Waiting for Art Galleries for Oct-Dec eZines

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Still looking for the Dragon and Dungeon art and map galleries for the months October, November, and December.


The maps for the Dungeon magazines are a huge help for actually running the adventures and I've always liked that WotC compiles the art for the issues.


Not sure who at Wizards does this but they are wanted.

Seriously.  If they are going to take away the magazines for 6 months, it's literally the LEAST they could do.


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It really would be nice to get the maps and images for the final issues!

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I really like some of the adventures and I want to run them before my group levels up too much, but I can't because there's no maps. Is there at least some sort of ETA on this? Not sure how hard is it to just upload the files, maybe there is some issue, but I need to know if I should even try to wait.

This is a loose end I'd like to see tied up. That and finish up the March DDI update.
This is one of those times that past performance is an indicator of future follow-through. Dropping the ball on this is a disappointment for me.
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