Initiative Tracker for D&D Next?



Any of you know of a good initiative tracker for D&D Next? Now, before you say "use the same one you used D&D 4e", here are my requirements:


- Additionally of initiative I want to track


  * hp

  * AC

  * Saving Throws


Before (4e), I was using either inCombat 4e on my Laptop or (preferred) Combat Assistant on my Android Tablet. Actually I prefer not having to bring the laptop to the gaming table, but use the Tablet instead. Ok, I COULD use Combat Assistant and just use "Will" for Wisdom Save, "Fort" for Strength Save and "Ref" for Dex Save... but maybe there is a fully working product somewhere?




Another thing which would be nice would be some sort of webpage or Android app where I can keep track, when I am player (not DM) of:


- Which spell slots did I use

- Which potions did I use

- HP/Conditions Tracking





Well I doubt there's anything very high-tech out yet (unless it's very generic), so I'm just thinking old-school, low-tech answers, but you can take a series of notecards, fold them in half, and use them. On the side facing the players is only the name of the character/creature, on the other side is the name and any other info you want to track. Organize them from your right to your left in order of who goes when. Then everybody can see the initiative order, and you can additionally see any other information readily.

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