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I seem to remember a thread which detailed a way to 'repair' minis which are received 'flawed' from the factory. By flawed I mean a polearm, arm, sword, leg, or other protrusion that is curved/bent in an unnatural direction. I tried using the search function of the forums but, due to my ineptitude no doubt, I was unable to find what I was looking for. It could also be that I am imagining having seen that thread in which case I would like to ask if anyone has a remedy for 'fixing' minis with bent parts.


I'd say the general remedy for bent arms/weapons is to put in hot water to soften plastic, place back in wanted position, then hold in under cold water until the plastic is hard again.

You could need a couple "rinse-repeat" cycles for very bad bends.

I suggest you experiment with cheap common figures to get some experience with ideal water temperatures, before you try it on rares.
A hair dryer's heat will also make badly bent parts of plastic minis malleable enough to hold them into the position you want. In most cases, I didn't even have to brace the part to stay in position; merely holding it until it cooled sufficed. With the exceptionally bent bits, I used heavy props to force the mini to stay in position while it cooled. Watch those fingers too. They can get hot.
Ah, excellent! Thank you very much for the responses!

Tongs and a pot of boiling water and a pot of ice water has worked wonders for me! You can also "reshape" minis into new poses this way (my Mountain Troll looks like he's punching someone instead of his arm hanging limply). There are limits of what you can do of course ;)
You can also replace bendy weapon shafts with paperclips.

clip weapon parts
Drill in to the fig with really small drill bit
Super Glue in paperclip
Glue on weapon head.
True, I replaced the full length of my frost giant's axe haft with brass rod. I absolutely could NOT get it to stay anywhere close to straight with the usual hot/cold method.

Odd how some minis are so much easier to straighten than others. I have six kuo-toa that I am trying to keep form leaning backwards, and straighten their spears, with little success.

I recently bought a Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail Miniature figure at a science fiction convention. It was the Grey Elf Imperial Noble (Ravilla-Set 3) and it came in the box unpainted...but it seems to be broken. The hand part that holds the flag that the character is carrying seems to be detached from the character's arm.
I'm not sure if the flag was made separately from the figure and supposed to be attached after painting the figure, or if the hand holding the flag broke off. Also the part that attaches the bifurcated end of the flag to the base of the miniature (The part opposite the main staff which the banner is tied to on a flag) is also broken. The staff part of the flag that the character's holding is intact, and the character is also mainly intact...though unpainted and with one hand still attached.

How should I fix this figure?
Most Chainmail figures came unassembled, and need to be glued together. One I got didn't come with all the nesscesary pieces, so good luck. Many were redone as plastic miniatures in the first few D&D miniatures sets as well.
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