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November 28, 2005
The Boards will be pruned during the first week in December. Save anything you want that hasn't been posted to in 30 days or bump the important stuff to make sure it doesn't get cut. Read the thread for more info


This thread is to compile important threads on this board (and others if sufficiently warranted). This way we do not fall prey to "sticky-bloat" where stickies consume a board

Only Important Announcements, board FAQ's, and this index will be stickied.

Important Threads Index:

Eberron General Board Threads:

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If you have a nomination for a thread to be included in the index, please make a case for it on this thread. Indicate why it should be included and then the vb code to include it in the index.

For example:
RPG Boards Business

[ *][ url=][ b] RPG Boards Business[ /b][ /url]

Make sure to include the spaces. That way I can simply copy/paste the code to easily include it in the Index which will always appear in this first post..

Threads included should be those that would be helpful to reference repeatedly and answer commonly asked questions.

Happy Referencing!

Largely because it's just the funniest dang thing ever. It also points out a lot of misconceptions...but mostly funny.
I nominate my Erandis d`Vol Encyclopedia (and more) thread it contains links to most of the threads about Erandis d`Vol, the Mark of Death questions & write ups. Some Blood of Vol threads can also be found there!


[ URL= ][ B]Erandis d`Vol Encyclopedia (and more)[ /B][ /URL]
I nominate these two threads:

the Sourcebook Inconsistencies Collection thread

[*]Eberron Sourcebook Inconsistencies Collection thread

and the Unresolved Sourcebook Errata thread

[*]Unresolved Eberron Sourcebook Errata thread

The first thread would help those who might have questions derived from a possible inconsistency between two different official Eberron sources and/or bring attention to someone who might have only certain sourcebooks relevant information contained in other sources (such as the Dhakaani preference for chain weapons for those who might only have the ECS and Explorers Handbook and who have yet to read the Heirs of Dhakaan Dragonshard).

The second thread would be helpful in filling the gap between the publication of Eberron sourcebooks and the posting of official errata on the WOTC website for those sourcebooks, as well as assisting the WOTC staff in identifying errata within the sourcebooks to be included in the official errata.
I'd suggets this

Only because, well, it is too cool, it started with Karnath, then it moved to the valenar, the dragonmarked houses and a lot of other arguments, plus there are a lot of Hellcow answers that are worth at least an half dozen of Dragonshard.
It is a pity it never covered the talenta halflings but I have still hope. :D
Thanks for the suggestions all- We'll take a look at them.

However, please see the format that you should recommend threads in. In addition to the link, please post the coding to the link in addition to the thread title.

I got three more!

[ URL=][ B]Military uniforms of Khorvaire [ /B] [ /URL]

[ URL=][ B]Livery of the Dragonmarked Houses [ /B] [ /URL]

[ URL=][ B]Cleric Vestments of Eberron[ /B][ /URL]
The Comprehensive Eberron Art thread (or would be a good addition because it has links to all the Eberron art galleries, important artists, fan work and more.

Maintained by yours truly
It would be nice to have a listing of all the "1001 Things"-type threads we've got going on, here. There's a lot of good ideas in there: the Mournlands, jokes, rumors, NPCs, etc.

It would be nice to be able to find them all in one place....
The Houses

[ *][url=][ b]The Houses [ /b][ /url]

Source of information on how to role-play and run the Dragonmark Houses. Includes sample Kundarak Banking enclave as well as Shadow House assassin teams.
Slight correction here: I maintain the AKB FAQ (when I can find the time), and Keith Baker maintains the current AKB thread, not the other way around.

Don't know if I've said it but it's greatly appreciated btw.

What we're looking for in this index are the important threads that are by themselves "sticky worthy"-- threads that have a wealth of information that could be referenced regularly.

This is not a place for all good, interesting, or creative threads. Those should be archived.
Eberron Master NPC/Organization Index

[ *][url=][ b]Eberron Master NPC/Organization Index[ /b][ /url]

Contains a link to an Excel spreadsheet (that I built and maintain) containing a complete list of named NPCs with all known page references (along with some unnamed generic NPCs, and an as yet incomplete list of Organizations). I intend to continue updating the spreadsheet with existing and future releases, and it would probably be a nice reference for most Eberron players.
The link to the Unresolved Sourcebook Errata thread apparenty contains errata, since it's broken.
The correct address is

The links in my original post seem to work.
Additional Clerical Domains.

[ *][ URL=][ b]Additional Clerical Domains[ /b][ /URL]

A list of Cleric domains from splatbooks, and which Eberron religions might use them.
I'm surprised no one mentioned this one yet...

[ *][ URL=][ b] For DMs: Adventure Seeds[ /b][ /URL]

Incredibly useful, that. The odd title makes it difficult to track down, too(I spent over an hour looking for it).

Edit: thanks for the quick update!
I would be honored if 1001 Mournland Horrors made the list. Based on the feedback I've gotten through private communication and on the thread itself, the Horrors have enlivened many encounters and, if I do say so myself, this thread has played held a defining role in shaping player's perspective of the Mournland in relation to the resto of the world. Before this thread, it was a desolate, apocalyptic wasteland with a glowing rift and living spells. Now the very name evokes a dread that had previously been reserved for Ravenloft.
It's been running for about 8 months, and we've reached 570+ Horrors dozens of different authors, including Hellcow. Thank you for your consideration.

1001 Mournland Horrors
[ *][ url=][ b]1001 Mournland Horrors[ /b][ /url]
[u]WotC_Doog's "For DMs: Set Pieces"[/u] thread is a fantastic resource for DMs looking to build memorable combat encounters.
Since the new boards work with both community.wiz and boards1.wiz wouldn't it be easier for both users if this thread used the [Thread=thread number] function?

I use it in the CEAT.

Please update the links in the first post of this thread to work with the new message board.


Can this thread still be updated? I ask because of two of the threads I love, Yet More Crap About Eberronian Warfare and Two Question on the Militaries of the Five Nations are both amazing threads, and I would like to preserve them, and other quality threads on the boards.

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