Where's Dreamcatcher?

2:20 PM CST – Dreamcatcher has disappeared from the sidebar and [dbm=scarab warcharm]links into it aren't working[/dbm]. Could we be so lucky as to be getting even more official, unreleased stats? Or is this the death of dreamblademinis.com? Or is this just a stupid web glitch?

I'm unable to access the homepage, so I'm hoping this is just a general glitch.
Server glitch. Dreamcatcher should be back up and running soon. The same problem is affecting many other applications and sites, including Magic's Gatherer and the DCI Judge Center.
Along the lines of absence making the heart grow fonder, I'd like to express a quick thanks to whoever keeps Dreamcatcher and this forum up and running. It's greatly appreciated, and I know that having a database like Dreamcatcher available online is an invaluable tool for both new players and old.

As of Sunday afternoon, August 2nd, 2009, I can't get into Dreamcatcher (yes, I still need to refer to it to prepare my submissions for the Dreamblade Design Game). Is anyone else noting the same issue? Is it again a server glitch, as in May of last year?
Never mind... Dreamcatcher is back up! (That, or my computer or ISP have decided they will behave better for a while).

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