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Well it's arrived! The new edition of the Grand History of Eberron has now been posted! There have been massive formatting changes, revisions, removal of typos, tightening of the text and major additions at every level of the book. Now more than ever, the GHoE can serve as your primary supplement to the upcoming 4th Edition Eberron Campaign Guide and Player's Guide. I have included a brand-new introduction that can help both veterans of the setting and those new to Eberron get a better grasp of the world and what sets it apart from the core D&D setting as well as new chronological entries, new maps, a new entry covering the Frostfell and Everice, a brand new look at the 4E Eberron cosmology (to be revised as we learn more) and even new crests. Ever wonder what the symbol of Cyre looked like? It's in there! Want a crest for the Lords of Dust? It's in there! All terminology and magical effects have also been upgraded to their 4E equivalents. The GHoE is now bigger and better than ever! Please download your free copy if you already have enjoyed earlier editions of the book or get your first look at an Ebook that will definitely help players and especially DMs navigate their journeys and adventures through the wonderful world of Eberron (And don't mind the strange blue-and-yellow chapter headings, the yellow was added by my PDF converter but it doesn't look too bad and I can't fix it, LOL). Enjoy it and as always, let me know what you'd like to see in the next edition,to be released after the official 4E Eberron books come out in July. This post is a limited reminder to get the attention of those who were wondering when the promised revision was arriving. Eventually, just the original post will be sufficient as a link to the GHoE for new downloaders but I wanted to provide this special opportunity for people who maybe already downloaded the GHoE to be aware that a major new revision was available. My apologies for how long this took, but I think the results were well worth the wait. To preview the document before you download go to:

If you just want the straight download, no fuss, no muss, use:

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Nice job.

I reading it now.

Keep up the good work.
I love the work you have put into this one. Cant wait til we get the official books and this one will be one step closer to complete.
You rule
I haven't had a chance to look it over it detail, but impressive work!
The updated Grand History has been uploaded to the Dragon Above, so you can download the new version in PDF format from there too:
The Dragon Above - Eberron news and new content for both 3E and 4E. Home of the Eberron Bestiary.
You've done a great job. I have a few comments, however. The document is huge (nearly 500 pages), and browsing through it and searching for something particular is a pain. How difficult would it be to include an index somewhere in there? Alternatively, could the document be stored online in Wiki format? That would be great, as it allows for easy full-text searching and individual pages could hold links to other relevant pages, making the document far more accessible. I think updating the entire thing would be easier too.
I would love to include an index, but quite frankly that is a huge undertaking that I do not have time for now. As for the wiki idea, that has been proposed before and would be great, but there are two problems with it: First, again, I do not have any time for an undertaking of that magnitude. There already is an Eberron wiki, but it is not nearly as complete as the GHoE and to convert the Grand History into a wiki would require several people operating with some oversight from me if it were to be completed in a reasonable time frame. If you or others wish to undertake such a project I would be happy to contribute. However, second, a wiki would not be the same as the GHoE. The GHoE's purpose is, at least in terms of the chronology portion of the ebook, to provide a fully NARRATIVE framework where you can see Eberron's history unfold in one continuous line. A wiki format would defeat this purpose. As such, a wiki of the GHoE would be a useful supplement, but never a replacement for the GHoE.

With that said, both an index and a PDF table of contents with hyperlinks where one can simply jump to the topic of interest would be great additions to the document. I do not have time to produce the former and I lack the software to produce the latter. As such, I will provide an original copy of the document to anyone who volunteers to produce either with input from me. But absent that, this is the best I can do for now.

I apologize for the size of the book but this represents the collected lore that was published in multiple books and magazine articles and even then is only a fraction of the information they contained. In future revisions, the GHoE will not grow any larger, its content will only be revised slightly to match the final 4E configuration of Eberron. But since much of the lore in the book will be lost as the 3E books go out of print, I think the size is a small price to pay for providing new Eberron fans with crucial historical and background information all in one place.
i take my hat off to you good sir.
I think the size is a small price to pay for providing new Eberron fans with crucial historical and background information all in one place.

Yeah I never really realised that there might come new Eberron fans. Well I knew in theory that they might show up, but I never really considered it. So all I want to say is, you my friend is the sort of human that makes this world a better place.
Wow, great job :D .

Maybe WOTC should hire you to put this out as book for fans of Eberron.
that would be realy cool, like a refrence book with all the information you need for eberron condenced into one source. i think... i think i'm...
Amazing work! Read the whole thing
Well Almost... :D

Been a while since we played Eberron. Been playing just the Core world after 4e so really nice to refresh my memory.

This should be sticky.

Can't wait till 4e Eberron comes out. Really looking forward to it since Eberron is the thing that caught my interest in D&D.
I said so as well in the other thread with this one. But I feel that this thread deserves something more than only your posts. So here we go again, über super duper great work mate! here is a silly for you.
it's nice to have something that can answer any question a player or DM may have.
I had a dilema a while back: should I buy all of those eberron books, or not. And then I found this beutiful gem. You have spared no expense putting this together. Plus, you saved me a lot of money.:D
This is exepional. The quality is superb. It has greatly enhanced both my knowledge, and my enoyment of eberron. Thankyou good sir, my hat is off to you. Also, as a humble request, will you drop your opinion here:
Nice work as usual!
Yours, Dave the Brave
Keep Your History Alive!:D
Keep Your History Alive!:D

Keep it secret! Keep it safe!

Oh wait. Sorry, share it with the world. And keep it alive and well.:D
I only read the intro because of time constraints but if that doesn't get you itching to run a campaign or play in Eberron, nothing will! Kudos on a fantastic job compiling this invaluable source, and thanks.
This is amazing! So much effort and I appreciate it! Thank you.
PS: An index should be good, keep it in mind in future.
I've preordered the EPG after years of playing Fogotten Realms and this will help me noend to find out about Eberron. You have made my day.
That's amazing, extremely useful. That's a huge amount of work and time. So, thank you!
I'm just starting to DM an Eberron campaign and this will help me beyond my wildest imagination.

Good Job!
Looking forward to reading this compilation. Seems to be extremely intensive.
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