Dragonspear Castle

Anybody out there running Dragonspear Castle for their home group? If you have, do you have any tips or resources? I'll  be running it later in the month. 

Hi, and yes, I suggest you put in some time to flesh out the wilderness areas with extra encounters and adventures. Review the exploration rules, especially for parts like searching the swamp for the dragon's lair. There are some mentions of interesting cites and you can look at the table of random encounters for ideas on how to flesh them out (I, for one, have decided that the hydra laires in the overturned pirate ship, and that there is quite a bounty of stolen goods and precious items in the ships over turned hull. I will roll randomly for the hydra treasure as well. That is just one example. Also, with the interaction rules coming out next packet, there should be some interesting scenes where those rules can be put into practice. Don't be affriad to add some extra mini adventures and encounters sprinkled thought the adventure, as you will likely need those to level up the party to the appropiate level any way. And if the party gets a little to high level it shouldnt be to much of a problem with bounded accuracy. 


Have fun running it and cheers!

Had a ton of fun running this last weekend. Classic dungeon crawl feel that elicited a "I think we just fought three classic D&D monsters that we've never fought before." (Stirges, Carrion Crawler, and Grey Ooze). Looking forward to running the next adventure.

Hello, I'll be running this soon with some people who have played 2e and 4e. I'm still learning to be a DM, but I was wondering if I'm missing something in the campaign book. How long to I let them run around in the wilderness? Should they be performing ability checks to find the Fane of the Sun Swallower? My fear is that they won't feel like they are exploring (if it's too short) and/or board from wandering (if it takes too long). Thanks for the advice in advance!

-DM Hobb

We had the guide with our PCs, so I decided that I would roll for a set number of random encounters, then have them run into the Bandit Camp with one more random encounter after that before getting to the temple/lair.

Ok, so just kind of feel it out. I'll think I'm pretty good at reading people. Thanks for the input. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something.

-DM Hobb

So I'm getting ready to run "Fall of Illefarn" this weekend. I have a few questions:


First, what, if anything, did anyone do to give some hints to the PCs about how the Iron Safes work? I'm think about having Derval mention something, but was curious if anyone else did anything.


Second, how're the PCs supposed to know anything about the hammer and it's relationship to the Altar?  Also on the back of that question, how did anyone handle Nadir/Arvik getting the Hammer/Fire Key?

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