Where is Dragon #426 art?

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The recent posting of artwork for Dragon #427 reminded me: did I miss it, or did WotC never publish the artwork for Dragon #426?  It's not listed in the link for all the art galleries, here:


What's going on?

It's still MIA.

Let's see what i can dig from Steve Winter.

Steve Winter got back to me and advised the web team;


‏   @Plaguescarred Hey Steve, will the art gallery for Dragon 426 be released?
   @StvWinter I sent a note to the web team; probably just got overlooked.

Thanks, Plaguescarred.  We're also missing the art gallery for Dungeon #218 (which came out only two days ago).

Both are out now. 

Cool, thanks.  I like how:


  1. Twitter is useful, but posting here is basically worthless.
  2. The Dragon 426 art gallery was posted just now but is backdated to two months ago, as if they never forgot.

Both are kind of shameful.

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