Dragon 427 drops the Bomb - Hiatus after Dec.

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That is a rip off indeed. Can't US residents take legal action? Because WotC has been asking for it for some time now.

Like many of you I do not know what they are thinking.  In addition, my subscription goes dark with Dungeon and Dragon like so many other subscriber.

Actually, I do understand that with the new edition they have other things to worry about. 4th is dead more than a year ago, which is fine for me, I couldn't expect to find content for my favourite edition for ever. Till now, I have gathered a lot of books and I have hundreds of adventures and articles to support it. 




I just made an annual subscription two months ago. I didn't know that there would be no more magazines after a while, otherwise I would have subscribed for three months only. However, as I just said, I understand that they have to use their personel for the new big thing, I don't want my money back, I just want to be able to use the character builder for as long as I pay for it (even if it doesn't update any more) and I expect a gift from wotc, to cover the loss of the magazines. 


I don't know what it could be. All the "encounters" adventures in pdf could be a solution or something else, but they have to give us something!


I am more interested to the other tools however. I could still play without the magazines, but not without the character builder. All these years that I play with the 4th edition rules I wasn't able to create a single, correct character using pencil and paper. "Hero Lab" doesn't do the job, just try to create an essentials character and you'll see that half of the feats just don't work.


So please wotc, if you care for what we want and if you respect us as customers, give as the chance to use your tools and give us something to be excited about, for the time that we wont have the magazines. 


PS: Sorry for my english.

English is not my native language, so I ask for your patience...

OCAMPO wrote:

That is a rip off indeed. Can't US residents take legal action? Because WotC has been asking for it for some time now.

You don't need to take legal action. All you have to do is call Wizards of the Coast customer service and ask to have your money refunded. If for some odd reason the person refuses then ask to speak to their supervisor. If they honestly don't give your money back then you can call your credit card company and do a charge-back. MasterCard will absolutely give your money back if you explain the situation. However, first just call WotC. It will be a lot easier.