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I don't have any of the Divine Power stuff available. Yes, I've got the most current update. Yes, I've tried the 'repair' function.

I've got a game in a hour, and can't update the cleric's character sheet
I had the same issue. What solved it for me was running the windows updater, which found XP SP3, then I downloaded and installed that, rebooted, then I started Char Builder, ran the repair, and then restarted Char Builder and the DP stuff was there.
I am willing to bet it has something to do with the hotfix from Aug 5. Because mine installed a very small update and it includes none of divine power.
Bump. Would be nice to see Wizards at least acknowledge that it's broken.
I'm sure if you start talking to Customer Service the issue will get some attention. The forums aren't the best way to get developer support.
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