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I just subscribed, successfully I might add..used PayPal as I do for almost all online transcations...everything went smoothly, got my Digital River invoice and receipt...

Except DDI doesnt allow me to access the subscription content. I can't upgrade the character creator (says I dont have an active sub) and when I go to the e-commerce section it says there is no order or sub history.

Is there a delay in the activation? Did I miss something? Is the website as buggy as it appears to be? How to do I get what I paid for?

any help is appreciated.
There have been several people reporting a delay between subscription and access to content.
Be sure you do a complete reboot of your browser. This solves some known issues that prevent an active subscription from accessing the content.

if that doesn't work, you may have to contact Customer Support directly.
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Well, I subscribed today and had the same problem, but after clearing my cookies, I could access all the insider goods.
My account is good till march and yet it is asking me to subscribe in order access all the ddi features. What gives?
I'm having similar problems.  My account is on autorenew and the subscription good until 10/23/2012, and yet I can't access anything.

I've contacted customer service, but this messes up a game I had for Saturday if it's not fixed, I need to update some characters and I'd really REALLY rather not do that by hand.  Also one of them uses a paragon path from a DDI article that I can now not access, so I can't even really do it by hand (it's level 16, so there IS an element of that paragon path that I simply CAN'T update otherwise).

FRUSTRATING.  hurumph.  Hopefully customer service will have a response shortly.
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