Interesting 'Rolled' Magic Items

Hi everyone,


I've been playing around with the "Magic Item Details" section of the Magic Items PDF (pages 4-7) to inspire interesting items. Has anyone else done this, and if so, what are some of your favourite items? Below are some of mine:


Staff of the Rainbow +1

- Ancient Human
- Arcane
- Illusion
- Frail

"This staff is of dull rainbow colours, written in common script that is illegible to you, as though a translation for a dead language. With a thought, you can change the appearance of the weapon in small ways, by changing it's colour or rough shape. Each time it is used, the colour seems to fade more."


Axe of Undeath's End +1

- Dwarven
- Bane
- Compass
- Painful

"This maul is of dwarven make. Dwarven script is etched into haft of the weapon, which translates to common as 'Live a mockery of life no more.' This weapon seems to seek out outdead, alerting you to their presence with a dull ache that seems to emanate from the weapon itself, as if pushing you to slay the undead quickly." 


Spider Figurine

- Drow
- Ornament
- Harmonious
- Slippery

"This small, ebony figurine is in the shape of a palm-sized tarantula in painstaking detail. With an utterance, the spider comes to life. The creature can follow basic commands for up to 10 minutes per day. It has a speed of 20ft, can climb walls and ceilings effortlessly and has 1 HP. You can see through the spider's eyes by concentrating during this time. If the spider takes any damage, it is destroyed. If 10 minutes pass, it returns back to a wooden statue."


Banded Mail of Desire +1

- Fiendish
- Prophecy
- Gleaming
- Coveted

"This gleaming banded mail gleams and shines, even in the dark. There appears to be a sinister quality to the armor, and it is as though earth and soil avoid it. When looked upon, those not wearing the armour of weak will feel jealousy and wish to own the armour themselves and the wearer is reluctant to remove it and must exert their will to part with it (Wisdom save DC10)."


Sash of Recklessness

- Fire Elemental
- Storied
- Hidden Message
- Confident

"This sash is of a brilliant red colour, flames of gold and orange adorn it as does tiny script in common, detailing battles of the past. It emboldens you, and steers you to reckless combat. When in the thick of battle, a running narrative of the battle begins to appear in Common upon it and the flames seem to come alive. Whenever you charge in combat, you gain Advantage on the attack.

Elven Eye Glasses


- Arcane
- Language
- Painful

"This pair of glasses has faint elvish script across the lenses, only visible by tilting them in the sunlight. When you look through them, you can see Elvish script as though it were Common (if a bit blurry). Using these to read more than a line or two causes a migraine (presumably, they aren't the right prescription for you)


Bangle of Good Thoughts

- Air Elemental
- Ornament
- Conscientious
- Muttering

"This decorative silver bangle feels exceptionally light. Whenever you have a malevolent thought while this item is worn, you feel heightened pangs of regret for them. Afterwards, the item begins muttering low about your lack of strength of character (in a language you understand) for 10 minutes. When committing acts of altruism or cause happiness in others, a feeling of euphoria washes over you. (This item is usually used by Djinn to 'train' those in their harem to delight in pleasing others. Take that as you will.)" 


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