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Hi everybody,


I was wondering when the Character Builder will be supporting weapons for small characters?

New races get included that aren't medium but they cant really be used in the Character Builder since there are no weapons to equip and this all the power cards aren't correct and need to be manually adjusted.


Is there an ETA for this?




Yours truely

I'm not sure what you're talking about.  Can you clarify?  There are no small weapons in 4E.  Small creatures use the same weapons as everyone else, with some restrictions (no two-handed weapons; versatile weapons must be used two-handed, and without the usual damage bonus for doing so).

If you create a small creature and buy a weapon from the marketplace, you cant equip it in the equip screen.

What weapon?  As I said, small creatures can't use two-handed weapons, and they must use versatile weapons two-handed, without the usual damage bonus for doing so.

it doesnt matter what weapon, if i pick a staff, crossbow, small sword, longsword or any other weapon. it wont allow me to equip it on the model.

same with a pixie, itsnot possible to equip any weapon to a character that small

Works fine for me (I just tested it).  Report it as a bug.

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