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DMsDelight: It's like Rapper's Delight, but with a friendly D&D twist, sucka! General Quotes "There's a demonic kitty in Danielle's Pants!" said by a friend of a friend about her artwork on his girlfriend's pajamas.... "The dime b*****s aren't the problem. We've got the b*****s." - said by Dragoneye about...NC-17 issues. D&D Quotes "Of course we healed. We prayed at the Temple of Goodness!"-Adam, on why we should have all been at full health. "You can't Handle Animal the Druid."-Dave to Adam, when Dave was Wild Shaped into a panther. "Yes, Necromancers have a HEALTHY love of the dead..."- Me, on the difference between NecroPHILLIACS and NecroMANCERS. "Not STABility....Stability!"-Alex, on the difference between my rogue's style of negotiation and others style of negotiation. Originally Posted by Edymnion--"you want people worshipping their own shoes, go right ahead and throw it in. Heck, they'll even get spells as long as they truely believe their shoes are gods." From the Half-Kobold Files... Originally Posted by DMsDelight--"Interesting creature concept. Other than being all sorts of wrong/disgusting (I mean...ewwwww! )... And who in their right minds would f*** a Kobold!!!" Originally Posted by Grigori--"Congratulations. You've just re-defined 'get your freak on'." Originally Posted by Da Dinictus--"But... humans with pixies? Even with just... what... covering them or such... ehr. Let's just say, they aren't exactly fit for anything the size of their own bodies, eh?" I am Black/Green
I am Black/Green
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