Directions for how to play DDM online

Vassal is a game engine designed to be used for tabletop skirmish games. It is a general online system that has customized modules for hundreds of different skirmish type games. Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures is just one of them. To play DDM online you basically need three things:

1. Updated version of Java.
2. The Vassal game engine installed.
3. The downloaded DDM module.

Step One
Here is a link to installing Java and Vassal:
Follow the directions closely.

Step Two
After that you'll need the latest DDM module. Here is the link:
You don't need the RPG module but you will need the extensions if you want to use any of the epic maps. So download the DDM_1-14-3.mod and the and follow the instructions to place them into the proper folder.

Remember to follow the instructions closely. If you have any difficulties then feel free to ask me.
Great stuff, Chad! Thanks!
Worked flawlessly. Many thanks Lord Chad, I hadn't updated since Unhallowed. See you online.
In a move to get more players involved with the new 2.0 rules, I've type up something to help anyone who is unfamilar with this program play online. This is a great chance to practice the new rules with friends. I know I was a bit confused when I first started using it.

(or newer) = Keep in mind these versions will be subject to updates and therefore may change over time.

Sometimes installing Vassal can be somewhat confussing for a newbie. When you install Vassal, it will create a shortcut onto your desktop. You'll want to create a new folder on your desktop, lets call it Vassal. Next you want to create two subfolders inside the Vassal folder you just created. These new subfolders could be something like Skirmish Play and RPG Play. Next you'll want to unzip the (or newer) file into the Skirmish Play folder, it will create a subfolder called Extensions_1-14-4 (or newer). Then, place the DDM_1-14-4.mod (or newer) into the Skirmish Play folder as is. Next for RPG play, you'll want to unzip the (or newer) file into the RPG Player folder, it will create a subfolder called RPGMapper2.23 (or newer). Then place another copy of the DDM_1-14-4 (or newer) file into the RPG Play folder.

Again, the Skirimish folder will have a DDM_1-14-4.mod (or newer) file and an unzipped subfolder called Extensions_1-14-4 (or newer); and the RPG folder will have a DDM_1-14-4.mod (or newer) file and an unzipped subfolder called RPGMapper2.23 (or newer). The Skirmish folder is used for standard play, player vs player scenario. The RPG folder allows anyone to activate, move, or use anything available in Vassal (it basically breaks the standard rules for game play). This is why you have two seperate folders in your Vassal folder.

You run Vassal using the shortcut on your desktop. When the engine loads up, you'll be asked Play Module, Edit Module, or Load Module. You'll use Play Module unless you've saved a game for the Skirmish Play or RPG Play. However, you must load the specified DDM_1-14-4.mod (or newer) file in the appropriate subfolders you created, such as chossing either Desktop\Vassal\Skirmish Play\DDM_1-14-4.mod (for skirmish play) or Desktop\Vassal\RPG Play\DDM_1-14-4.mod (for RPG with friends).

When you get connected, you'll want to connect to a room to find an active game. You'll find the rooms under the Active Game menu, keep in mind that the Main Room is just a chat/waiting room. Right click on the room you wish to join. Now, look over to your right under Current Game and right click on a players name and Synchronize. This will bring up the current map the two players are playing on. Some players like to watch so you'll want to find the players who are actually playing to synchronize. Most players are willing to answer any questions you may have.

You can find the new 2.0 Rules and stat cards here:
DDM 2.0 Rule book and Desert of Desolation 2.0 stat cards

Help test the new game and report any issues you find.
Any idea when they'll be updating the module?
It's out there somewhere. Hougar's updating it all the time heh.
2.6.0 is the most up-to-date module for Vassal/DDM
I've been looking at the Vassal website for an update. That would explain it.
Because this is linked in the stickied FAQ, I'm having it unstickied. If people start asking about how to use it excessively, it'll get restickied.

Just curious, but does anyone use anything other than Vassal for playing online? I was trying out maptool the other day and thought that if there were DDM datasets available for it that would be another potential userbase to tap into.
Keith Richmond Living Forgotten Realms Epic Writing Director
Hi, Im looking into playing ddm in vassal and i was an observer on a couple battles last night. Hougar, Mike Pogazy and lewdruid were using AtG figs but I checked my files and I only have DuD, DoD and NB. How or where can i get the images (or do i create them myself) for the AtG figs? And I couldn't see the maps they where playing on. Any help would be appreciated.
You need to get the newest .mod file - I think 2.6.1 was released a very recently (a day or so).
You need to get the newest .mod file - I think 2.6.1 was released a very recently (a day or so).

yes added yesterday, the only difference between 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 is the half maps were added to create 2.6.1 so if you don't plan on using the half maps your still good to go with 2.6.0.
Is there still a away to play the 1.0 version that includes the last 1.0 maps and minis?
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