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Frequently Asked Questions

This thread is a compilation of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the D&D Miniatures Game. This thread is not the place to find rules clarifications. Please don't post in this thread. If you have suggestions for additional FAQs, please post them here.

General Information

The D&D Miniatures Game (often referred to as 'skirmish') is a head-to-head battle game that mimics D&D RPG combat. The rules mirror 4th edition mechanics, but are streamlined, taking less time and requiring only two players. Each player builds a warband from several miniatures, which then are pitted against each other. The game relies on strategy, tactics and a bit of luck. Some people play it when they wait for late arrivals to their RPG group; others go to tournaments or conventions and play with other people.

What's the status of the D&D Miniatures Game?
Upon the release of Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 1 in April 2009, Wizards of the Coast altered the distribution of the D&D Miniatures line from its former configuration (fully randomized booster packs and huge packs). The November 2008 set -- D&D Miniatures: Demonweb -- was the final release sold in fully randomized booster packs and the final release to contain skirmish stat cards produced by WotC (official skirmish stats now are produced and distributed by the DDM Guild -- see below). WotC has continued to support skirmish through licensing of the DDM Guild and continued DCI sanctioning of D&D Miniatures Game tournaments. For more information, read the following articles: D&D Miniatures Changes Announcement and D&D Miniatures Changes Explained.

What is the DDM Guild?
The DDM Guild is a community driven and officially licensed organization that continues to design and publish resources (rules, stat cards, battle maps, campaign scenarios, etc.) for the D&D Miniatures Game. More information and free game resources can be found on the Guild's website. Join the Wizards Community DDM Guild group for even more DDM goodness!

Who's Who?
JohnnyQuest: DDM Guild Chapter Lead, Wizards Community VCL
Keithric: Wizards Community Senrio VCL
Ktatroe: DDM Guild Design Lead, owner/creator/webmaster of Hordelings, Gen Con judge
Peter Lee: WotC Lead Designer for DDM
Tried: DDM Guild OP Lead, Head Judge at D&D Experience and Gen Con
VrecknidjX: DDM Guild Crier, Wizards Community Forum Lead
WotC_Huscarl: Steve Winter, WotC DDM Website Producer

Information for New Players

So, you want to play the D&D Miniatures Game? Great! Visit the DDM Guild's New Players wiki for completed information on getting started.

Battle Maps

Where can I find DDM battle maps? What maps are tournament-legal? Visit the DDM Guild's Battle Maps wiki for the 411, yo.

Game Rules

How does Dazed work? What sets are tournament-legal? Visit the DDM Guild's Game Rules wiki for complete information on both casual and competitive game rules.

What are the current sanctioned formats?
Limited Format includes sealed and/or draft events, using either the original or the current edition rules. Standard Format includes all constructed events, 100-500 points, using either the original or the current edition rules. Vintage Format is currently being held in reserve by the DDM Guild and is not a sanctionable format.

Stat Cards

Why do all these cards have different designs? Where can I find all of the updated stat cards? Where can I get printed stat cards? Visit the DDM Guild's Stat Cards wiki to find out!

When will [set] be updated?
Aberrations is the latest set to be updated. Giants of Legend is expected in September 2009. According to Peter Lee: "I expect to have all the stats up by the end of 2009 if not sooner.  I expect restats to go up the same month as a new player set, but not necessarily the same month as a new monster set."

Will huge and/or Epic figures be updated?
Huge figures from War of the Dragon Queen have been updated and have been released. Huge figure updates from Giants of Legend will be available in September 2009. Non-huge epics will not be updated by WotC, but the DDM Guild is interested in doing so.

Will the Icons line be updated?
The Icons will not be updated by WotC. The DDM Guild will update Icons for use in scenario play. The first such scenario is CH1: Icingdeath.

Are the RPG stat cards useful for the 4th Edition D&D RPG?
Although miniatures from Dungeons of Dread and Against the Giants have 4th Edition RPG stats on the backs of the cards, several players have noted that some of the stats don't match those in the 4th Edition Monster Manual. The common theory is that these sets were produced before the 4th Edition RPG rules were finalized. Starting with Player's Handbook Heroes, Series 1, all D&D Miniatures sets include RPG stat cards that match creatures' 4th Edition RPG stats exactly.

What do the colors mean on the new RPG stat cards?
The colors correspond to the relative strength and XP value of the monster:

  • Brown = Minion

  • Green = Standard

  • Purple = Elite

  • Blue = Solo


How do people manage their collections? Are there any programs out there that will help me build warbands or print cards? Visit the DDM Guild's Tools wiki for more information.


The DDM guild has released Orcus and will release Iymrith soon.
When the new chromatic dragon set is released, its likely we'll be restatting those as well.

GenCon Update

We will be attending GenCon with more events this yearc (2011) than last (2010), including League.

is Iymrith still comin out? you said soon... it's been ten months. :P
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