Scepter Tower of Spellgard in Eberron

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Hello all, just poking around with a little question.

I am right now in the process of planning the first levels of my Eberron campaign and decided that the whole 'prophecy telling spirit' theme of the Scepter Tower of Spellgard adventure would be very fitting as a starter for a Draconic Prophecy focused campaign. This spirit could catapult the low level characters into the prophecy and connect them to different power groups in the aftermath.

Now, i'm planning on making Spellgard the ruins of a fortress destroyed in the early days of the war and mostly forgotten untill an injured Brelish soldier actually came across it and the spirit and created the Temple there.

The location is the mountain range near where the Breland, Mournland and Darguun borders mix. It isn't a well known place because it is still so short after the war, but slowly more and more people are coming.

Now.. a few things I mostly wonder about it.. how do I make this adventure really about Eberron?

I already had a few ideas:

- The Dark Creepers and their Master are actually a Khyber Cult looking for more power.

- The Halfling Were-creatures that made camp there are actually Talenta Halflings. Looking for a way to add possible dino's into the encounters (probably will replace the animals with them).

- The kobolds that made camp under the ruins will be replaced by a Darguun Goblin raiders who capture anyone who comes to Spellgard to be used as slaves. They are still able to do it because Spellgard isn't really rediscovered by the masses yet after the war.

- The NPCs in the Temple will all be Eberronified.. that means the Dwarf that comes with his 'caravan' every week will actually be working for House Ghallanda and comes, practically alone, on a small 'train' pulled by an elemental carriage. Most of the NPC visitors are War Veterans or people who still have lost loved ones from the war.

- The words of the spirit will actually be a lot more cryptic then described in the module. She is not allknowing, but she is a spirit that is able to link a person's life to descriptions of the Draconic Prophecy. She may become a protagonist in the future that can guide them further down the path of their prophecy.

Now.. is there anything else that can really spice the story more in Eberron taste?
Nobody has any more thoughts? I did a bit of thinking myself and came up with a few more ideas:

- Replace the non-Dark Creeper monsters inside the tower more Eberron-like, will probably be done by making them Daelkyr minions.

- Keep the shadar-kai stats as they are now.. but do not have it actually be a shadar-kai. Just a human/elf leader of this Khyber Cult who deals in the shadows.

Anyone else who actually has this module and has some ideas?
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