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I'm looking for information on Eberron Airships, and I'm wondering what books I should check, what issues of Dragon might have information, articles online, etc. I'm planning a sky pirates game, and of course the ships will play a big part in this!

Any information on organizations that utilize airships heavily would be great, as well.

There was a "Steal This Hook!" article called "Airship Action" that could be useful
If the game is in 4E it seems that the adventurer's vault has airships and vehicles detailed.
Explorer's Handbook.

House Lyrandar uses airships extensively (duh.)
There was an adventure called Voyage of the Golden Dragon or something that centered around a really big one. There might be info on that one. You might also consider looking into some 2e Spelljammer stuff for 3D ship-to-ship combat (it will take some conversion though). There's a 3pp book on Airships too, although I don't know about the flavor in that one.