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BUT.... WTF?????????????

I suscribed to DDI when it first came out for 1yr+. It was broken as hell then, but i gave them a pass because WOTC hadnt done anything like that before. Was still broken when my subscription was up. Expensive, buggy, not much more content and tools than you could find with a little google-fu.
I didnt renew.

TODAY... (approx 1 billion years after launch) One of my group wants to run a 4e one shot. Payed for a subscription YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant access tools.

the courier carrying the paper reciept from whatever hack shop third party payment site, obviously died in a horrible unicycle accident on the way to wotc. Since the wotc accountants havent recieved said reciept, their commodore accounting workstation cant process the authorization and print out the requisite triplicate form for the drunk monkey in IT to fill out. No drunk monkey approval (he's almost done with the rest of DDI), NO ACCESS!!! GO AWAY PEASANT.

So ****ing glad this is 1998. if it was in the 20teens,  everybody would laugh DDI out of existence and be suspicious of every other product WOTC puts out.
So 2 observations:

1> there is at least a 50% chance this turns out to be a PEBKAC problem
2> there is a 100% chance that if this IS a PEBKAC problem this will not be reported with a equal amount of zeal and hyperbole. If it is reported here at all

still, its always amusing to see a good dose of nerd rage that follows its roots of baselessness and overwrought total spinnout argumentation. Full marks..  

Reality is just a continuous stream of failed pereption checks, the dragons are real!

New DDI subscribers are often unable to access subscriber content for at least a day or two. It happened to me four-ish years ago when I first signed up. I've seen complaints about it as regular as clockwork on the forums between then and now. WotC employees have acknowledged it multiple times in these forums. It is a known issue which WotC seems to be unable to correct. It has never, to my knowledge, turned out to be user error. On the plus side, it has also (again as far as I know) never ended up lasting for more than a few days.

"My flying carpet is full of elves."

Same problem here.  It's a damn shame there aren't reliable e-commerce companies out there that can manage near-instantaneous access to digital content when it is paid for.


Wait, I forgot, it isn't 1996.  Preteens in their parents' basements can set up digital subscriber accounts quickly and reliably.  WOTC and Digital River are just somewhere between Compuserve and AOL on the technology curve.

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