leads to a large tunnel borind deep into the earth. However, one of the coffins still has an old man in it, who apparently died twenty years ago.
You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are both rational and emotional. You value creation and discovery, and feel strongly about what I create. At best, you're innovative and intuitive. At worst, you're scattered and unpredictable.
63) A long pink ribbon made of lace and fashioned for the hair of young girl floats along a breeze high above the adventurers heads. A second after the party takes note of it, it whips from the sky and begins to strangle the first person to speak.
64) As the party crest a ridge, they come upon a wonderful sight in the valley ahead - the dead mists above are pierced, and the valley is free of the mournland's eternal twilight, bathed in the light of the sun. Within, the fields and houses of an idyllic farming village lie unsullied and still in use - the villagers are alive and healthy, and interact with the party if approached, though an air of sadness hangs over them, and the village seems underpopulated. When the party question them, they find the reason - these villagers were not spared the effects of the Mourning after all. If a villager leaves the valley by any means, they quickly decay to a rotted husk, even if taken directly to beyond the Mourning. And whilst they can grow their own food and even benefit from healing spells their priest casts, their food does not nourish outsiders, nor do healing spells cast within the valley affect visitors. The remaining villagers are resigned to passing the remainder of their lives here - few Mournland beasts venture into the valley, and there are enough crops to sustain them. Very few of them have tried for children, and there have been no pregnancies since the Mourning. The population still diminishes slowly as one or another villager finally succumbs to depression or desperation and attempts to leave the valley.
65) A battle field, covered in the corpses (perfectly preserved, as usual) of Thranish, Cyran, and Karrnathi soldiers lies ahead. However, upon ariving at the battle field, the PCs notice that each soldier's face is exactly like his own (or that of a loved one), frozen in an expresion of horror, shock, or sadness.

66) A band of ghostly children march through a battle field (with the usual preserved corpses) searching for the bodies of their relatives. When a relative is found, one (or maybe a few) ghostly child (children) break from the parade with a soul wrenching wail and sinks into the earth next to the corpse. Were the child disapears, a black rose, with gaping holes in the leaves and petals, apears.

67) A pool of perfectly calm, clear, still water sits in the middle of a large, deserted plane. Any PC who looks into it sees his or her home town/city being sacked and burnt. Women the character knew are ravished, men the cahracter knew are brutaly tortured and killed, and childeren are claped in irons and dragged screaming away from their homes. For every round the PC looks into the pool, a DC 15+(number of previous saves) Will save must be made. If the save is failed, the character is drawn into an elaborate illusion inwhich he is forced to live the horrors of the pool first hand. The PC's body is motionless and apears unconcious to the outside observer, and the PC's mind can only be freed by a Break Enchantment spell.

68) Dense fog encompases the PCs, blinding them, and each one heres the others screaming in pain or crying for aid.
69) Over the course of the day, dark clouds gather in a strange red sky, and thunder begins to roll. Near dusk, it begins to rain charred body parts and dead livestock.
70) Moans and sounds of a struggle lead to what appears to be two soldiers from opposing factions of the Last War, fused together into a single crawling, deformed mass. The pair can do nothing but groan and occasionally fight eachother, both crying out when a punch or kick lands on their shared form.
71) On closer inspection a strange-looking rock formation proves to be the remains of a building, and the strange features are the petrified forms of people trying to claw their way out of the stone walls.
72) A strange puddle on the ground. If a character steps in it or disturbs it in any way, a tortured scream fills the air, and a face floats to the surface of the puddle.
73) An intact house, its sole inhabitant a madwoman suckling a dead baby.
74) The party crosses an empty field lightly coated with ash. On climbing a hill adjascent to the field, they look back to see that the ash outlines the shape of hundreds of human forms lying on the earth.
75) A small cluster of bodies lies on the ground. If they are approached, a giant swarm of flies and maggots burst from them, attacking anyone nearby.
76) A giant golem, composed entirely of debris from a city- pieces of houses, carts, pacing stones, old clothing, scrap metal and farm tools trudges through the wastes, adding pieces to itself from ruins that it encounters. A semi-animate corpse draped over one of its shoulders whispers orders in its ears, and shouts taunts and promises of horrible death at anyone who approaches.

Edit: Fixed my numbering. Post before mine should be 65-68.
77) Upon mounting the top of a large hill overloking Eston, the party hears a rumble as a large boulder rolls up suddenly, threatening to crush them, but at the critical moment, the boulder stops and roll backward down the hill. Once at the bottom, the party sees a regal looking man, garbed in the smock and robe of House Cannith, straining against the boulder, trying to push it up the hill, and succeeding only to have it roll down again. When asked who he is, he identifies himself as the late patriarch of House Cannith. When asked why, he simply says one word: "Torment", and with that he begins his task anew. A bard could convice him to temporarily halt his labor with a DC 30 Perform (sing) check, rewarding the performer with a House Cannith Artifact of considerable power.
78) What appears to be a scrap of cloth caught in the branches of a dead tree is in fact an entire discarded human skin.
79) The party comes arcoss what appears to be a damaged and broken down barn, from inside they hear the happy giggle of children. As the party approaches they find the children feasting upon the corpses of what appear to be their parents.
80) The party walks through a field of muddy terrain, each step causing the mud to grasp at their feet and a viscious red liquid to pool around their footprints.

81) The party walks through a field of muddy terrainm each step causing the mud to grasp at their feet. If they look hard enough they notice that tiny child like hands are reaching out of the mud to pull at them. The hands are physically harmles, but the PCs won't be able to rest until they leave the area.

82) The PCs walk through a field of short wavy grass. In fact what first appears to be vegitation is a mas of needle sharp worms poking up from the ground. Walking across this terrain is like moving through a field of caltrops as the worms actively seek warm fleshy feet trodding above them..

83) As the party camps out in the open the gray mists pull away to reveal a dark, yet starry night sky. One by one, each of the stars fall out of the sky until the entire night sky is pitch black (perhaps causing some kind of despare effect). The PCs must view this event until all of the stars have fled (they can not remove their eyes). Once all is black the PCs can look away again, but as soon as they glance at the sky the process starts over again.
Nice work, everyone. Many of these are ideas I've already used in my campaign, or very close to them! To throw in a few more of mine...

84. In the distance, giant luminous ants are building some sort of structure out of what appear to be human bones.

85. A veiled woman in a bloodstained dress is kneeling by a muddy stream. There is a basket beside her, and she appears to be doing her washing. However, as you move closer, you see that she is not cleaning clothes; her basket is filled with severed limbs and heads. (Spirit? Illusion? Meme? Undead? You decide, if the party is unwise enough to engage her in conversation.)

86. If any member of the party fought for or against Cyre in the last war, have them find the corpse of an old friend or enemy, amid a slain patrol. It's not an illusion, or anything strange - just a reminder than many people died in Cyre, people who may have been your friends. Ditto for Cyran characters passing through their hometowns.

87. There is a region in which ink becomes liquid and runs off of any paper or parchment it is on. Parties may find paintings that are nothing more than blank canvases in ornate frames. Spellbooks and scrolls are safe if they are kept closed; but anything opened or unrolled will quickly become blank paper.

88. The party arrives at the scene of a skirmish - a village is being ransacked, or perhaps a Valenar band is fighting a Cyran patrol. At first the group appear to be illusions; all forms of attack pass through them. However, they will react intelligently to new arrivals, and their weapons *can* damage physical creatures. They are seemingly sentient, but every five minutes their memories reset - and they cannot pass beyond the boundaries of the battlefield.

Keep up the good work!
86. If any member of the party fought for or against Cyre in the last war, have them find the corpse of an old friend or enemy, amid a slain patrol. It's not an illusion, or anything strange - just a reminder than many people died in Cyre, people who may have been your friends. Ditto for Cyran characters passing through their hometowns.

Not to sound like I'm brown-nosing, but this one struck me the most out of all of them so far.
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You are Red/Blue!
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are both rational and emotional. You value creation and discovery, and feel strongly about what I create. At best, you're innovative and intuitive. At worst, you're scattered and unpredictable.
Not to sound like I'm brown-nosing, but this one struck me the most out of all of them so far.

That's because it's simpler, and yet more personal: strange otherworldly horrors in the Mournland are, as we've already seen, a dime a dozen. Now, familiar horrors of war, that's classic.

So in that vein, here are a few things I'm sticking in my own campaign...

89) An old manor house, which contains two or three perfectly preserved but well-looted and -abused corpses of household staff lie approximately where they fell on the Day of Mourning. A large clock in one corner s stuck at 11:58 and ticks incessantly, its gears jammed by something but still trying to move. The portraits in the house radiate protective magic, and prevent further damage to the house or its contents. (It's the former home of a PC. Effects of unjamming that clock are left to the creative DM.)

90) A lightning rail station. The skeleton of a ticket vendor sits behind the barred booth, offering a ticket. The ticket can't be pulled loose, but tugging on it will unlock the gate, allowing entry. Inside, there is no dust, no trash, no corpses, no decay. The vendors' booths and stalls are perfectly clean and could be used tomorrow. But by the same token, no train would dare stop there...

91) A fine ink pen. It's intact, looks fancy, and writes smoothly but if the writer doesn't pay attention, he'll start autowriting pleas for help, messages from beyond the grave, random useable spells... The pen inflicts no ill effects other than the autowriting, but the spells are obscure and hard to identify so blythely casting them would be dangerous.
92) The party encounter a group of crazed Warforged followers of the Lord of Blades. Each could not handle their new found awareness and so have tried to emulate the other races by wearing their skin. Each warforged has a full tanned skin from a humanoid race affixed about them with leather thongs and ties. Most look hideous in their fleshy clothes, whilst others could appear ridiculous, such as a 7ft warforged wearing the stretched skin of a 3ft halfling!! They all intone "We will embrace the flesh" and set out to update their wardrobes by taking the skins of the party.

93) The party encounter an undead regimental band of skeletons and/or zombies. Each still wears it's tattered uniform and armour from the war and plays it's drum, flute or horn with gusto, all marching in eerie unison. The spooky marching tune has a Animate dead spell woven in it's sound, and all dead within 90ft of the band immediately rise and either join the band, or attack the nearest non undead. A great encounter for parties moving through old battlefields!

94) The party come across a pit at the edge of a battlefield that smells badly, due to it seeming to be a dumping ground and toilet for local monsters. At the edge of the stinking pit is a pile of old weapons, armour and equipment, amongst which something desirable glistens (Maybe a jewel, magic blade or staff). Upon approching the pit, a large golem type creature bursts from the filth. It is made up almost completely of excrement and smells very bad indeed (Will saves to stop being nauseous). The golem pursues the group and all damage it does can cause disease (Fort saves) due to the makeup of it's hideous form.
95) The adventurers find themselves wandering near an old settlement on 9 Rhaan, the day of Boldrei's feast. Anyone with half a brain would know to AVOID the lights and music that pierce the dead-grey mist. Then again, they are adventurers... if they wander too far they find a lively, yet benign Cyran town of grotesque mutants in the midst of festival, honoring Boldrei for holding the community together in such hardship as the mourning. One problem, though. It is Boldrei's FEAST, and lacking any vegetation or animal life, the party members have become the guests of honor, if you catch my drift...
Ditto for Cyran characters passing through their hometowns.

Just to expand on this for a moment, the point here is to remember that if any of the characters passing through the Mournland are Cyran, the land is also their home. When they find the village where everything seems slightly melted and all that's left of the people are their clothes... perhaps that village was their home town. Or where their first love lived. Or where their brother settled after he lost his arm in the war. In fact, that pile of clothes there looks like the cloak you gave him. Does that mean he's dead? Or might he (and the rest of the villagers) still be out there somewhere? Might he in fact be the one-armed skullcrusher ogre waiting across the hill, and if so is there any way to reach him?

A key to doing this sort of thing is to establish a few facts with the PC before hand. Nothing major, just enough so you can actually have things match. Did they grow up in the country or city? And relatives? What did their parents do for a living? No need to write it all doubt or put together a book, just to make sure you're on the same page.
Might he in fact be the one-armed skullcrusher ogre waiting across the hill, and if so is there any way to reach him?

Cool! really cool. It's no surprise that you won the contest, Keith. Thanks for continuing to amaze.

*97) East of Eston, beneath lake Cyre, there lies a watertight bronze dome. One of the greatest wonders of Cyre, this dome supported a hamlet that was to be the last refuge of the royal family and the many treasure Cyran people. If the Pcs manage to reach it, they find it inhabited and unaffected by the mourning, but the inhabitants are currently battling a tribe of Kuo-Tua that has seized a vault. The vault contains the key to the Cyrans escape from the dome, but once the PCs retrieve it, is all well, or has a mad cyran, gifted with illusory powers by the Mourning, been deluding them into doing their dirty work?
16) A vast creature that appears to be part of the landscape.

18 - Living dungeons: building that has a taste for death...

I've seen the living dungeon thing done before (The old Jackson/Livingstone Fighting Fantasy books, specifically The Riddling Reaver) but I'll chip in my addition:

18.5) A dungeon which is made of dead flesh. Maybe it was alive recently, but it's hard to tell. Somewhere inside something vital looking has been hacked apart. Various dead bodies of a former adventuring party can be found within, along with various animals that the dungeon sucessfully snared.

My own, though I'm not too good at horror:

96) The adventurers espy a figure sitting at the top of a hill, his back against a rock. As they ascend the hill, the howl of the wind and the hopeless vista fades away, replaced by distant birdsong, an impossibly blue sky, healthy grass, bright flowers and what appear to be cows in the distance. All of this is an illusion, though it's incredibly well done. (High disbelief save.)
The figure is a very old gnome, leaning on the rock with his sleeping bag cushioning his back. Though he is long dead, his corpse is unrotted and he seems to have died smiling.
Attempts to raise him from the dead fail (the gnome looks old enough that his time may have fully run out) and if his corpse is brought out of the mournland it disappears on the night of the new moon, reappearing on the hill.
The location is a relatively pleasant place to rest, though other mournland unpleasantness still happen (IE: Rains of blood, wandering horrors)

97) A house Sivis message station, filled with ghosts whispering messages to still-living relatives in other parts of Khorvaire (Some of them are even in Cyre, and could be as close as the next town). A house Sivis heir might hear messages from outside Cyre if he uses the stones, perhaps prayers for the souls of relatives lost in the Mournland.
Consider giving XP rewards if the players make an effort to collect the messages of the ghosts and deliver them.

98)An ancient Dhakaan ruin, which has had it's missing parts restored by ghostly outlines of former glories. Inside, faint snatches of millenia-old conversations flit through the air, with several whispers all at once in the main dining hall.
and if his corpse is brought out of the mournland it disappears on the night of the new moon, reappearing on the hill.

Any particular new moon?

Very nice suggestions. Here's one more:

99) In the depths of an abandoned House Cannith facility, a Creation Forge is still operating, the dead hand of a perfectly-preserved Cannith Artificer at the controls, and a trio of powerful golems tasked with providiing it with raw materials. But the forge ran out of raw materials long ago. Each day, it produces a fully-functioning warforged, who emerges into the sealed complex sentient and aware - and each day, the three golems, implacably following their instructions, find the only available source of suitable raw materials for the creation forge: The warforged himself. After a desperate chase through the complex, he is hunted down, dismembered, and fed into the hoppers of the creation forge - which forges him anew the next day, with all his memories intact.

The warforged is smart and determined, and each day he learns more about the complex and explores new possible avenues of escape. But even mystical forging processes have wastage, and each time he is slain and reforged, he emerges a little weaker. Can he discover a solution to his cycle of torment before he grows too weak to take advantage of it?
Like the Sivis message station. Here are some of my own twists:

100) No matter where the PCs travel, there is always a Sivis message stone (in the shape of a gnome) just at the edge of their vision. Traveling toward the stone won't bring it any closer.

101) As 99, but traveling toward the stone will bring it closer. Upon closer inspection the PCs not that the stone has the face of someone they once knew. The face is made of flesh, and touching it will cause the PC in question to relive some past moment that was shared with the person whos face is on the stone. After the moment is relieved the stone disappears forever.

102) As 100, but instead of forcing the character to relive some past moment, touching the stone places them into a Quori generated nightmare. There they must help the person they knew escape from some peril. The person may actually be trapped in Dal-Quor, or the whole experinece might be a figment of the PC's imagination.
103) Horrible aberrent children play along, gathering pieces of the dead and putting it in a cauldron. Seeing the characters, they pursue them untill they agree to buy some soap...

104) They see a city which looks normal, but is populated by shadows. Not the monster, but humanoid darkened areas cast as if it were mid-afternoon. The shadows move, play, and act normally. The shadows grow longer and longer till they begin to fade. Once faded, they become real shadows and attack.

105) They come to a farmhouse, which looks to be in good repair and smoke rises from the chimney. If they observe for a while, a pile of stray nearby suddenly lifts up and pierces the house, causing it to bleed and pained shreaking can be heard from within. The house then burns down.

106) Near the Glowing Chasm horrid abberations hunt for living creatures. If caught, they will throw the captures creature into the chasm, mutating it into another abberation.
107) A Kender......nuff said.

108) As the pcs walk through one of the empty towns they see a small human child wandering about. The child is not a zombie or a ghost, illusion, or some other supernatural creature, just a normal child. But where did he/she come from and how are they here?

109) As the party is walking through the Fied of Ruins there appears to be a person messing with one of the corpses. As they get closer they see its a hairless dwarf in bloody rags. He has a crazed look in his eyes and appears to be carving the flesh of one of the bodies skin off with a bloody dagger. They see there are a couple of them with their skin missing. The dwarf seems them and with blood around his lips "Hey who you? If you be lookin food this ones mine!! MINE!!!...(formless gibberish).....though you help me with this one..." If party starts leaving he waves and yells goodbye hope to see you sometime or invites them to next dinner....

110) As the party walks on through the land they walk by what appears to be a hole in the ground of about 2 foot radius and too dark to see the bottom. A horrible shriek followed by some giggling.

A voice, a obiously mad voice asks them to come down and help with a bug problem. If they refuse it then says it has magical (something the party is interested in). If they still refuse, it says it has candy.... etc.. over and over different things until the party leaves and then it whimpers and cries for them to come back and says its lonely and doesn't get any visitors.

If they go down....thats up for you to decide what happens.
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